Bike Bike 2.5 getting some international interest!

Fred Besch
About a month back I had the unique opportunity to be interviewed about my bikes by Discovery Channel Canada for their show Daily P...lanet. The piece then aired a few days later during Extreme Machine Week! Here is an easy link to my segment that the show has edited (from the original 4 minute interview) for YOUTUBE. The enjoyment of making each build has always been what gets me back into the shop, getting to share these rolling contraptions has really been an added bonus to the adventure! Thank you to everyone who has supported this creative ride I'm on and embraces the idea that our imagination can take us to places we never thought were possible!

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Bike, trike, or sculpture? Either way inventor Fred Besch keeps making them and just like us people love them!
Stranger Bikes updated their cover photo.
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Stranger Bikes updated their cover photo.
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A friend forwarded this latest Burning Man video. The Big Bike 2.0 makes a nice showing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Here's a great action shot taken by Whitby Bierwolf during Truckee CA, Fourth of July's parade. Lightning strikes hitting all around us, one so close my hands got zapped through the handle bars! Locomotion never ran better pushing its fat tires through the rain soaked streets, it even created a wake behind us!

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Whitby Bierwolf is with Fred Besch.

For those in the norther California area check out The Truckee Roundhouse Maker Show. Plan to see 30 local makers sharing what we love to create in our home shops. Be sure to check it out and maybe we will all get to see what you bring to next years show!

I met Dave on the playa and had a great time talking about bikes and sharing my creations with him. No wonder he enjoys my bikes! Take a look at what he has up on the roof top of his shop.

River City is a pretty iconic shop here in Portland, both physically and metaphysically. If you've ever wondered exactly what it is that's up on top of our r...

A little off subject but how great is all this historic steam power!

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Steampunk Tendencies

Locomotive Parade Wolsztyn , Poland
Check out our group for more

My friend Glenn McKenna was visiting Truckee and asked if Id like to be part of his aerial photo shoot. We were able to capture some great shadows during my ride on the Tron bike. Footage kicks in around 1:37. Enjoy friends!

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Posted by Glenn McKenna
Glenn McKenna

couple days of aerial shooting with Dave up in Truckee - a barn, Tom and Laurels by the golf course and lastly with Fred and one of his bikes.

My 65’ Chavelle after the Race Of Kings, I was 15. This was the first race I had a trailer and didnt have to flat tow the car to the track. Over the winter I welded up the spider gears to lock the differential and put some race rubber on the car. The tires in this picture were from the dump and regrooved enough to run with. I always felt extremely fortunate to have a family who supported me in something they all knew so little about.

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Stranger Bikes just passed 500 followers! Thank you to each and every one of you from all around the world. It goes to show how no matter how old you are or where you're from, most everyone loves bikes, even Stranger Bikes! I'm getting prepared for more great builds this year so be sure to follow along!

Form follows function with a whole lot of style designed into this one.

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YendraBuilt updated their cover photo.

Outside the box frame design... Something I can relate to!

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