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Angelo J. Caprio
· November 6, 2017
Can't understand the negative reviews of this place. Food is fantastic and decently priced. Barley soups and omelettes are my go to and I have never had a bad meal. My coworkers also love the place. A...del 8 is our favorite server and he is always on point. See More
Eileen Maher Hillock
· November 19, 2017
Awesome brunch at Suburban Diner today. Great service by Adel 8 our personable and funny waiter. Crispy and light blueberry waffle and chipotle burger special. Loved our circular, private table and ch...andelier! Although it was crowded, they didn’t rush us a bit. Very enjoyable and highly recommend. Adel8 (yes there are multiple Adels). He’s a treasure - ask for him next time you go. But either way, go! See More
Evan Yokum
· October 15, 2017
Came in for a burger and asked if there was an upcharge for substituting the fries with broccoli and was assured by the waiter that there wasn't any. When I got the check there was an $2.75 additional... charge. When talking to the waiter about the upcharge he couldn't help, eventually the manager (Jimmy) came over, he would not take off the upcharge. He simply says that the waiter should have known and I have to pay. Lousy thing to go through. Not going back and plastering this on social media like a plague. Good going Jimmy! See More
Virginia Ginny Boscia
· February 18, 2018
I have been several times since December.They never disappoint It is now my go to place whenever I’m in Paramus The food the service were excellent and I took dessert home that I ate in the car
Glenn Wilder
· February 4, 2018
Really good food, and very nice remodel a couple of years ago. TVs at the counter and bar, too. Generous portions on everything, you’ll be taking leftovers home for at least 2 more meals.
The motza... ball soup is truly wonderful, and you can specify how many motza balls you want, either bowl or cup.
Excellent salads
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Adrienne M. Caporino
· January 27, 2018
Excellent service, food tasted great. My only complaint is because I was a women alone they seated me right next to the servicers work station. That was the only thing that gave me a bad feel. My was excellent, polite, and didn't hover over me. See More
Lee Weiler
· September 14, 2017
I think they do an excellent job here. Samir is a great waiter. I told him a few of the choices I was contemplating for my meal. He was happy to make a recommendation and said if I didn't like it, he'...d get me something else. I really enjoyed my selection, so there was no need to take him up on the offer. The service is very good, the food comes out on a reasonable amount of time, the portions are large, the staff is friendly, and they pay a lot of attention to detail. I look forward to my next visit. See More
Dave Sloves
· January 8, 2018
Good food (Chicken Matzo Ball soup is fantastic). Good service. Can be crowded which just means people like it. Desert display is worth two pounds just for looking!
Vyviane Le Huynh
· January 14, 2018
We came in at the peak hours of Brunch but the services and foods were excellent. I don’t like diners but I am willing to go back to Suburban.
Kim Ellsworth
· April 18, 2018
Yummy!!! My family loves this place!! We can't wait till our next trip to stop in!
Ofra Gellman
· July 1, 2017
bad mangement not a nice environment I order special lunch that include chips
the waiter offer salad instead of chips. she did not mention that is additional fee than they charge me for the salad, th...e salad was bitter. the manger respond "I'm sorry she did not mention it" still i had to pay for bad salad that i did not order. See More
Monica Rosenbaum Bergman
· April 12, 2016
I have been here a million times and always have had great service and food. Well today was the last time I will ever step foot in there. I went order a kids breakfast for my daughter (1.5) she doesn'...t eat bacon so I asked for a piece of fruit. They offered sausage and told me if I want any kind of fruit it was an additional over $3. I ask for a manager who said the same thing. She doesn't eat breakfast meat I just wanted to sub a piece (1 banana or something). They said no and didn't care that my child couldn't eat. Bad customer service. We then said we will leave they then proceeded to charge us for a tea and juice that we didn't even get to drink. Gross. Asked for the owners contact and they didn't provide it. Then another manager women said "I don't understand we can do that" too late we were packed up and done. Nasty woman that said she was the manager but that she can't make any exceptions and has rules. Bad business and if your staff aren't empowered to help and be kind to the customers you will fail. A piece of fruit would not cost more than the two slices of bacon. You could have sold over $50 on that table but rather you took $6 and lost a customer and her family and as many others that I can inform of this situation. See More
Joe Bolognese Jr
· January 26, 2016
We went there for my Dads 70th birthday. What a horrible experience. The wait staff was confused and couldn't remember who ordered what. I asked to substitute zucchini side for the French fries they s...aid no? Really?
The salad came out in a long hammered metal ashtray and wasn't even enough to feed a mouse. The onion ring that came with the meal were only two, and one looked crumbled and abused.
The veggies that came out were cold. The chicken parm had so very little if any tomato sauce and the cheese wasn't well melted on it. The coffee my dad had tasted old, burnt and gross. The mash potatoes were cold and unseasoned. The waffle fries were raw and had to be sent back to cook longer. The tiramisu tasted like cream cheese and not a drop of coffee flavor, the ice cream had one scoop and they charged 4.50$.
The prices are not indicative of a diner or even an upscale one and the food and service were dreadful at best. We will not be visiting again.
