We always advise our clients that 'understanding' involves more than just understanding the words.…/99-three-tips-for-testing-di…

One of the things we like to do most is to help organisations communicate clearly. So we do a lot of testing of organisational communications of various kinds such as disclosure documents, fact sheets, labels and the like.

4 tips for better user experience when designing and delivering market research surveys via KNect365 Life Sciences

ENGAGE Research Participants: Tips for a Better User Experience

Just because many of us multitask while watching movies, that doesn’t mean that we can’t pay attention when we have a goal to achieve.

Are you afraid that technology has taught us all to live in fast multi-tasking world so that your customers and stakeholders have ‘the attention span of a goldfish’?

Proper ethnographers pursue a line of enquiry beyond contextual observation and interview. Here's 3 ways they do this:

User-centred design and human centred-design, which are so much in vogue, have championed the use of ethnography. Now management consultancies are

Adopting B.E. principles can actually improve qualitative research, and qualitative research can itself add value to B.E. projects LEARN MORE

Are you considering using qualitative research for strategic positioning, brand development, or customer experience projects? Do you also want to use the insights you have learnt from Behavioural Economics (B.E.) but worry whether B.E. is compatible with qualitative research?

Are we going overboard in customer satisfaction design? This article from Nick Naumof discusses:

From a customer experience management perspective, it makes perfect sense for the shop to strive to give its customers the best possible experience. But, that

Learn 3 Ways Behavioural Economics & Qual Research ca be super effective together:

B.E. and qualitative research can work well together because they share a parent – contemporary social science. B.E. was revolutionary because it applied the same social science to economics that has been used by social-science trained researchers for decades. ‘Everything is relative’, ‘peop...

How to gain attention in 'lean forward' mode' CLICK PIC TO VIEW

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Have you ever hugged #Christmas? How to get more out of #qualitativeresearch

Does it really matter how you conduct qualitative research, as long as you do it right? No not really. There are all sorts of good reasons to use all the current qual methods including ethnography and social media analysis. The real insight comes at the analysis stage by using the right kind of anal...

Finance and behaviour experts complain that gift giving at Christmas should not happen, theoretically, because it's highly irrational. via Psychology Today

What does your gift say about you - what does theirs say about them?

#Sensemaking focuses on the uncertainty in customer journeys, not just the 'pain.' As sense-making researchers, we explore what kind of mental rethinking people have to do to make sense of things. LEARN MORE

Market and social research and cultural insight from Susan Bell Research

We help our clients get back in touch with the humanity of their customers, especially customers who are in difficult or challenging circumstances

Market and social research and cultural insight from Susan Bell Research