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Shannon Hampton
· March 26, 2018
Study Cube is such an awesome resource for UCF students! And on top of providing study resources they are very involved in the universities other activities. Every school should have a Study Cube!
Michael Stasie
· February 27, 2016
I would totally recommend StudyCube to those who want an overview of the upcoming exam that they are taking. A great tool to use.
Courtney Hall
· August 18, 2014
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Antonio Candido
· February 27, 2016
Clear review of the material for upcoming exams, has helped me throughout my college career,I have only gotten a's and b's with it and I strongly recommend.
Ashley Harper
· February 27, 2016
Study Cube has helped me with all my classes. Highly recommend using the notes to prepare for exams. My grades have gotten better since I've started using them!
Austin Deem
· February 27, 2016
Study Cube does a great job in preparing me for tests with their study guides and practice tests. Makes getting an A a lot more possible!!!
Corey Carr
· February 21, 2016
Extremely helpful content for business classes. Practice tests are a great way to study!
Brendan Diersen
· February 21, 2016
Study Cube is the main reason I get A's and or B's n my classes.
Jon Gardner
· February 21, 2016
Most helpful study resource that I have used in college so far!
Lisa Rennison
· January 16, 2014
Study Cube is so helpful!! Its specifically for your class at UCF so you know you're learning the material from YOUR teacher!
Jenn Fleming
· October 30, 2015
I would've failed Microeconomics if it wasn't for Study Cube. Thank god this service exists.
Chrissy Brinkman
· February 22, 2016
Most helpful tool for Quant 2! Wouldn't have passed without it
Danielle St Laurent
· February 21, 2016
Study cube helped me so much with ACG2071 and ECO2023!
Mitchell Colen
· February 23, 2016
Study cube was a major key for me getting an A in Micro. 10/10 would recommend.
Corey Chamberlain
· November 23, 2013
If anybody is selling the study cube material for exams 2 or 3 for supply chain mar3203 message me!
Stephan Joseph Whittington Jr.
· February 16, 2014
I can't tell you how much it made studying for exams easier
Daniel Sheres
· January 17, 2014
Very helpful! Full review guides for most business classes
Wesley Blake
· October 22, 2015
The practice test really help you to identify what areas you need to work on.
Jean Flordy
· March 21, 2014
Study cube is the best.
Daniel Groves
· December 7, 2013
Study Cube has definitely been a big help during finals week!

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