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Gabrielle Rogers
· February 19, 2018
I have lived in hillside for a year and a half now. I am on the verge of calling an attorney because for MONTHS my air conditioner and bath tub faucet have been broken. I have my 7 year old child in this apartment with me and these people REFUSE to send someone to fix my problems. FINALLY they sent someone to "fix" the tub (it has a faucet now, but still leaks profusely.) My air is STILL broken, It's currently 81 degrees in my apartment, my child doesn't deserve to live in the conditions and neither do I. I pay my rent each and every month and these people act like giving me livable conditions is asking entirely too much. The whole point of renting is that someone is supposed to come fix this crap. If it isn't fixed by tomorrow, I am calling an attorney. I am beyond sick of working my ass off and coming home to a burning up house!!!!!!!!! I've called sunquest twice now, I've talked to the landlords MANY times and nothing has been done. Not to mention this entire complex has been fighting over one washing machine for months because these people do not care enough to fix anything. I have been properly documenting all of this. I am on my last straw! See More
Theresa Hoffman
· February 7, 2018
My son has been given the run around by these people for over a month now I truly am starting to believe it is all a scam they go around charging $25 per person with no intentions of ever renting to t...hem every weary weak excuse that he has done all of the gathering for some reason according to apartment management the company he works for free website will charge them .They have given him time lines three weeks in a row now this weekend See More
Bill Ballard
· December 19, 2017
Slow no maintenance. They had a great maintenance guy here in Sulphur but they overworked him and ran him off now nobody responds to the emergency maintenance line
Annie Alicea
· November 17, 2017
I called to talk with a maintenance supervisor because I have a emergency in my apartment for more than week and nobody fix the problem and the property no answers. They are irresponsible.
Tina Anzalone
· August 22, 2015
Previously a housing inspector, I can report these properties shown above are kept beyond residential codes and appear exceptionally clean and well maintained.