Are you parenting on the same page?

Minor differences in parenting style are okay. But children get confused when there are major differences. Here are five ways to work effectively and get the best possible results.

Afraid of success? Try this.

So many of us fear failure—which, of course, makes sense. Even though failure is a vital teacher, falling on our faces can feel humiliating, demoralizing and
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Sean Bethea
· February 18, 2017
Daniel Abzug is a great counselor who listens to everything I had to say when I first started and has been on point ever since I have been going there.He has really helped me threw my problems.I stand... by him 110% See More
Grace Thompson
· March 23, 2016
Laura is a kind, caring and qualified counselor who has worked in a variety of mental health settings including psychiatric rehab and with at-risk youth/adolescents
Sonia Sehgal
· March 24, 2016
I highly recommend working with Laura at Sun Point. She has experience working with teenagers and adults with a variety of mental health diagnoses.
John Malcom
· April 10, 2017
Outstanding group of helpful professionals. Highly recommended!
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Virtual Office Tour - Sun Point at Silver Spring, MD 20910

How do we maintain optimism in troubled times?

Having a bad day or a bad season? Check out these media links.

Who is most likely to cheat?

Men and women cheat on their partners for different reasons, research finds.

How did you grow up?

The roles that Dr. Napier refers to have to do with the functions that were assigned to us in our families, usually by our parents when we were very young, sometimes...

Can you quit social media?

Psychologists tested the effect of a week-long break from Facebook on people's mental health. Here's what they found.

Want to make family get-togethers a little easier this holiday season?

Getting together with family over the holidays can be difficult for some people. Steps can be taken to make the time a little easier.

Your brain: breaking news.

In a surprising discovery, University of Iowa neuroscientists find that deep brain stimulation of a brain area responsible for movement improves cognitive function.

Are you posting this kind of image on social media?

Posting this type of image online linked to depression.

Love your dog? Man's best friend can improve mental health.

Dog therapy may make the world a better place, one lick at a time.

Want to resist temptation? Try this.

There are two states of mind we can be in when it comes to temptation: zooming in and fantasizing about the rush, or zooming out and seeing the broader picture

Want to conquer the world? Here's how.

Change is inevitable. The step-wise process of change can be mastered to help you make the needed changes to your life and to accomplish desired goals.

Understanding narcissists.

Narcissus and Echo were tragic Greek characters in a story told by the Roman poet Ovid in Metamorphoses. This poignant myth crystallizes the tragic problem of

Holiday stress? Here's how to get through the season.

All families have their squabbles and tensions but when your family of origin is toxic and dysfunctional, the holidays are really hard. But you're not powerless.

Will your relationship last? Here are three tests to find out.

To know whether your relationship will last, think more deeply about time.