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Daniel Ellinger
· November 22, 2017
As a citizen I am concerned with your assistant prosecutor and his false report. What do his actions in light of the video say about his judgement, especially that of an assistant prosecutor seeing it... fit to report such a thing as assault? If this were a private citizen making these unfounded, outlandish accusations against another they would surely charged with making a false report, is the law to be applied differently to those in power? Is anything to be done or does his governmental privaledge protect him from consequences? See More
Theresa Grillo Butts
· November 24, 2017
As a citizen of Summit County, I find the false report filed by your assistant prosecutor beyond concerning. This is criminal behavior by an officer of the court and should be treated as such. His act...ions, in light of the video, speak volumes about his character, ethics and judgement. Why is this behavior being tolerated? If the tables were turned, SBW and her team would likely prosecute the offender to the fullest extent. I will remember this at election time. See More
Cindi Diller
· December 6, 2017
I thnk it is awful for child support charges to stay on a persons record after they paid all the money they owed, there children are grown. It show not effect jobs and their whole future. after all done and the kids are of age it should be removed... See More
Adam Miller
· November 22, 2017
As a private citizen, I've lost trust in you and all of your assistant prosecutor's. Changes are in order with several of them... Keep political favors and cronyism out if the office, please.
Jenn Mckeown
· August 13, 2017
Wow so the prosecutors office is not doing shit about this epidemic going on? Summit county has a crime rate higher than the national average and just in summit county alone over 1400 ppl oded...what ...are y'all doing about that? Y'all are busy with child support cases and fucking traffic violations but nothing about the growing drug problem in your county?! Priorities guys...get em together!!!!!! See More
Krista Blaurock Rakic
· July 11, 2017
Very disappointed in the prosecutors office for sending a threatening letter to a ten year old boy scout who was trying to be helpful. My heart breaks for our youth. It's hard enough trying to teach t...he next generation to help others instead of being bystanders and then you see something like this and wonder why people are fearful of being helpful. SMH See More
Sabrina Arnould
· November 22, 2017
It is sad that SBW defended a member of her staff when he clearly LIED. This says a lot about SBW's character and that she is NOT to be trusted. SBW needs to resign and Ahmed needs to be fired.
Barbara Jeanne Kisley Michaels
· January 22, 2017
I have become so disheartened by our justice system. I have seen personally and have heard of other cases, of a person becoming so battered down and so scared that they take a plea even when they are ...innocent of purposeful wrong doing in order to just end the process, and save their family from more stress. The charges are sometimes so outrageous that a person resorts to just taking the plea deal. I firmly believe that "innocent until proven guilty" is a misnomer. I don't pretend to understand the justice system, but I am beginning to fear it. See More
Pam Callaghan Steely
· October 26, 2016
I was a spectator in #judgecallahans court room this afternoon. It looked like 4 assistant prosecutors on a f5 possession case. That's nice use of tax payer $$. I watched as your older male assistant ...prosecutor stated, "of all the cases I've had, the defendant's life was "saved" BECAUSE he was a drug addict and alcoholic" because he was out of it that night." Your assistant prosecutor who is female, middle aged, short hair (who I know has been a fixture in your office for awhile) laughed sarcastically at his comment! I leaned forward in my chair and told her it wasn't funny. When I left I told her what she did was disgusting! Is it your office policy to make fun of a defendant's mental conditions and drug and alcohol addictions? There is an epidemic of heroin overdoses and deaths and summit county being one of the worst in the country for them. I always thought you did a pretty decent job as prosecutor all these years, however, you just lost my vote. I believe some sensitivity training for your staff is warranted to say the least. Your circus, your monkeys! See More
Jill Mullens Scott
· December 26, 2016
You really need to change the name of Child Support Enforcement Agency to Child Support Money Pass Through Agency. My youngest child is 20 years old. My ex still owes over $5k. (Sad thing is - I be...t there are thousands who are owed quite a bit more than I am and nothing is done.) He was taken to court for contempt of nonpayment. He was ordered to attend seminars about the importance of paying support - keeping your children in clothes, shoes, etc. Wow, what punishment - and he already thinks since our kids are grown he should not have to pay the arrearages. Oh, did I forget to mention there was nothing in the contempt order about having to make payments - the whole reason for the hearing in the first place! I guess it was just to make money on seminars and add to the fees you may get someday if and when this is ever paid for. But, it was nice of CSMPTA to offer me the opportunity to attend the next hearing making sure he attended the worthless seminars. You know, so I can take a day off work for absolutely NOTHING!!!!! So, please remove the "enforcement" from your name until you actually decide to start enforcing. See More
Terry Gean
· October 13, 2015
Why aren't women who give birth to drug addicted baby's charged with child endangerment? I know of one who has had 3 baby's born addicted to narcotics and did not have any medical attention during the... pregnancy. The last baby is still in the hospital after being born at 7 months on a bathroom floor and drug addicted. The baby's are victims where are their rights?????? This so called mother has never been charged. See More
Gina Anzuini Ellinger
· November 25, 2017
I can’t believe Mr. Ahmed is allowed to file a FALSE POLICE REPORT against Ms. Trivett. He should be FIRED! He has lost all credibility because he obviously exaggerates things.
Sonya Stevenson Pifer
· September 2, 2016
Well, since I can't post to your FB page....I cannot believe the words that just came out of your mouth on News Channel 5s interview regarding the victim who was shot multiple times in front of her ch...ildren by her ex-boyfriend that she has a restraining order against. When asked why he wasn't given jail time for his previous offenses, you blamed the VICTIM???? "We can't always prevent what is going to happen, particularly when you have victims who - y'know - stay where they are." I see. So are you offering free relocation services to all of these victims? If not, get off your high horse and accept some responsibility!!! See More
Diane Kinney
· June 29, 2015
I just read that Angelo McCoy ws arrested in Cleveland on new dog fighting and gun charges. He is out on bond after being arrested here in Akron for the same thing in November 2014. I am appalled tha...t he is or could be back on the streets again. Is Summit County moving to revoke his bond
and do you intend to ask for the maximum sentence available under the law?
See More
Manuel Herrar
· November 24, 2017
I'm sorry Assistant Prosecutor Ahmed had to endure that abuse. I applaud his courage, and I wish him a speedy recovery.
Pamela Busch
· May 28, 2014
I want to thank Sherry Bevan Walsh for her continued support to keep the person that killed my father in prison. Her words of support to help keep this killer in prison where he belongs and should ne...ver be released was truly appreciated by everyone that hopes he is never granted parole. He was given the death penalty, which I agree with, but since that didn't happen, he should never even be eligible at all for possible release. Thank you Sherry Bevan Walsh for all your support to keep the person that killed Lawrence Joe Busch in prison. See More
Katy Wright
· March 31, 2015
I think some of the post are influenced. By personal motives, maybe for friends of theirs or people that they don't like. Come on someone owing. 2 grand and others owe tens of thousands hundred of tho...usand and they are not posted... cuts they are rich and can afford lawyers or ate friends with someone in that office..... just don't understand it. My opinion..... I am sure I will get so blow back for my comment.... See More
Ash Cole
· October 5, 2016
you need to see this video on the person who is coming into your court and making a mockery of you and the system the video is public go check it out the case is scheduled for 10/6/2016 at 9:00
Jamie Christine
· October 24, 2014
The hard work and dedication of the staff all around is outstanding. Obtaining justice, providing information and bettering the community certainly goes above and beyond.
Cheriese Foster
· August 6, 2016
My mother never told me I owed child support until I was 42 years old. I had my daughter at age 17 and I needed help taking care of her because I was an addict.. I've been clean for 3 years .. I pay $...45 month. I'm tryin to make things right... Some ppl are trying to correct their mistakes See More
FREE Women's Self-Defense class at Copley High School
Great information as Prosecutor Walsh helps seniors stay safe at the Lawton Street Community Center

