Great person and story to start our 2018 collection of interviews with tourism and sustainability change makers. Jamie Sweeting tells us how Planeterra Foundation works with entrepreneurs and communities, how G Adventures as tour operator makes sure most of the money spent stays in the communities, why transformational travel might well be the next big thing - and much more. Happy reading!

Jamie Sweeting in this interview shares his thoughts on the future of responsible travel - trends, challenges and strategies. He also discusses overtourism and illustrates how Planeterra Foundation helps tourism entrepreneurs and communities to gain access to the growing responsible travel market.

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Happy New Year to all of you. 2018 will be a game-changing year for tourism, and one of thousands of opportunities for those of us dedicated to making this (in most cases) very likeable industry more sustainable.

We are in the midst of a Great Awakening, a Re-Thinking - a Renaissance 2.0. Bold decisions are required to make Tourism great again, and to fix the mess of unchallenged development and business growth at the expense of people and natural environments. But how?

The ...answers are in our over 150 interviews, case studies and invaluable pieces of advice offered by our virtual expert panel. All of which are now FREELY accessible, with no subscription required.

I invite you to seize this opportunity to read up on best practice, to use this treasure chest of stories, data and answers for your work, teaching, community. And if I can ask for one thing in return - spread the word as much and as loud as you can!

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May 2018 be a year of peace and happiness for you and your family.


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Has the 2017 UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development met your expectations? And what do you think needs to happen next? We asked the Sustainability Leaders virtual expert panel last month. Here's what they said. Do you agree?

International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017 World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Review 2017 UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development: expert panel discusses impact of IYST4D and whether it has been successful. Plus thoughts on what should happen next.

Raj Gyawali in this interview tells us how his responsible tour business, Socialtours nepal approaches sustainability, the challenges and opportunities of tourism development in Nepal, and how the initiative helped the mountain destination to recover after the 2015 earthquake.

Raj Gyawali on how his tour business socialtours in Nepal approaches sustainability, responsible tourism development challenges and the NepalNOW campaign.

Why is commitment to sustainability now essential for the competitiveness and reputation of travel businesses?

Frank Oostdam, director and president of the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators ANVR, explains it in this interview:

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"Time" is one of the most crucial factors for sustainable destination strategy success, tells us Carol Gleeson, Manager of the The Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark:…/

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Opposition to migration and cultural diversity: how can this political issue impact the tourism industry?

Gianna Moscardo, Professor at the College of Business, Law and Governance at James Cook University, reflects on the current state of tourism sustainability in Australia:

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The time has come for DMOs to swap their marketing hat with that of sustainability catalysts and facilitators, thinks Jonathon Day, Associate Professor of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Purdue University:

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How are tourism luxury and sustainability starting to connect?

Read this story of Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, an award-winning example of how luxury, all-inclusive tourism experiences and sustainability can go hand in hand. Michael Lutzeyer in this interview takes us on a tour:…/

Grootbos Foundation

Grootbos Nature Reserve Director Michael Lutzeyer explains how the luxury destination in South Africa approaches sustainability through progressive tourism.

How to make gender equality a reality in your business? Tricia Barnett of Equality in Tourism: Creating Change for Women has tips on which questions to ask:

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Our friends at Booking Cares are up to something big this time, offering much needed (and often well deserved) funding specifically for sustainable tourism projects. Deadline is January 7th, so make sure to send in your application soon!

About the new fund:

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Dreaming of transforming the travel industry? We've got some exciting news to share! recently launched the Booking Cares Fund. If you're a changemaker passionate about sustainable tourism, apply for a grant between €100k and €250k to support your dream!

At, we want to make a positive, lasting impression on the global tourism industry.

How did Slovenia and Ljubljana become leaders in tourism sustainability?

Jana Apih of Goodplace in Ljubljana discusses the sustainable tourism strategy of Slovenia and how the country has become a leading sustainable destination.

Jana Apih of GoodPlace in Ljubljana discusses the sustainable tourism strategy of Slovenia and how the country has become a leading sustainable destination.

How to successfully communicate the sustainability efforts of your tourism business?

Dave van Smeerdijk of Asilia Africa shares his experience:…/

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Which topics are underrepresented in Tourism degrees and deserve more attention? Janne J. Liburd of the University of Southern Denmark in her interview shares valuable reflections on trends and challenges in tourism higher education:

European Master in Tourism Management CETT - UB Formació i Recerca en Hoteleria, Turisme i Gastronomia Tourism Management Education

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It’s question time! Do you have a question about tourism and sustainability?

Then this is your moment. We invite you to ask our virtual expert panel, which includes tourism business managers, entrepreneurs and researchers. Learn how it works here:…/

Have a question about tourism and sustainability? Perhaps our virtual expert panel of leading sustainable tourism professionals can help.