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Just before he took the stage at the Apollo, standing just out of view of the sold-out house, Brooklyn-born Dwayne Johnson closed his eyes and took a… Read more "At the Home of Double Dutch, New Yorkers Look to Reclaim their Place"

A closing online word from our favorite fun theorist, mensch, and all around good egg.

Shalom and Au Revoir By | November 7, 2017 | 0 Well, my friend, it’s time. I’m not going to be posting on or on for the foreseeable future. There’s enough already here for a lifetime of play, and the rest of my life needs attention. It’s a good time, consid...
In tribute: Steve Mercado

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This from The New York Times...

After a three-decade hiatus, the Double Dutch Summer Classic tournament returned to Lincoln Center to celebrate the history, diversity and evolution of the game.

Hopscotch... now available at IKEA. Wait, what... IKEA?

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Today is your last day to vote for the 2016 People's Choice of The Webby Awards. There's about 5000 categories now, making it tough to get through... but it reminds us that was nominated in 2004 as Best Sport Site, though we lost to ESPN.

Nominee in Sports 2004

Bernie is one of the best ones, and he will remain immortal.

Hello. My name is Bernie. My friends call me "Blue." I have cancer and maybe a year to live. This is what I'd like you to do about it.
In tribute: Steve Mercado

And now, 1 out of 5 children are reported to child protective services (in the UK, anyway... interested to see a US examination of this). What hath we wrought?…/

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I'M STILL SO NYC is with Monsey Ramirez and 34 others.

Amusing, but not exactly difficult. Spaldeen would have been a good addition: it's the word we use as a NYC litmus test, anyway. At least they kept it clean.

You answer better be deadass.

How New York are you? updated their profile picture.
May 13, 2016

A new logo, which we created in 2010. No one ever accused us of being up-to-date.

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As Paul Simon says... #TBT Streetplay style.

Paul Simon's official music video for 'Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard'. Click to listen to Paul Simon on Spotify:

16 years ago, Streetplay conducted a sporting event that was grossly under-covered by mainstream media: The 2000 Presidential Pentathlon. While Bernie Sanders may have lost the NY primary to latter day Chappaqua resident Hillary Clinton last night, he would have cleaned up had we conducted a 2016 Presidential Pentathlon. (read comments for more...)

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Bernie Sanders

Mark Ruffalo and Bernie took a walk through the Brooklyn, New York school yards where Bernie grew up, and talked about his childhood, why he got involved in the... Civil Rights Movement and how those experiences translated into his life in politics and this movement. (Directed by Matthew Cooke)

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Mon dieu! Formidable!

Stickball France is everything about the greatest urban game ever invented, made available in one single spot for both English and French speakers!

Stickball France, c'est tout sur le plus grand sport de rue jamais inventé, rassemblé en un seul endroit, en anglais et en français! added 53 new photos from September 4, 2004 to the album: Streetplay at the 2004 Team Next Back to School Invitational — at Sugar Hill, Manhattan.

9/12/04: When Michael Mays (son of baseball legend Willie Mays) asked us back to help his organization Team Next with the Second Annual Back To School Street Play Invitational, how could we say no? Needless to say, the second time was twice as nice, and we're sure that this event will become an annual New York City fixture rivaling the New Year's Eve party in Times Square (well, almost).

We were privileged to spend a beautiful day in September on St. Nicholas Place between 152nd and 153rd Streets--the "Sugar Hill" section of Harlem--playing the games we know and love: stickball, hopscotch, skully, and jumprope. An old-school block-party atmosphere prevailed as hundreds of neighborhood kids and adults ate, laughed, and played in the street... in the very same place Willie Mays himself played stickball after day games at the Polo Grounds!