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Siki Lin
· December 25, 2017
Enjoy a lovely Christmas dinner set in this little place. Nice food, friendly staff, warm service. Feel relaxing, highly recommended~~
Paul Coveney
· November 8, 2017
Great coffee and friendly service. Didn't have any food
A small place but nice atmosphere and music was chilled.
Hilary Woo
· October 14, 2017
Nice coffee made with heart, pretty sure even non-coffee-lovers would grow fond of coffee after trying the white coffee here ;D
Ryan Mclerie
· April 1, 2016
Went into Studio Caffeine for a nice breakfast to start our second day in Hong Kong and couldn't have been more disappointed. Firstly, I went to the counter to order, pointed out exactly what I wanted... and explained how I wanted my coffee(quite clearly I thought?)
After waiting quite a while, still with no drinks, our food was brought over then before I could pick up my cutlery mine was whisked away and told it was going to be late. Ok, fair call, mistook the order, it happens. I then got my coffee which wasn't as I had ordered and when I went to ask for a little extra milk in my coffee(as ordered) I was told 'we don't do that' after quizzing the 'baristas' on the best way to order my coffee the way I like it all they could tell me is that they would not make it again for me and that I couldn't order it there. So... After squeezing some hot milk out of them I sat down, a little bewildered about the whole thing. Another 10 mins pass, my girl has finished her meal and we ask where mine is... We wait another 5 mins and then get told we never ordered it in the first place. To that, we stood up and walked out.
Terrible service, not even an apology and also made to feel like an idiot.
Really did expect more and will never be returning.
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Lily Flower
· December 16, 2016
Really enjoyed the food and coffee. Fantastic range of coffee. Menus in English or Chinese. Ambience of Cafe was great and there was Christmas music playing in the distance. The staff were friendly an...d always smiled, even when clearing our plates after we finished... which was great... (it's rare to find staff who smile in HK restaurants). Definitely a great place to catch up with friends in a relaxing environment. See More
Johnny McDonagh
· April 9, 2016
Absolutely shocking service , when you need to go to the counter to order fair enough but then been ignored because the staff are more interested in washing a couple of pans is very infuriating. By t...he time the breakfast arrived well 20 minutes after we ordered it was stone cold and our hot choclates arrived the same not even an apology wasnt spoken to upon leaving or asked how was everything. However personally i dont blame the staff i blame the owner they should receive the proper training ,not just thrown in at the deep end , very very disappointing. See More
Edmond Keung
· November 1, 2017
Excellent coffee program with great meals to go with.

Your hide out place in Jordan TST area.
Katie Lee
· December 12, 2016
It's a nice place spending my breakfast. Both coffee and the all day breakfast are really brilliant. The taste of coffee is really fit my taste with great balance and texture. I love it and highly recommend.
Emily Ng Hiu Tung
· December 20, 2016
Very nice cafe with relaxing environment. Love the coffee & food there! The staff are all very friendly and they provide good service to every single customer. For the location, it is quite convenient..., around 5 minutes walk from the mtr station! See More
Kan Tissue
· August 23, 2017
Lovely place, lovely services, and I love the small ID card they made for the coffee beans I chose... Fantastic!!!
Zac Chan
· December 11, 2017
Best coffee in town �
Caroline Ng
· July 9, 2017
Good coffee ☕️ & happy that there are vegetarian friendly options in the menu
Kenneth R Waldron
· October 2, 2017
Great little oasis in the buzz of downtown TST
Jeanne Hickey Mousseau
· December 27, 2015
Visited HK for a week . Lucky for us Studio Caffeine was nearby, and helped us start our day right ! Brian's cafe does coffee the way it should be done . Perfect!!!!
Solo Chan
· July 28, 2017
Good food and staff but like the deco most.
Henn Penn
· August 19, 2015
Great black Americano. Bonus was a veggetarian all-day breakfast on request, thanks for making this available! Appreciated the alternative. Will come back many more times!
Steve Leng
· May 21, 2017
good portion for its price and the staffs are friendly
Laurence Rothwell
· September 29, 2016
Heard this place was great. Went there at 08:15 before work and it was not even open! It advertises opening 8am. Poor management.
YvE Lam
· October 14, 2016
�Just want a simple cooffee, this is the worst coffee experience ever, long waiting, bad service, although coffee just ok.
Jony Wong
· December 12, 2014
Nice environment, friendly staff and barista, good coffee and excellent tulip. Good place to take a break. Also selling guitars, wine and watches. Free-Wifi available!!!

Talor & Jorgen今次帶俾我地今季最乾淨、甜度同平衡感最高既咖啡☕️。多年來合作既咖啡莊園一直為Talor & Jorgen提供品質穩定既咖啡🌳。我地希望同大家分享好咖啡既同時,都尊榮返每一位咖啡農既付出👨🏽‍🌾。大家快d黎飲啡啦,好想同你地分享依杯啡😛

Talor & Jorgen brought us their seasonal hunt, to share the cleanest, sweetest and the most balenced coffee they have☕️. Their decades-deep partnership with the farm sporting Talor & Jorgen to provide consistent roasts👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. We seek to honor the hard work performed by the farm and share the amazing coffee to everyone🌿. Come for some great coffee guys.

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