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Good morning! This weekend the cabin will be closed becuase of NTNUI's annual group leader seminar. Come visit us next weekend for sauna, pancakes and more[...] You could volunteer too, sign up here and we will contact you: Have an awesome weekend!
In my humble, and not so neutral opinion, our coffee is worth a visit itself. Come up on Tuesday and have a taste of the region-famous Jakobsen&Svart coffee!
Spring is here
28 Reviews
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Lise Vrana
· March 12, 2017
Very nice, cosy and friendly place! You always meet new friends here!
Thomas Øvestad
· December 12, 2014
Best study hall, sauna, bath tub, fire place and student priced food in town. The proximity to ski tracks and jogging trails in tranquil Bymarka is but the cherry on the cake!
Vidar Lundberg
· March 12, 2017
Great place with nice people!
Lucía Gómez Trinidad
· January 15, 2015
Great food, even greater emplacement, awesome people and the perfect play to sit down, stop the daily routine and relax in the sauna or hot tub.
Martin He
· December 12, 2014
Perfect place to study and the food is really good.
Jenny Elisabeth Midtlyng
· November 24, 2016
Where dreams come true... ♥
Alexander T. King
· December 12, 2014
Excuse me French but pretty freking good
Thomas Maudal Gilje
· March 3, 2017
Fantastisk utsikt. Nydelig mat.
Simen Vogt-Svendsen
· November 24, 2016
Underbar plats före och efter alla typer felttog, som C.G. Armfelt ville sagt! Sauna-kaminen och pannkakorna er legendariske!
Stian Rakke
· November 24, 2016
Så utrolig koselig sted, god mat og hyggelige mennesker!
Håkon Viktil
· August 20, 2014
God mat, bra folk og godt med leseplasser!


We'd just like to take a moment to thank our incredibly talented chef David J. Browne for all the amazing work he has put into Studenterhytta for the past three years.

David, for those of you who don't know, is moving to Molde to start his own gig at Lubbenes Gård, and we couldn't be more excited for him.


Since 2014, David has been a well-known face at Studenterhytta, for both volunteers and guests alike. All year around he has travelled countless times back and forth to the cabin to prepare tasteful meals that has collected alot of very positive feedback in the guest book.

In addition to being an awesome cook, he has also been around for everyone, both those volunteering and those visiting. He always has a joke (good or bad) in store to keep spirits up, in good and bad times. And he makes sure no one is left out.

We think we can say on behalf of every guest at the cabin - be it volunteer, exam reader, party guest, new student in town, plumber, skiier and everyone else - that Dave has been part of the identity and soul of the cabin for the past three years, and it'll be a bit stranger without him.

Needless to say, we hope you'll all take the time to visit Dave's new place if you happen to pass through Molde. We can't wait to see his take on Lubbenes Gård - we expect it to be nothing less than awesome.

Lubbenes gård is located on Fannestrandvegen 117.

Thanks for everything Dave, we miss you very much already, and wish you the very best on your new adventure.

-- The Studenterhytta Board

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The Student Cabin is once again ready to open its doors and welcome guests for a new semester! To kick it off we wish everyone welcome to volunteer weekend the 26th - 27th of august for a good old norwegian dugnad! The aim of the volunteer weekend is to introduce the cabin for those who might be interested in being a volunteer at the cabin, as well as preparing the cabin for the semester! There will be plenty of different activities and tasks, and most important - a lot of fu...n!

The concept is the traditional Norwegian “dugnad”, a volunteer weekend. Everyone is assigned to small social workgroups, doing necessary maintenance and upgrades for the cabin. The cabin will return the favour by providing food and lodging for those who help us out! No previous experience of any kind is required.

Welcome to Studenterhytta!

Sign up here :

How to get there:
Take the AtB bus number 10, from Kongens gate K2 to Skistua! The bus leaves the city center saturdays at 10.20, 10.50 and 11.50.

What to bring:
Sleeping bag, indoor shoes, swim wear, towel, yourself, outdoor clothes - preferably something you can paint in.

It's free as long as you help out.

Do you have any questions? Ask below or send us an e-mail at


Studenterhytta NTNUI er klar for enda et semester som Trondheimsstudentenes samlingssted i bymarka, i den anledning er det klart for høstens dugnad!

Godt humør er like viktig som erfaring med malekost og motorsag, vi skal alltids finne noe å gjøre! Vi håper du stiller med arbeidsinnsats, så skal vi stille vi med mat, sengeplass og ei trivelig helg på gråkallen helt gratis!

Vi ønsker nye og gamle studenter velkommen til Studenterhytta!

Meld deg på her:

Hvordan komme dit:
Ta AtB buss nummer 10 fra kongens gate K2, til Skistua.
Avgang fra sentrum lørdag klokken 10.20, 10.50 og 11.50.

Ta med:
Sovepose/sengeklær, innesko, badeklær og håndkle, uteklær - gjerne som tåler en malingsflekk.

Gratis, sett at du deltar på dugnad!

Har du spørsmål, skriv de under eller send oss en e-post på

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Aug 26 - Aug 27StudenterhyttaTrondheim, Norway
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