Michael Mooney Inducted in The Hall of Legends

Our co-founder reminds us what we can do to sharpen our own minds by sharing his own remarkable journey.

While discussing the many health benefits of megadoses of niacin last month with Dr. Andrew Saul, we decided it would be helpful to give you an actual case history. Dr. Abram Hoffer probably had thousands of similar case histories, but this one is of particular interest to members of the natural pro...
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Our new label launch!

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Do you think you are getting all of your nutritional needs met by diet alone? Dr. Low Dog speaks here about the importance of a good daily multivitamin to counteract nutritional deficiencies. Our only addition would be that there have been many studies that have shown positive health effects from taking more than the RDV of certain vitamins, but overall she makes some very important points! #nutrition #vitamins #supernutrition

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog talks about the untold story of nutritional deficiencies in the United States.

Interested in how you can keep your heart healthy? Vitamin K2 has been deemed the missing nutrient for heart health. #vitamink2 #hearthealth

Breakthrough study demonstrates that helping bodies to properly utilise calcium allows vitamin K2 to protect arteries and blood vessels, writes Dr Hogne Vik, CEO of NattoPharma ASA

Here at #SuperNutrition we believe that sometimes the best thing you can do for your health is enjoying the beauty around you in the moment, like Bay Area sunset. #itsthelittlethings #wellnesstips

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SimplyOne Heart Smart is powered with Vitamin K2, the missing nutrient that is scientifically proven to support heart health. #HeartSmart #VitaminK2 #HeartHealth

The heart is one of the hardest-working organs in the body. It contracts and relaxes a little more than once per second, providing the blood flow on which every other organ in your body relies. That…

Why do we put 3000 IUs of Vitamin D3 in our SimplyOne formulas? Because it has been scientifically proven to support healthy bones, a healthy heart and even increase lifespan! See how our vitamin D3 levels compare with some of the best brands in the supplement industry here. #vitaminD3 #hearthealth #bonehealth #supernutrition

At Super Nutrition USA there is a very precise science behind how we make our products. We invite you to learn more!

Is your body absorbing calcium correctly? Our director of science and Education, Michael Mooney, is featured in Whole Foods Magazine this month for his expertise on calcium absorption and bone health. #calcium #bonehealth

Bone health is probably one area your customers feel pretty comfortable with. The words calcium and vitamin D appear on labels of everyday food items and brands have been advertising their bone…

We hope everyone is having a nice holiday!

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SuperNutrition Heart Smart is sweetened with the heart-healthy non-sugar sugar, D-ribose. Find out more here:

WholeFoods Magazine is a national, monthly business periodical that informs and educates natural products retailers on dietary supplements, herbs, HBC, homeopathy, and foods.

Our director of science, Michael Mooney, explains how the toxicity of supplemental iron is highly exaggerated. #iron #SuperNutrition

The toxicity of supplemental iron is highly exaggerated.

A new study of 140 kids, ages 4-13 that took 20 mg of zinc with a multivitamin for six months grew 30% more than kids that didn't take zinc. SuperNutrition's Perfect Kids multivitamin provides 20 mg of zinc. #Zinc #SuperNutrition

Supplementing school children with zinc plus a multivitamin may lead to significantly greater height gain, compared to placebo, says a new study from Thailand.