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Shari Winston
· February 8, 2014
Amazing place and people
Ted Koran
· June 13, 2013
Great place. They'll get you what you need and want. :-)

This is my dog JonLuke and he was bit in the face by a snake! After leaving him out for his morning routine he came back in and lay down on the bed and then to my horror I noticed his face was swelling up and he was drooling blood!Unfortunately, I did not see it happen so I don’t know what kind of snake it was, but given we have seen and killed a rattle snake before on our property, I had to act quickly and assume that it was a poisonous snake! I rushed him to my Veterinarian... ( big “Thank you!” to Dr. Collazos at Animal Health Veterinary Clinic) He was given anti-venom and antibiotics and has made a full recovery! Please watch your pets! Due to the cooler nights and warm daylight temps., it is ideal for snakes to be out sunny themselves in early morning or at dusk. Also, remember that snakes can strike at a distance up to 3 times their body length! So you don’t have to even see them! Most likely they will see you first and only strike if cornered or feel threatened. I’ve seen horse’s bit in the face and due to the swelling they could not eat or drink! Most times it is not life threatening but it is extremely painful and tissue damage can cause infection that could cause loss of limb or fatality. So it is important to stay calm but act quickly! Yes, it is possible to do both! God Bless!

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Hello,just wanted to post some important info for pet owners during this stressful time. I have owned horses for most of my life as well as dogs and cats. I've also survived several storms and hurricanes and thank the good Lord so have all my four legged family members. So first I would tell anyone who has to evacuate and can not take their pet with them( we all have family members who are not pet friendly or they all ready have a full house!) anyway, Do not confine your pet a cage or pen! If you have horse's cows or any other farm animals, please do not close them in a barn! It will be more harmful to them if we are hit with high winds and flying debris. Barns can collapse or catch on fire! These are animals that God made to flee from danger! The best thing you can do for them is put halters on horses or ribbons in mane same with making sure your dogs and cats have some sort of identification and then open all doors and gates and let them free! Give them a fighting chance to run from dangerous situations! Believe me they are smarter then we are and when the danger has left you will have a good chance they will be waiting for you at home even if your home is gone at least they won't be! God bless us all!

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When I watch this it takes me back to riding my pony on Fairhill Rd. in PA when I was a young girl. I can remember the sound of his hoofs on the cold hard ground and the cold damp air in my nostrils and I was filled with excitement as we trotted threw the woods to new adventures!

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Posted by Wolf Spirit
Wolf Spirit

This is just magical... It makes you forget about all the problems you might have... Please Like, Share & Leave a Comment below!

Well, it's been a while since my last post. I'm sorry to announce that I will not be reopening the store in the spring as I had hoped. I will still be selling hay and other items from my home here in Weeki Wachee. I will however be having a big yard sale at the shop! There is still a lot of good stuff to look at! I will be annoucing the date on here in next couple days. If you saw something on here or at the shop please contact me before hand and I will be glad to hold it for you! I also want to thank all of those kind people that purchased from me in the past and helped me and my horses eat! Thank you all and God bless you!

Hi Everyone! Just to let my loyal customers know that I wasn't able to reopen store as I had hoped due to some health problems and other matters that took priority and for that I truly apolgize! My plan is to reopen fully again in the fall but for now I am still selling hay. I have both coastal and Tifton hay available. Other quality hays are available upon request. I also deliver both hay and feed for a fee of $15 if you live with in 15 miles of my shop. Please feel free to me and let me know what you need or text me your order and address. I need at least 24 hour notice for all orders. I do not stock feed only hay! I order feed once a week so please let me know before Monday's if you are in need of feed. I can get almost all major brands of feed for all your 2 legged or 4 legged farm friends! I will open store for a summer yard sale in July so stay tuned for date! Lots of good stuff! Also if you want to come and set up a table and join me, the more the merrier! Keep in mind it will be hot! So bring an umbrella and plenty of cool drinks! God bless you all and thanks for your patience!

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When the weather is wacky keep your horse from colic by remembering to give Bran mash or monthly fiber product.

Sunshine Feed & Seed is open and taking orders! Please be patient with us as we grow. If we don't stock what you like, let us know and we'll order it for you! We are here for you and your furry family members! Also, we are working on a special surprise to make things easier for you! Check back to see what it is! Happy hump day all!!!

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