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Susanna Wayt
August 9, 2013
This place is fantastic! David is extremely knowledgeable about recycling, and they take everything! All colors of glass, all types of cardboard, all types of plastics, electronics (only a small fe...e), many other things. They make it very easy, also, with open bins behind for drop offs. A most excellent and wonderful thing for Wheeling, provided by Sunset Recycling Consultants! Check it out!! See More

This Act would greatly raise the insurance premium to a point that those that rarely get flooded would never be able to afford. This would also affect the possibility of selling your house if near one of these zones.

The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act currently includes all properties within floodplains across the country, and it has caused many problems associated with the buying and selling of properties that seldom get flooded and are never destroyed by rising waters.

We would like everyone to know that the signs posted at the facility were not made by me. Everything does get recycled. I am really saddened to have to close the facility but hopefully will be reopening in a new and bigger location in the future. Please take advantage of the other containers that are located around the county.

The Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival will be selling Hot Food( Meatball & Sausage sandwiches, Hotdogs)and beverages(Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Pop and water) We will have some delicious Baked Goods for Sale during the Christmas Parade. We will have some small Souvenirs available for Purchase as well. Please stop by and get your delicious food and treats while helping out the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival continue to offer scholarships to the Ohio Valley Youth.

We will also be selling 50/50 tickets as well. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.00.

We are located on the Market Street side of the McLure Hotel.

We are really saddened to inform the Ohio Valley that effective Nov 1 2013 we will temporarily no longer be open to take items at the facility. The only option we can provide is curbside pickup of paper and glass. We have exhausted all our options.

We do want to thank all those that have brought their items to us.

We are sorry to announce that we can no longer take items being placed into the white containers that are located on the alley side. With this being said the only way we can accept anything is through a curbside pickup. We were told by Ohio County Health Department that the side yard has to be clean of litter. We don't want to close but its looking like it is coming down to it unless we can find other options.

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Effective 10/13/2013 we will no longer be accepting any electronics until we feel that the public can respect the fact that we have to charge for tvs and monitors since we get charged and not just leave without paying. I want everyone to know that best buy can take those items for free up to a certain size.. I had a discussion with Wheeling Fire because of all the electronics just being dropped off. From yesterday evening til tonight we had 10 items just left which cost me... $300 out of our funds to dispose of properly. We cant stay in business when we have to use our funds to cover the cost of items left unpaid for.

Could you please share with your friends and let them know. We will only take paper, plastics, glass. I really feel sorry to have to do this. We will be talking to Wheeling PD to start issuing tickets for littering if caught.

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For all our Moundsville friends we Have a container at the House Of the Carpenter on Jefferson for just Paper & Cardboard.

We also take care of Hilltop Elementary Trailer that takes Plastics and Metals. For anyone wanting to recycle those locally there is that option.

Effective 10/7/2013 we will only be accepting electronics on Thursday-Saturday. The other items will be allowed to be dropped off any time in the containers in the Alley. This is due to our President starting to work 3 days a week at Grand Vue to help with their Maintenance Department...

What is everyone's opinion on this article? They didn't point out the fact that we are a private company that never once have asked any government entities to fund the idea. We have a way to get all items to the various markets which surprisingly is all within an hour and a half of Wheeling.

Ohio County commissioners were asked Tuesday to agree to a recycling program at The Highlands.

We are asking all our friends to please make sure that no tvs are broken before we get them. We had one that had the back off and David ended up having to get 7 stitches in his leg due to a broken tube.

Great event to get rid of old and unneeded medicine. We are proud to do the plastic recycling for this community event.

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Community Impact Coalition

October 26 is the next Rx Take Back day!

FYI: want to clean out your basement or house of unwanted items feel free to call us for a free quote. We will take care of it for you.

We have decided to stop accepting tvs or monitors with tubes in them. We have had like 15 just dropped off without paying and we cant absorb the cost of disposing of them because some people want to get over on people.


We really want to continue to be a part of the Ohio Valley since we are the only all in one recycling center. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

David Seum

Well the presentation didn't go as planned in Charleston. I was about 8 miles from Charleston when the motor seized up on the pickup truck. I am unable to do an...y pickups currently for recycling and currently unsure if able to keep business open with no transportation. I have a few meetings this week to discuss the future of Sunset Recycling Consultants on staying open.

We are looking for any ideas on how to stay open from the public as well.

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