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Three readers take exception to recent guest column by Surrey Board of Trade CEO on light rail
Surrey Board of Trade CEO makes case for light rail in a letter to Mayors’ Council chair Derek Corrigan

Lots of people are selling their homes in Vancouver and moving to Surrey. People who bought condos in 2008 for $600,000-$800,000 are buying condos in Surrey for around $300,000-400,000.. They are happy to find Surrey's wide open spaces, parks, and greenery. For shopping, Guildford Centre offers great variety of merchandise.
Surrey's city centre (downtown) is particularly attractive as it has a Skytrain station,Bus stand, mall,SFU campus,library,City Hall, grocery stores, and banks all at one place. Kwantlen University campus is also coming to City Centre soon. Guildford Centre is just a short drive from City Centre.
No doubt, Surrey is the fastest growing city in British Columbia. With rapid growth, it offers great opportunities for business and employment.

Coming up soon!
KPU campus at Civic Plaza, City Centre, Surrey…

Attention Employers!
Employers in Surrey, Delta, and Langley are welcome to post their jobs at

A huge Project coming up in Whalley, Surrey.…/surrey-council-approves-iconic-hi…

Redevelopment plans for Whalley’s Flamingo Block are moving ahead after city council approved the application Monday night. Council gave third reading to the project described as “innovative” and “…

Surrey's Holland Park is worth a visit

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Workshops for Business by Surrey Board of Trade

To ensure your business or organization stays ahead of the competition and embraces the challenges posed by the local and global marketplace. Investment in developing high-level skills within your workforce is key. Investing in Your Business Through our business workshops, the owner and the employee...

Surrey is growing by the day. See the businesses registered in just one month (Ref. City of Surrey, BC)
"Economic Development Office
City of Surrey
14245 - 56 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3X 3A2" "Business Licenses...

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To justify LRT, City of Surrey talks about LRT in other cities.
This is what happened in cities with LRT:

Scarborough, Ontario: After building safe, dependable Subway- Bloor Street & Young-University lines, they built LRT for Scarborugh(called SRT) in 1985. It was built on raised rails. It connected Kennedy subway station to Scarborough Town Centre. Now they say it has had its run, and after 30 years, it needs to be replaced. After years of "consultations" Toronto has decided to extend subway from Kennedy to Scarborugh Town Centre. The existing "SRT" will be dismantled.

From January 24 to 26, City of Metro held "public consultations". As answer to my question about delay at intersections, I was told that trains will have priority signalling, thus putting the traffic at intersections wait for longer period. My common sense told me that the held over traffic will become heavy.So when train stops that heavy traffic will take a long time to get through the intersection. So where are the time savings? Please read the following article about Edmonton LRT.…/drivers-could-be-stuck-at-lrt-cross…/
It's still time for Surrey to kill this horrible idea of LRT, and go for Skytrain.

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Kev Ho
Surrey needs and deserves a legit SkyTrain system that supports mass transit for Canada's fastest growing city. This is especially the case along Fraser Highway towards Langley! LRT is not the way to go, so much money wasted on more traffic and congestion. Check out and sign the petition at SkyTrain for Surrey - NOT LRT!


I simply don’t understand why the City of Surrey is insisting on LRT instead of Skytrain extension to Langley and Newton. LRT will increase congestion on already congested streets. Skytrain will encourage 1000’s of car drivers to leave their cars. That will increase fare revenue for the Trans-link.
Skytrain saves travel time. The value of time-savings and additional revenue is worth Billions of dollars as the rapid transit system...s last for a long time. Thus

Skytrain system is much cheaper than LRT. Paris and London underground systems
are about 150 years old. Even Toronto is about 50 years old. By reducing the number of cars on the road, the Skytrain will also help the environment
All other cities in Metro have Skytrain systems. Even Broadway-UBC link is being proposed as a Skytrain or Subway line.

Why, and why the Surrey Mayor wants
to build LRT for the citizens of Surrey? What is the logic behind this? The residents of Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam have Skytrain lines. Why should thecitizens of Surrey have LRT, which is much less efficient system than the Skytrain?
I urge people of Surrey to pay attention to this important matter and write to the Mayor of Surrey.

Prof. Kuldip Pelia

Surrey, BC

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No Good survey.
They asked 600 residents about LRT in Surrey. But as you can see under Weighted Sample Characteristics,76% of the respondents use Drive/carpool as their mode of transportation. So the sample was useless as it included only 19% transit users.
Another point to note is that the survey questions were all about LRT. There was no mention of Skytrain or LRT vs Skytrain. As you know, the main issue for rapid transit in Surrey is Skytrain Vs LRT.
So the survey is absolutely irrelevant and misleading.
It is a complete wastage of taxpayers' money.