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Bryan Stekovich
· January 13, 2016
Love it here! the app process is painless, everyone is so nice and the townhome is huge and really nice & modern too
Julie Alequin
August 1, 2014
I love Sunpointe Townhomes!! The Townhomes have lots of space for the price and they are pet friendly. Not to mention the maintenance staff is always on top of it:) when ever you walk in the leasing office the staff always has a smiling face.
Michelle Lyons
· January 9, 2014
Way to expensive and not a good area. Property manager nice at first but will squeeze every penney from you she can get. No stairs off of the back deck so there is only one way in and one way out. Unless you count the crazy fire escape on the basement level.
Ashley Lynn
· July 8, 2016
At first this community seems amazing. No breed restrictions (a huge plus) for dogs, a gym, dog park ect... This place is everything but. First, if you have kid...s do not move here. There is nothing for kids to do around here, you are told not to have basketball hoops, blow up pools ect. If this was the only issue I would be fine. The children of this neighborhood are another story. We have had to call the cops multiple times due to kids roaming free, taking things from your property and walking in and out of your garage without their parents being there to watch them. At first there was no issue, then our neighbors child, and ours were put in danger from another tenants child, the parent no where to be found. I was then harassed by the tenants after telling their son to leave my property which we have a right to. Cops were called and we were told to put in cameras for our safety. We were told this was a friendly community, and now we are forced to look into moving due to the danger my children are in, and possibly having to go to court for harassment. I highly recommend you do not move in here, and do not look. See More
Deana Turner
· May 27, 2014
Great location between Harrisburg & Hershey!!!
Raza Muzzffer
· November 3, 2015
TERRIBLE STAY AWAY, no place to play for kids, took them 5 years to make a TINY gym for the people and then they complain about kids playing on the street since... there's no park. You have your local drug dealers and people are moving in and out WORST OF ALL IS THAT THE BIG WOMENS at the desk IS RACIST she hassles you for every dollar and is gonna burn in hell FOR THAT JUST GREED. Not humble and doesn't know how to take care of customers. They will stress you out with notices and don't care about how long you have been a good coustomer. Once you sign the contract after your lease they ask for even more money. STAY AWAY PLEASE OR BYE BYE See More
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Starting tonight and lasting through tomorrow, weather forecasters predict a snow storm that will impact our local area.
Forecasters warn that we will experience high wind gusts and several inches of snow.
We have already been in contact with our snow removal company and they are prepared for snow removal and road treatment during/throughout and after the storm.
If possible,all vehicles should be removed from the streets. If vehicles NEED to be parked on the street they should be parked with the regular flow of traffic and against the curb as close as possible. This way they can clear a larger area with the plow. ***Vehicles not removed from the street, risk the chance of being plowed in due to amount of snow we are expecting.***
The property staff will be clearing all sidewalks located on the property.
***We ask that if the driveways are shoveled they are not shoveled onto the sidewalks, or into the street.***
Please be patient with our contractors and property staff while they remove the snow so that the area can be treated properly.
If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email the office staff.
Thank you! Stay safe & warm!

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