If you want a great dinner experience with awesome food, goto the Gotham City Grill on Broadway in FairLawn Nj!
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Diane Cicero-Joyce
· November 6, 2016
Very nice place, but unfortunately we got a not so good waitress......maybe she was having a bad day!!!
But I did go and purchase some baked goods......well they Whr so good.....yummmy�bought a piece ...of these little cakes/ pastry....tried 5 and loved all and so did my family in the Catskills......I give a 5 to bakery and to the cashier/ & hostess. See More
Jaime Lee
· April 5, 2018
Jimmy the manager doesn’t have people skills because he hangs the phone up on patrons.
Gershon Rosenzweig
· November 8, 2015
I can't even imagine how many times I've been in this diner. So much money I left at the cash register. Last night 2 managers were needed to help me with my issue. One told me that "if I want somethin...g for free - it's not here" and the other told me "I can go to other diners if I don't like their policy". Wow! The manager told me he knows me and sees me there a lot. And all of this is because I asked for some more pickles and coleslaw. Well, Subarban Diner, you can keep your pickles and coleslaw. It is not going to be a difficult task to replace you. See More
Lou Acosta
· February 27, 2016
I can't say enough good things about The Suburban Diner.
The staff is friendly, attentive and delightful.
The music seems to be on an 80's loop- so that rocks....
The food is great- I particularly like the brisket panini.
They hit you when you first walk in with one of the most impressive dessert displays I've ever seen.
Most importantly- customer service is their top priority and that is everything.
Don't waste your time at that awful Tom Sawyer Diner in Paramus!!!
And that's the bottom line,
'cuz The Lou Acosta said so!
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Chris Doc Denton
· July 30, 2017
Was there a week ago on a Sunday night.
Trying to enjoy a meal with my family. We were in the first room on the left as soon as you come in the door.. the beginning of our meal was nice and peaceful e...ven though there were other people in the room. You could actually enjoy having a conversation with the people at your table like other families were doing.. then the management on duty decided to put a group of 9 people at two separate tables. Four men at one table and the five women were at another table. One of the individual males kept bouncing back and forth between the table where he shouldn't the three other guys to sit at the table with the four women this kept going on the whole time we were there they were very noisy and telling others with their group to look at other videos on Facebook. Had their volumes on their phones all the way up and very loud conversations... One of the other tables on the other side of dining room was a woman with her husband their two young children & her brother who was a priest and another priest from his church they're enjoying their dinner the children behaved better than the adults. They were using very foul language even though there were two young children in the room and to priests they seems like they didn't care who they offended. They were selfish only thinking about themselves and acting like they were sitting in their backyard not in a restaurant.. when I ask to speak to a manager when I was done with my meal one of them asked me what was wrong and I informed him of what was going in his Diner as being the shift manager while he was there myself and three other tables were not happy it ruined all our meals because these people thought they were hanging out in their backyard they could do whatever the hell they wanted. And I didn't really want to hear about their personalized I could really care less but due to the fact they were very loud and rude and obnoxious tried to bring us to the manager's attention he could have cared less and I ask the cashier to get me the manager. She did not get the manager or Point him out to me until after I paid my bill.. I spoke to the manager who was on duty representing the diner.. I brought the matter to his attention. When I mentioned to him that there was areas of the diner where this group could have gone at wouldn't have affected anybody else having their meals to to the fact that the area to the right of the cashier in the area by the bathrooms it was nobody there you could have put them all there. He agreed with me and said they should have replaced somewhere else. I advised him due to the fact that bad experience.. myself my family and friends will no longer be coming to this establishment. I advised them the reason we stopped by here is we were coming home from a long trip and we wanted to have something to eat due to the fact that Diner that is closer to us is going under renovation. After I stated that and I Know It least a handful of people heard me voice my disgust with with the Suburban Diner neither of the managers or the cashier try to do the right thing and try to change my opinion on the diner. Oh and just so you're aware the one little kid was 3 years old and the other one was 16 months old they behave a lot better than the 9 adults. See More
Rose Gray-Milito
· May 27, 2017
It was great! Went for breakfast. Brought home elephant ear for desert the same evening.
Need to go back for a burger. Used to walk there from Paramus high school. Graduated 1975.
It was great to go... back with my daughter. See More
Siony Ponce-Diaz
· October 9, 2017
very pleasant waitress;friendly and helpful staff;fast service;nice ambiance and clean�
Busy Saturday in progress. We love our customers!

You know you want some of this flour tortilla salad. #SuburbanDiner

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You can never go wrong with some calamari! #SuburbanDiner

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