Of course there's more to tomorrow's episode than loved one's visit. The immunity challenge is a Survivor One World repeat. I don't remember if they got this spiffy name tag treatment though!

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Jeff breaking the news that we are running the challenge as a team. Woohoo!

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Survivor auction tomorrow night. 28 days with nothing but beans, rice and coconuts for me. Sure could use some protein!

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Nine people left - what's going to happen next and why am I pinky swearing with Malcolm in the preview? Tune in tomorrow!

The popular food auction returns and the Three Amigos concoct a lie in attempt to take control of the game on each other on the next episode of Survivor airing Wednesday at 8/7 c. Only CBS

Want to know how I felt about playing with Phillip?
Check out my secret scene!

Sherri has a lot in common with Phillip and hopes to use that to her advantage.

Another intense water challenge for immunity!
Check out the huge sores on my hip bones from the mud challenge. No skin left there!
Slippy slide: 1
Sherri's hips: 0

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Scenes from this week's Survivor Promo...

"And...after 404 Tribal Councils...
This one is the all-time shocker."


You have to tune in Wednesday!

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It's time to get muddy on this week's Survivor!

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Loving the weekly Survivor parties at the Biethman household.

Who's turn is it to bring the balut??

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Classic Survivor challenge coming up this week! Going to be intense.

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Close one but my torch is still lit . New game for Sherri

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Here's a better shot of the artwork Erik painted on my arm for tribal last night. It's my husband's initials. 22 days in and I was missing him.

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Lot of people have been asking me what the grub eating experience was like.

The taste was indescribable, but I'll give it a shot on texture - juicy on the inside, tough as leather on the outside with spiky legs. Oh yeah, and it's moving. When I bit into it popped like a Bratwurst and the juice squirted everywhere. Then I had to chew, chew, chew and try to get it down. When the challenge was up I couldn't get rid of it fast enough.

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Merge Feast - hope it doesn't turn into a diarrhea fest.

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Next time on Survivor... Sherri retches at the food challenge. What do you think I'm trying to eat?

Preview Episode 8 of Survivor: Caramoan. Survivor: Caramoan airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, only on CBS!