A little walk down memory lane! The teaser I created before ANASTASIA'S SECRET was published, complete with actual footage of the grand duchesses dancing on the imperial yacht!

The ebook and paperback are both pretty inexpensive right now, if you haven't read it yet. (Spoiler alert: it's a tear-jerker.)…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Trailer I created before ANASTASIA'S SECRET was published!

Really excellent post by my friend and awesome writer Heather Webb!

I’m a polygamist reader—I have at least three paperbacks going at any one time as well at least one audiobook in progress. It has something to do with my mood. Will it be a dystopian world or sixte…
Sofia playing the balalaika
Spent today riding my bike in the Tour da Bronx (I rode a total of just under 50 miles). Spent yesterday recording this video (if it works...)

It's been a while! The world hasn't changed, unfortunately. And I'm in a difficult rewriting phase, so nothing very glamorous to report on. Just wishing all my friends and readers peace and hope. Do whatever you need to find the light.

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I firmly believe that 90% of writing is craft rather than art. But that ineffable 10%, the part that elevates a well-constructed, readable story to something more—where does that come from? Knowing how is just the beginning On an intellectual level, I know how a story works. I know that the protag...

A lot of this is true, even for writers with day jobs!

  I went on a writing retreat recently. Nothing fancy; this wasn’t one of those places where you’re in a cabin in the mountains and people bring food to your door. This was a low-budget apartment rental with a friend, but it had everything I needed: a kitchen, a gorgeous harbor view, and absolu...

Hah hah! Enjoy!

First Circle (Limbo): Autocorrect Here wander the otherwise virtuous souls who were forced into grievous errors by autocorrect programs. They sit ...

Great tips any writer can use!

Edgar-winner Lippman shares five writing tips, including show up on a regular basis.

Momentous day. Sent to final beta reader, and to my agent. I went through a careful process with this one, thanks to the wonderful Randy Susan Myers and her workshop on revising. So now I've written it down, and I'll stick to it!…/how-do-you-know-wh…/

You know when you're finished when...That's a tough one. We get so close to our manuscripts that we either keep tinkering and tinkering, or think it's all good when it still needs work. Here is my process, for what it's worth.

Yes indeed! Thanks Kate Quinn, author of The Alice Network! Great book. 👍🏻

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Kate Quinn

This is scarily accurate.

Facebook is reminding me that I haven't posted here in a while! It's been quite busy, and I'm reading through the third draft of my WIP on paper, red pen in hand. Some parts I go "ugh," others I go, "hmm. Not as bad as I thought." Still a long way to go.

In the meantime here's the blog post I wrote just after I sent it to beta readers.…/…/truth-and-fiction/

My new manuscript is off to beta readers, and it is the culmination of five years of research and writing, and the collision of truth and fiction even though this one took only 13 weeks to get to this point.

Spoken by a wise and wonderful writer!

Stephanie Dray

My best writer advice: Never get complacent. Hold in your mind the simultaneous beliefs that whatever you've written is worthwhile and unique and wonderful, but also, possibly complete garbage that needs to be fixed. If you can do that, you will go far.

So, this is what it’s like, LOL!

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Kate Quinn

The Seven Stages of Writerly Grief when an author gets her rough draft back from her critique partners. I'd cry if I wasn't laughing so hard. The Winged Pen is ...the genius author of this post, not me, but it's true--all of it. From Stage 1 ("I must suck worse than any writer has ever sucked in the history of the written word. *opens wine* *cries*") to Stage 3 ("YOU’VE GOT IT ALL WRONG. WRONG. And if you weren’t such a troglodyte, you’d totally see that!") to Stage 6 ("What’s that glimmer on the horizon of my grief-stricken chocolate-addled writerly mind? A solution?")

Stephanie Dray, Sophie Perinot, Stephanie Thornton, Aimie Trumbly Runyan, let the record show that I am DEEPLY thankful for all the hours you've put in reading and critiquing this beast of a manuscript. I love you all, even later this week when I am mentally calling you troglodytes.

Holidays and end-of-year chaos is done, and I can finally open up my crit partner notes and dive into the chaotic mess that is my WIP. Gods help me...

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This was an excellent writing craft post. Absolutely spot on.

Please welcome multipublished author Lynne Griffin to Writer Unboxed today! Lynne is the author of the novels Girl Sent Away (SixOneSeven Books), Sea Escape (Simon & Schuster) and Life Without …

What do I do when I've finished a draft? I write, what else!…/on-finishing-a-dra…/

It’s 6:39am. I’m at my laptop in perfect writing position, just as I’ve been every morning since November 1 (that’s 55 days) as I struggled to put together my first draft of this new WIP. I realized at about 2pm yesterday that I’d actually done it. I got from the beginning to the end of my...

I do believe I've finished the first draft of this novel. It's full of holes and probably a mess in many ways, but I've gotten from one end to the other, with just under 80k words. I need to walk away from it for a while, then go at it with a vengeance and whip it into shape. That's the part I really enjoy, so phew!

That moment when you discover a little something that brings together your previous WIP and the new WIP. Magic!