Come join us at the 1590 WAKR Valentine's Day senior luncheon. We have lots of great safety information and giveaways. Stop by and say hi.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, indoor

Join us this Thursday evening at Bissell Elementary in Twinsburg for our FREE Women's Self-Defense class. We have a lot of fun - plus learn potentially life-saving information. Please share - and bring a friend!!!

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Summit County Prosecutor's Office

Our first FREE Women's Self-Defense class of 2018 is coming up. Three weeks from today we'll be in Twinsburg at Samuel Bissell Elementary School on Glenwood Join us to learn vital and potentially life-saving information and techniques to get away from an attacker. And bring a friend!!

See More

Thank you to the University of Akron retirees for inviting Prosecutor Walsh to speak at their monthly meeting. Wonderful conversation and discussion about staying safe.

The Summit County Prosecutor's Office has started a new monthly project to give insight into what it's like to be a prosecutor and why we do what we do. It's called Why I'm A Prosecutor. Assistant Prosecutor Pete Daly talks about why being a prosecutor is so important.

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We're one week away from our next FREE Women's Self-Defense class. Come join us for vital and potentially life-saving information. Share this post - and bring a friend!

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Summit County Prosecutor's Office

Our first FREE Women's Self-Defense class of 2018 is coming up. Three weeks from today we'll be in Twinsburg at Samuel Bissell Elementary School on Glenwood Join us to learn vital and potentially life-saving information and techniques to get away from an attacker. And bring a friend!!

See More

The Summit County Prosecutor's Office has started a new monthly project to give insight into what it's like to be a prosecutor and why we do what we do. It's called Why I'm A Prosecutor. Assistant Prosecutor Angela Walls-Alexander talks about why being a prosecutor is so personal to her.

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Congratulations to Scarlett Bibey of Schrop Intermediate School. Her poster won 1st place in the peer pressure category in our annual Safety Kids Calendar contest and is now on a billboard on Cleveland Avenue south of Samuel near Mogadore. Way to go Scarlett!!!

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Time for our monthly newsletter. In the February edition, learn about our new Community Outreach Division, this month's TOP COPS, and Why I'm A Prosecutor

Congratulations Nicole!!! We're glad to hear Coach Glover is doing better.

