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hellooooO! Listen to this one, i made it together with Galantis and Henrik Jonback! Now go get that pillow!

Marry Santa day!

Pillow Fight
Galantis · Pillow Fight
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I wish u all a happy weekend!

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Posted by Melonia

Our new single Darling is finally out there! 🙌💥 Have a listen here:


Om du är Svensk så kan du rösta på Galantis, då röstar du även på mig;)

P3 Guld är P3:s eget musikpris som sammanfattar det gångna svenska musikåret. Vinnarna utses till stor del av svenska folket. Din röst gör skillnad!

Är gäst i senaste avsnittet av musikprodd-podden! En fantastisk podcast av @niklasberglof @jarlyjarly och Magnus Lindberg! Checka den! Finns på iTunes och grejer! 👌🏻😃👍🏻

Is guest in the latest episode of musikprodd-Pod! An Amazing podcast by @niklasberglof @jarlyjarly and Magnus Lindberg! Check it! Available on Itunes and stuff! 👌🏻😃👍🏻
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My bros Miike Snow performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Their new album coming up this Friday! Includes some meddling by yours truly 😉 🎶👌🏼🎹

Miike Snow Performs "Genghis Khan" on Jimmy Kimmel Live Deleted Scene from "Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel -

Dont miss this masterpiece by Sophia Somajo! Produced by Per Eklund and myself! 👌🏼🎶

Video - Direction/Edit/AD by: Sophia Somajo Photography/Lighting by: Simon Rudholm (Studio Surdeg) Music - Written/Performed by: Sophia Somajo (Sony ATV Scan...
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Svidden on Instagram: “Had a blast at the Grammys this year! Didn’t win but I’m so grateful for...
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Hey ho peeps in da hood!
Got a new remix for ya!
Made together with my bratha from anotha motha Jarly.


Runaway (U & I) - Svidden & Jarly Remix
Galantis · Runaway (U & I) [Svidden & Jarly Remix]
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Style of Eye is with Christian Karlsson and 2 others.


I´m extremely excited to present ”Footprints”, an album made from a new beginning.

4 years ago I faced a lot of critical choices in my life. I was off from a long period of touring on my first album and I had no sense of direction. Today, I know that I was afraid of what others thought of me while holding on to ideas that only a broken mind would create. I was obsessed by the belief that there was a perfect song to be made and a perfect way of compiling all ideas into one album. My thoughts became poisonous and I crashed head-to-head within myself. So I gave up fighting my ego and finally faced my true self. I learned and I lived and slowly I began to heal and to hear the music again.

Through this process I’ve worked alongside some unbelievably wise and inspiring people, and developed strong friendships as a result.

So Thank You Thank You Thank You:

to Jimmy ”Svidden” Koitzsch & Joakim ”Jarly” Jarl (without you this would not have been happening at all !!), Sophia ”Soso” Somajo & Klaun, Sirena & Patrik Berggren, Noonie Bao, Sharks, Michel Zitron, John Martin, Laleh, Lars Allertz, Elliphant, Emma Koitzsch, Asalto, Manotett, Tom Staar, Sal, Broke & Tipsy & Anna Ståhl, Bessem, Adam Olenius, Manotett, Simon Yemane & Grizzly, and the BEST team in the world are at and around my management; Steph & Paula & Kelly and everyone at Little Empire Music, Ed Shapiro, Martin Dodd & MXM, Johan & Carolina & Kobalt, Helen, Mark, Bjorn, Johanna, Jens, Suz and everyone at Sony Music Sweden, David Waxman & Ultra Music, Emil, Markus, Steph, Unn and everyone at Blixten, Dan Roy Carter, Johan Von Arnold,Vincent Pontare, Fredrik Skogkvist, Jonas Wikström, Marcus Grindebäck. To my family and friends, there´s nothing without you. To all the dj´s, blogs and radiostations supporting my music, big love.

A very special shout to my dear friend and endless ”inspirator” and Galantis-enabler; Christian ”Bloodshy” Karlsson.

I love you all

S x O x E

Listen here:

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Galantis Time!

I'v been working very closely with these two gentlemen for about 2 years now.

This is a teaser for their upcoming release "Runaway (U&I)"...
Co-Produced by yours truly=)

Go check out their past release "Galantis EP" as well, cuz i co-produced the shit out of those songs to^^…/da-premiere-galantis-run…/

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Galantis haven't gone anywhere since implanting themselves upon an electronic music landscape in which they filled a giant void. That void being sweeping melodies and enchanting tones that are relatable to an audience with tendencies to [...]

Style Of Eye's latest album, fresh from the owen.

All of it Co-Produced, and a lot of it written, by me.

If you look close enough you can find a Svidden feature on there;)

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Four years in the making, Style of Eye’s second artist album Footprints is finally primed to show its face in the final quarter of 2014. 12-tracks strong and boasting one of the most versatile displays of the Galantis cohort's big room [...]

Hehehehey facebookers!
Im alive!!!
1.5 years since i posted here last time, shame upon me and my house!

I'v been writing and producing like a mofo for a bunch of other people the past 2 years. Never struck me that i could post those releases here. So let the era of me being retarded "end here"!...
I will post the shit out of this facebook wall thing stuff.

I have also accumulated a lot of Svidden tracks,
but more on that later on;)

Let the posting begiiiin!

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Hey guys!
Long time no post.

I know my attendance here on Facebook is...well, bad. But thats because I'm bissy (read: old) and cant keep up with all this social media mumbo jumbo


BUT recently i'v started to use "Vine".
So if you want to se 6sec video loops of me doing shit and stuff or whatever etcetra, follow me on Vine.
Search for Svidden.
Or just follow me on twitter and se the vids through there.

Thats it for now.


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Oh and in case you missed it my twitter is: @svidden