True #KarmaYoga
(Part 4)

So, we can see that actions done with ego and and ego-centric desires bind man. When actions are performed with the understanding that the Lord is the Governor of all actions (Karma adhyaksa) and the Giver of all results (Karma phaladaataa), the mind becomes purified since the vasanas are exhausted and such a mind hastens the path to Liberation. This attitude of surrender to the Lord whilst performing actions (svararpana buddhi) ...and cheerful acceptance of results gained (prasaada buddhi) is called Karma Yoga.


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True #KarmaYoga
(Part 3)

The Attitude of Surrender


In order to renounce this feeling that “I alone am the doer,” the attitude of dedication to the Lord is advised. Now, how can one surrender all their actions to the Higher? This doubt is answered as follows:

The Lord is the wielder of the threefold powers of knowledge, desire and action (jnana sakti, iccha sakti and kriya sakti).

The individual cannot have any might or right apart from the Total. The part cannot exist apart from the whole. Hence, from the Lord alone we get the capacity to desire, to know and to act. Before acting if we keep this in mind, then apart from Him how can we have any sense of doership? He alone acts through us. Renunciation of this false ego is known as the attitude of surrender to the Lord. In the same way, since all results are in accordance with the Laws of the Lord, they are the Lord’s gift to us (prasaada). The sweets offered to the Lord in the temple are ingested only after offering as prasaada. The result of all actions should be received with the same attitude. We do not insist on a particular prasaada, nor do we haggle over the quantity. Whatever is received is shared with others ungrudgingly, only then do we partake of it. The attitude is one of cheerful acceptance. Such an attitude frees us from our likes and dislikes, making the mind pure. Such a pure mind is capable of gaining Self-Knowledge; it is an aid to liberation.

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