Charles Glover says the role Nicole Fruscella played in helping him during a potentially deadly heart incident was "instrumental to my being here. I’m happy I’m still working and happy I can keep doing what I love.”

TWINSBURG — A Tiger junior and lifeguard at the Twinsburg Fitness Center was recognized as one of the high school's “Top Tigers” late

Scams come in all shapes and sizes. You can look for love, just don't get taken to the cleaners!

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FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

Don't fall victim to romance scams. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), these types of scams result in the highest amount of financial losses to victims compared to other online crimes. Complaints can be filed at

Our first FREE Women's Self-Defense class of 2018 is coming up. Three weeks from today we'll be in Twinsburg at Samuel Bissell Elementary School on Glenwood Drive. Join us to learn vital and potentially life-saving information and techniques to get away from an attacker. And bring a friend!!

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The first two of our Safety Kids Calendar posters are up on billboards throughout Summit County. The one on the left is by our grand prize winner Jaylee Greenwell from Springfield Junior High School. The billboard is in Mogadore on Route 224 (Akron Canfield Road) and South Cleveland Avenue (Rte 532). Jaylee's poster is also on the front of our 2018 calendar. The poster on the right is by Adelynn Frisbee from Schrop Intermediate School. Her billboard is also in Mogadore on South Cleveland Avenue (Rte 532) at Samuel Road. Both tell kids to stay away from alcohol. Congratulations to both Jaylee and Adelynn. And keep an eye out throughout the year for our other winners.

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A Summit County grand jury just indicted an Ohio man after his tree trimming company botched a tree removal and seriously injured an 82-year-old man. Cory Howard had people going door-to-door soliciting for business. He used several aliases and forged documents. If you have had any interaction with Mr. Howard or his businesses, please contact our office.

There are many legitimate businesses which solicit door-to-door, but be cautious if someone comes knocking with a great dea...l and pressure you into hiring them.
Make sure you get proper ID and references. Get estimates from at least three different companies and check with the Better Business Bureau.

Ohio Man Indicted in Connection with Botched Tree Removal
Sagamore Hills Man Seriously Injured When Tree Fell on House

AKRON, Ohio (Wednesday, January 24, 2018) – Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh announced today that a Summit County Grand Jury indicted Cory Howard, 27, of Springfield, Ohio, in connection with debris removal caused by severe weather this past November.

Howard was indicted on the following charges:

• Theft from a Person in a Protected Class– a felony of the 4th degree
• Forgery – a felony of the 4th degree
• Falsification – a misdemeanor of the 1st degree
• Obstruction of Official Business – a misdemeanor of the 2nd degree
• Operating Without a County Vendors License – a minor misdemeanor

On November 19, 2017, emergency crews were called to 8084 Rolling Brook Road in Sagamore Hills after a tree fell on the home, injuring the owner, 82-year-old George Homa. Sagamore Hills Police determined Mr. Homa hired Alternative Property Maintenance to clean up debris following a strong storm which hit the area. During the process of removing the debris, workers with Alternative Property Maintenance were cutting down a tree when it fell on the home and trapped Mr. Homa. Mr. Homa suffered significant injuries and was taken by LifeFlight to a nearby hospital. Mr. Homa is currently in a rehabilitation facility recovering from those injuries. His home remains uninhabitable.

A follow-up investigation by the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office discovered Cory Howard is the owner of Alternative Property Maintenance, aka Alternative Tree Care and All-American Tree Specialists. Further investigation shows none of these businesses are registered with the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office. Additionally, Mr. Howard did not register with the Summit County Office of Consumer Affairs, which is required to door-to-door solicitations in Summit County.

The Summit County Prosecutor’s Office encourages anyone who has had any interaction with Mr. Howard or his businesses to contact our office at 330.643.2800.

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Former Akron Fire Department Union Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Stealing From Fund

AKRON, Ohio (Tuesday, January 30, 2018) – Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh announced today that Joseph Ruhlin, 41, of Leeman Drive in Akron, pled guilty to stealing nearly half-a-million dollars from the Department’s Union.

Ruhlin pled guilty to the following charges:


• Theft in Office – a felony of the 3rd degree
• Tampering with Records – a felony of the 3rd degree

Ruhlin was the Akron Fire Department’s Union Local 330 treasurer from January of 2011 to March of 2017. During that time, Ruhlin stole around $500,000 dollars from the union’s fund. Ruhlin fled to North Carolina where he was eventually arrested.

A restitution hearing is scheduled for March 13, 2018 at 1pm. Summit County Common Pleas Court Judge Alison Breaux is scheduled to sentence Ruhlin immediately following the restitution hearing.

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We are so proud to have Avery in our office. He does such wonderful work and is very intuitive. At this weekend's event, without any prompting, Avery went to one person and wouldn't leave their side. We later found out that person was having a very difficult time. It is absolutely incredible what Avery can do!

Avery II added 6 new photos — with James Pollack at Akron-Summit County Public Library.

My weekend was great but very busy. I spent time at the annual human trafficking event sponsored by the Collaborative Against Human Trafficking - Summit County chapter. It was awesome meeting everyone.