What isn't Structural Integration?

— It’s not massage.
— It’s not a simple quick fix for local symptoms.
— It’s not simply another myofascial technique....
— It’s not painful.

What is Structural Integration?

— It's a slow, meditative touch that brings your awareness to your body’s tensions and holding patterns.
— It's effective, long-lasting, rejuvenating, and empowering.
— It's a way of looking at the body’s entire being and its relationship to gravity.
— It's a philosophy of movement and a way of finding presence in your body.

i'm not a certified Rolfer and have not completed IASI certification, but rather practice a modified form of S.I. called MIPA: Myofascial Integration Posture Alignment.

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I still have 2 openings at my next reduced-price Promo Day at The Spiritual Spa in Niagara Falls this Friday! 11:30am and 1:00pm, only $50 for an hour.

If you have old injuries, soreness, or just want to chill, come sample my work! While preference is given to those without insurance benefits, the Promo sessions are open to anyone (RMT receipts are provided). I’m also available other days of the week at standard rates, and have extended hours at my home studio in St.

My first training is in a West-Coast style “flow” massage from Vancouver, which is a gentle soothing approach to easing tensions and bringing inner peace. Later, after finishing a traditional Ontario-style RMT training regimen, I expanded my repertoire to a physiotherapy-style form of bodywork known as Structural Integration, which is a way of improving well-being at a systemic level. This style of bodywork is a uniquely effective way of healing chronic pain, or bringing you a more natural posture, or just making your body feel taller, lighter, and looser.

Text me at 289-668-9728, email, or message me on Facebook to set up an appointment.

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Worn out from the holidays? Ring in 2018 with a massage: relaxation-style for de-stressing or gentle therapeutic for the deeper pains. I have two reduced-price Promo Days at The Spiritual Spa in Niagara Falls this month: 60-minute sessions for only $50 this Friday, or 90-min sessions for $75 on the 19th. (I also am available other days and times at my home studio in St Catharines.)

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Structural Integration Niagara

From "My story: how I came to Rolfing":

... In 2007, while I was still working as a web-designer and computer consultant in Vancouver, I took a part-time year-long course in “spa therapy.” My goal was merely to improve a skill to share with friends and family, especially as my own children were growing up enough to become more active and develop their own muscle aches and occasional sprains. But it never occurred to me that this could be a profession.

After completing that c...ourse I was hooked, as I realized that bodywork reflected one of my earliest talents. With a background in university and research, the always-curious scientific part of mind wanted to better understand the field, so I took every continuing-education course I could: I had to explore the indigenous massage traditions of all cultures, and compare all contemporary forms of bodywork. But it still never crossed my mind that this could be a career; it was merely another intellectual pursuit, albeit one that was also emotionally fulfilling.

Near the end of this exploratory phase, I kept hearing about something with the awful-sounding name of "rolfing." It was founded by a scientist, so it had to be worth looking into! I went for one Rolfing session.

My life changed.

I left that session with three thoughts. As I walked out the door feeling taller and lighter-on-my-feet than I had in my entire adult life, I thought “Wow, I never knew the world looked like this from up here!” I was floating, both in body and spirit. My second was, “I have to change careers and be a massage therapist!” My third was, “And this is the kind of massage I want to do!”

But I also realized something else. Every other technique and style I’d learned up to that point seemed pretty straightforward. I knew I was no expert, having only been in training for one year, but everything so far had felt simple. But this — this felt infinite, deep, mysterious. I knew instinctively that I would not be ready to learn this for a very long time. ...

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Besides Structural Integration (S.I.), I also do spa and deep-tissue massage (see “Rolfing is not massage”). After about 10 years of practicing, and after learning about a dozen different modalities of manual therapy, I’ve honed my preferred style to what I can best describe as: “Rolfing”–style syst...

Fellow RMTs: Ed Maupin's book "A Dynamic Relation to Gravity" in its 2 volumes "Elements of Structural Integration" and "The Ten Sessions" is now, for the first time, available online as a digital download. This is the only Rolfing textbook! See, and buy from

Structural Integration is much more than the fixing of dysfunctional segments, and yet these fall into place behind the larger picture of unity in gravity. Human bodies can be brought into an improved relationship with gravity. The Ten Session Series is still an effective way of accomplishing this w...

Promo Days in November: I have five reduced-price openings left this month, Fridays Nov 3 and 10. I recently finished a 2-day seminar with the awesome Walt Fritz and a hundred fellow RMTs, honing his style of gentler, slower myofascial release, which I'm excited to share! The first pic is Walt doing his trademark Saturday Night Fever move on my brave friend Helen. In the second you can barely (OK, not at all) see me in the back corner.

I'm currently in California for a week-long intensive on the somewhat less-gentle Rolfing-style bodywork, and will be back home soon, with enthusiasm to share.

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