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Daren Cole
· March 1, 2017
It breaks my heart to write this review as I have been a huge fan and loyal customer of both locations for years. Spending the majority of my adult life in ski towns I feel these are the true iconic ...outdoor retailers in the region. Over the past couple of months I have been in a customer service battle between Hoka and SCM.

I had received a pair of Hoka's as a gift, another brand I love and charish, which ended up being too small and I was unable to determine where they came from or obtain a receipt. In calling Hoka the directed me to one of three local retailers and I had to choose SCM based on flawless support I have received over the years. Upon my initial visit the team member went above and beyond and I had a call back w/in days asking how I would like to proceed. Ultimately I was looking for an exchange or small credit to the purchase of a new problem.

Over the next few months it was a back and forth with being directed back to Hoka and then Hoka back to a local retailer. After 3-4 rounds of this I stopped by the store to see if there was a way to end the back and forth. Being a early sun the employee on duty was both less than enthusing and even less helpful, basically indicated I was SOL with zero empathy. This after being told by countless other employees there had to be a simple solution.

I finally just left the shoes with directions to put them on the clearance table and put the proceeds to an employee party or donate to a local cause of the stores choice.

After almost two decades of supporting a favorite and trusted retailer this was a huge blow to the gut and dissipointing to a point I'm not sure I can support them in the future. I completely understand policy and standards. It was the pure lack of any empathy for the sitUation and time frame I had been dealing with that made me feel the store had lost its sole passion and compassion that made me truly feel they were more than just a retailer looking to make a buck.
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Joseph Schwarz
· May 29, 2016
Many thanks to Summit Canyon for its financial support of the Garfield Grumble! And thank you again for contributing gift cards as prizes for the 2017 Garfield Grumble race. The runners very much appr...eciated them! See More
Marsha Littau
· November 26, 2016
Great store. Good prices. Great selection for the outdoor enthusiast. Friendly staff. They even made my dog welcome.
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