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Strawfoot Christmas Card

Found this on youtube...this made me smile, and this guy really gets our music.

We shoot the shit about one of our favorite Country bands.

I knew I’d write this eventually, though it has never been a statement I have looked forward to writing.

Music has been a very important part of my life for a very long time. I never did it to be a star, I did it because I loved it.

Over the course of ten years, we’ve grown, evolved, changed members time and time again…we moved beyond a simple band and became a part of something else, something bigger, never losing sight of the music we were making, never trying to be anythin...g but true.

We have shared the stage and many a drink with some of the finest musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, both locally and regionally.

In every incarnation and iteration, we were a family, all the way up to the very,, very bitter end.

Yes, end.

It is with a heavy heart but a soul full of wonderful memories that I must announce Strawfoot, is no more.

We will treasure you as fans and friends for the rest of our lives, I will especially.

The music we made was merely a reflection of us, and you. Our lives, the lives we all live.

Do not mourn our end, please. Celebrate what we made. Maybe listen to it from time to time.

And remember we wouldn’t have been us, had there not been a you.

I love you all more than I may ever properly express.

--Rev. Dapper King (Marcus)

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No lyrics, no rehearsal, no planning, merely responding to the incredible talent before us. This. This is one of the moments that make a Dapper King so proud of the proud of his Beggars...So thankful.

Meg-a-Legs performs at the 4th Annual Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival in St. Louis, Missouri. Accompanied by Venus in Flames and the musical stylings…

We aim to hit the road in 2014...where should we go, friends...?

oh snap. Tomorrow night, folks...Hope you're ready for a big bag of awesome.

Thu 8:00 PM CDT2720 CherokeeSt. Louis, MO
117 people went

Why yes. We did have a certain man of banjo sit in at band practice today. That means the likelihood of seeing a reunion and hearing a few oldies on Halloween night is fairly good.

How about a nice live performance for this beautiful Sunday before All Hallows...…/psycho-killer-live-at-the

Cover of the classic Talking Heads song
The Invisible Man, from the album How We Prospered by Gothic Americana band Strawfoot. The Invisible Man he lost his soul Went hand in hand with his self con...

Hmmmm....what should tomorrow's Halloween-esque offering be....?

Today's Halloween-esque offering...

Sadie Hawkins performs at the 4th Annual Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival in St. Louis, Missouri. Accompanied by the musical stylings of Strawfoot. Filmed…

Here's an object more of dread, than aught the grave contains...

He lead our country through civil war. He is the great emancipator, and considered the greatest American President by historians. And now, 200 years after hi...

There's so much to like, musically, about the 9th Annual Halloween Hootenanny. We're so excited to (finally share the stage with The Bible Belt Sinners. It's been a long time coming...And then, there's the potential of a reunion on stage with founding member, Bauer and his pickin and a singing...add some DJs and Dance Parties into the mix...

And that's just on the music side of things...I haven't even gotten to the rest...

I hope you have your costumes in motion, folks...It's going to be one helluva party. Free shot to the person wearing the most ridiculous and ironic "sexy" costume. Men, I'm talking to you, too.

We have been circus freaks, babies, the Royal Tenenbaums and Forest Animals, among other things over the years...You should see what we've got cooking this year...Halloween Night...October 31st...There's simply only one place to be...the 9th Annual Halloween Hootenanny at 2720...

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Yessiree...It's THAT time again...and Who is that opening the night? Our former banjo player Brian Lee Bauer...? Wouldn't it be something if we played an old one together...hmmmm.......

Thu 8:00 PM CDT2720 CherokeeSt. Louis, MO
117 people went
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