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  • Owner-Operator2000 to presentLas Cruces, New Mexico
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  • For County Jail Inmate Search

    Online since August 10 2000 and incorporated January 2010.

    It all started as giving advice online in a points driven Q&A website that actually paid a little ad revenue for high scores in certain categories. It was clear early on that a lot of people wanted to find other people for free. At the time, August 2000, there weren't many genuine sites doing anything like that, mostly phone book listing style results., and AT&T's AnyWho were the main ones giving away results with several smaller sites reproducing those in their own way. For other things like inmate searches and court records, it was rare, but government sites were just starting to become more interactive and laws were about to start being passed and/or revised to allow access to more and more corrections and conviction records online.

    Back on the free advice front, there was a growing list of web addresses (URLs) for several types of searches that were used as standard answers which eventually content for pages on our first website, STR82U.NET; Bringing the internet "Straight to You!"

    Today there are several things we've learned and more that have to be adapted to, not just in marketing, that is secondary in all things. Without filling a need or serving a purpose for users, there is no place for us online. Being visible and useful is the primary purpose for any website or business that wants to succeed. Our niche, as it's called, has narrowed in 10 years to the point we specialize highly in one field and generally in related areas, but the standard of bringing the internet "Straight to You" still applies.
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