Crazy fun w the Suicide Machines last night in Detroit. Thanks to all for your awesomeness
Too good not too share. All People love.
Hawt damn. Everymen kicking the shit out of their set in Johnson City's Hideaway. Great start to a short tour. Love these dudes.

Early summer tour in full effect! Looking for help in these areas, unless otherwise noted.
May 15th- Indianapolis/Louisville
May 16th- Detroit at The Sanctuary
May 17th- London
May 18th- Toronto ...
May 19th- Montreal at Pouzza Fest
May 20th- Albany at TBA
May 21st- NYC
May 22nd- New Jersey
May 23rd- Philly
May 24th- D.C./Richmond
May 25th- Charlotte at The Milestone
May 26th- Johnson City at The Hideaway

More stuff on the horizon for ya boyz, but in the meantime, come hang with us at Cobra on Feb. 24th with El Escapado and OC45!

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Download codes have been sent out for our Kickstarter reward album! For those of you who got one, let us know if it's good enough to release to everyone! #thoughtsandprayers


Facebook says we haven't posted in a while and all of you miss us. What's up? What's happenin' with you?

Oh hey...just going to leave this here.

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Guess it's about time to start announcing stuff for this year, starting with our first local show since October! Feb. 24th will be at Cobra with local baes El Escapado and OC45 from Boston! Should be a rager.


Holy shit! It really happened! Our van Kickstarter actually got funded! Thank you to everyone who donated and/or helped spread the means a lot that we could ask for a little help and receive so much in return. We're definitely not a popular band, but the interactions we've had with all of you over the years has been well worth the headaches that come with being in a touring act. Thank you again! Fun fact: we received over 100 emails from people looking to boost our exposure to their millions of followers on various social media sites for only a small percentage of the donation money. It feels good to know that the donations are going to used for their exact purposes. We'll keep you posted on the van quest, as well as shows...let's just say for now that we're definitely going out of the country at least once this year!

We've got just over a full day left on our Kickstarter, if you're interested in our rarities album, an exclusive shirt/hoodie, or a haunting. We're floored by the amount of support we've gotten, so thank you again to everyone who's donated so far!…/stuck-luckys-new-van-fundrais…

Stuck Lucky is a Nashville based punk/ska band and we need your help with a van! We're asking for funds to go towards a down payment.

We hit our goal! Thanks to everyone who donated so far! There's still three more days left, so if you want to donate, there's still time.

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We've got one more mystery package available for our Kickstarter!

We've never been good at lying, so it's time we let the cat out of the bag...Our Kickstarter isn't actually for a new van, it's to get Will a fully functional Furry costume. Keep donating to help this man realize his dream! "Cat out of the bag" is funny because it's a play on words about Furries, because some dress like cats. Get it??? Also, if you want to find out the location of the late night Furry party, just ask one "You want to get pet?" True story.

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Someone actually chose the moving option! Any takers for the blood pact haunting for $5000?

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Hey! One week left for our Kickstarter and then we'll stop blasting you about donating money! We are about 90% of the way there, and to almost celebrate, you can stream four more songs from our rarities album! Woooooo!

27 track album

We're over 75% funded on our van Kickstarter! Two more weeks to go and then we'll be done annoying you and get to booking tours for next year! Plans for west coast for sure and few things we can't announce just yet, but where else should we travel to? Anyone got and Europe hookups? Andy's never eaten a croissant, so why not go to the source?

Hope everyone's festivities are going well! If you have a little extra holiday cash laying around, we are just over $800 away from meeting our goal on our Kickstarter. Not only do we still have a few unique rewards left, we're donating proceeds to TN Deathrow Dogs when all is said and done. Thanks for all the support so far, though. May the hatching of Jesus and it's elf minions lurk in the corners of your dreams for many months to come!…/stuck-luckys-new-van-fundrais…

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Just popping in to let you all know that the term "Stuck Lucky" now also appears in the title of a J-pop boy band romantic fanfiction. Stop on by and give it a read!

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If you haven't heard it already, we've got a new song called "Father Mercy" up on our Bandcamp that's going to be a part of the rarities and b-sides album we're offering up as a Kickstarter reward. $10 gets you 25+ tracks of stuff from the last ten years, including a couple of other never before heard songs! Wooooo!

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