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It is not my job to be clever, witty or inspiring. My purpose is to stay focused on Jesus and share what He gives me with those He puts in my path.

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I cannot say strongly enough how important it is for parents and teachers to learn this and apply it in our teaching. When we learn to use stories to teach we will be walking in the footsteps of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.

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Kindred Grace

Learn more at Stories Change Hearts:…/

“…Our ‘thought flows in terms of stories—stories about events..., stories about people, and stories about intentions and achievements. The best teachers are the best storytellers. We learn in the form of stories.'”

–“Teaching with Stories as the Content and Context for Learning”,
Frances Vitali, University of New Mexico, quoting Frank Smith, 1990


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When we use engaging stories to teach we have the amazing opportunity to send our lessons directly to our students long-term memories. That means we will be teaching to their hearts!

If inspiration won't come, just ask yourself "What did my character do next?" Even if it's dull and not exciting it will at least get you writing and you will be surprised where it will lead you once you get started.

"My advice to those of you who want to write is, if you can’t be consistent, be persistent."

Some good advice from Alan W. Harris of Stories Change Hearts, author of #TheTalesOfLarkin.

By day, he is a mild-mannered small-animal veterinarian. But by night, he writes fantasy fiction, crafting near-death experiences, and laughter-inducing chaos.
What's not to love about tales of little people? The Littles. The Borrowers. And of course, Stuart Little. But The Tales of Larkin are our family's favorite.|By Gretchen Louise

The Tales of Larkin website is now the home of Stories Change Hearts. This is an exciting new direction for the Larkin books as we encourage parents and teachers to use these engaging, Christ-centered adventure stories to teach to the hearts of their children and students.

The new web address is Take a moment to explore the site and find out more about this amazing teaching technique that not only allows you to instill godly character and spiritual lessons directly to the long-term memories of those you are teaching, but you will have an absolute blast doing it…and so will they! Once you see this you will have to tell others about it.


I hope this weeks blog post provides some helpful suggestions for all of you budding writers (of which I am one). Click here to read it:…/

The main thing that helps me in writing my stories is that I try to remember to pray first, asking God to put what He wants into the story, and then I try

Who has problems that need fixing? Some of my characters have the solution that always works. The answer is only a click away:…/

Okay, Larkin fans, it’s time for a Larkin trivia question: What’s the first thing Makerians do when they are faced with a problem? When they first start

For those of you with children still at home the search to find good books for your children to read is a constant concern. It is for Valerie and I as well. My latest blog post reveals the results of our search:

One of the big concerns my wife and I have had over the past twenty-two years that we have homeschooled our six children is finding good books for them to

I hope each of you have a very blessed Easter as you consider all that the Lord Jesus has done for us. I thought this was an especially good time to do some personal contemplation but from a Larkin point of view. I hope you enjoy my latest blog post:…/

My question today is, “Are you a Renegade, a Makerian, or a Larkin?” It really is a question worthy of consideration. Renegades are bad. They are selfis|By Alan W. Harris

If you have not had a chance to read part one of my short story of what it might be like if Christians were persecuted here in America I encourage you to check it out. I will be posting part two tomorrow. Here's part one:…/

Hello, All. As I was putting together my blog post this time I thought that I might do something different. Several years ago I wrote a short story about w|By Alan W. Harris

Hey Larkin fans! You might be interested in the interview that was done with me on the Kindred Grace website. Check it out:

My dad, Alan W. Harris, has an alter ego. By day, he is a mild-mannered small-animal veterinarian and homeschool father, ridding the world of parvovirus and ignorance, one puppy and child at a time. But by night, usually after the rest of the family is in bed, Dad writes fantasy fiction, crafting ne...

Hello everyone, My new blog post is something different. I wrote a short story a few years ago about what being a Christian might be like if the church were being persecuted in the U.S.A. I thought I would post it in two parts for your reading pleasure. Here is part one:…/

Hello, All. As I was putting together my blog post this time I thought that I might do something different. Several years ago I wrote a short story about w|By Alan W. Harris

It upsets my children when I write about the death of a character in one of my stories, but there are some pricless lessons to be drawn from those sad chapters. Discover them here:…/

I don’t suppose my title will ever make it to the list of top ten proverbs, but it has meant a lot to me. Read on a bit, and I will try to explain what I’m

One of the best things I ever did for my family was to start writing the Tales of Larkin stories. Even now that my three older children are married and starting families of their own they still want to be included when I'm ready to read the newest chapter in what I'm writing. Those special times are the subject of my lastest blog.

It just never gets old. We were able to connect with my oldest daughter Lisa and her family this past week. We don’t get to see them very much, and it was

I've been thinking about a great treasure God has given to his children. Rather than leaving it in the chest to gather dust, I think we should do what God intended - use it!…/

If you’ve read my first book, Tales of Larkin: Hawthorn’s Discovery, then you remember that the hero Hawthorn, as he found himself in various difficulties,