Canadian launch of stop the traffik flashmob!
“I want to fight against child sexual exploitation and help others like me,” one woman said.
Country music artist and Calgarian Paul Brandt hopes to tackle what he calls a "public health crisis" in Calgary with a new campaign.
Jennifer Richardson was trafficked at 13-years-old, and will use her experience to help stem a violent, traumatic industry

Human trafficking occurring all over the globe often hidden in plain sight.…/photographing-human-traff…/…#

Xyza Bacani, a Filipino photographer, was a maid in Hong Kong for almost a decade. Now she documents human-trafficking victims in New York.

"This world could be a beautiful Kintsugi if we all understood one thing."

The story of a woman who went to India with Stop The Traffik…

The Japanese art of Kintsukuroi is repairing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer, and recognising that only through being damaged could the piece have...
The Rana Plaza anniversary is a reminder of the transparency lacking in the garment supply chain for the clothes we wear.

"Wallet, phone, ID, passport, taken."

Controlled in everything they did and told it was impossible to leave…/slave-houses-hiding-in-in…

Two modern-day slave houses, staffed by foreign workers forced to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week, with no pay.

There is little transparency within big corporations that allow massive violations to occur. Environmental issues quickly lead to human rights issues. Quickly there is many problems that seem to big too fix in an instant.…/taiwans-fisheries-plagued-by-h…/

Taipei, April 14, 2016 - A year-long Greenpeace East Asia investigation into Taiwan’s distant water tuna fisheries has exposed illegal shark finning, labor and human rights abuses, as well as Taiwan’s failure to adequately address issues such as murder and drug smuggling at sea.

It's not one person or just the police that need to step into help. Its the whole community both locally and globally that need to work against issues. Communities are interconnected where when one problem arrises it greatly impacts several other parts of the community. Providing things like seeds create sustainable growth that enables communities to get off the ground and work together.…/girls-being-sold-in-exch…/7328348

Disturbing reports have come out of Papua New Guinea of girls being sold by their families in exchange for food.

Where is the voice of every young girl who is lured with the promise of big money to work in textile mills?…/us-india-labour-women-idUSKCN0XJ1VJ

By Anuradha NagarajCHENNAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rajaram Paritha is on a mission. The 35-year-old tailor wants to be the voice of eve

"We're sending a very loud message to the plantation owners, and we're sending a very loud message to the traffickers themselves"…/idUKKBN0P3006201506…

Police in Ivory Coast freed 48 child slaves in raids on plantations in the country's Western cocoa belt and arrested 22 people accused of trafficking or exploiting children, Interpol said on Monday.

Interesting idea.

Taking pictures of your next hotel room could be a small step in helping victims of sex trafficking around the world. A new app and website called TraffickCam allows travelers to upload pictures of hotel rooms around the world to a database where the photos are matched against a police database. “Yo...

In a $100 billion cocoa industry Africa gains a horrific 2% of the revenue. Even though they produce 75% of the world's cocoa they live in extreme poverty. Allowing individuals to be desperate for basic necessities quickly allows them to be lured into modern slavery. #stopthetraffik #weneedchange #supportfairtrade

For centuries, the economies of African countries have been made dependent on advanced economies, and despite the enormous amount of natural resources in Africa, over 500 million citizens continue to…

Fashion for Freedom presented by Poiema Productions is an event working to assist vulnerable refugees including those at risk for trafficking. The annual fashion show generates financial support. This year's funds are allocated to helping refugees in distress. By raising money to help support new comers they are preventing large scale human trafficking. The show is taking place April 30 in Leduc, Alberta. Tickets are available online. #fff2016…

Fashion For Freedom is back! Like always, all proceeds received will be donated to a chosen charity, that is yet to be determined, however a new addition will be a Fashion For Freedom magazine,...

With an influx of refugees across the globe traffickers have looked at the crisis as a business opportunity. Refugees, especially child refugees have become increasily susepitable to trafficking because they are in a vulnerable state. It is important to not only be aware of the distress but also do our part to contribute towards a valuable and constructive support to aid these people.…

Highlight on a small café that is using coffee to positively impact those that are caught in trafficking. May we all aspire to use what we have at our fingertips to create sustainable change for those in need.…/the-little-brisbane-cafe…/7306434

A social enterprise cafe on a hilltop in Brisbane is supporting women trying to escape the sex industry.