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Aug 25 - Aug 26Le Zéphyr - ChâteaugironChâteaugiron, France
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My friend from across the pond Wayne Christensen has this brand new NPR music show called "All Over The Map" being aired today (2:00pm Colorado time, meaning 8:00pm GMT, 9:00pm in France). Hint : expect some Sweet Gum Tree and Marty Willson-Piper, many surprises and unknown treasures. You may listen to it anywhere in the world on , I certainly will. Congratulations to Wayne, who once again proved it's never too late for first times and new experiences !


Plongée dans mon intimité, sur le blog de La vie en rousse et pour la bonne cause, où il est question de ma vie de "sale rouquin"

Diving in my privacy, on the blog of @[206562876467307:274:La vie en rousse] and for the good cause, where it's about my life of "Dirty Ginger" ;-) #gingerlove
En 2014, Arno Sojo du groupe Sweet Gum Tree, interprétait "Redhead". Une chanson écrite par un roux et pour les roux ! Découvrez son témoignage !

Unusually urban (coming from me) but appropriately dynamic (especially on a Monday), here's the brand new video for the bass-driven and motorik "Guilt Trip". It's the third excerpt from my recent LP "Sustain The Illusion", and the last before predictable hibernation. Enjoy !

Taken from the LP "Sustain The Illusion", available on CD/LP/DL (Plastic Head/The Orchard). Official store : Amazon UK : ht...

Yes, this is Sweet Gum Tree's first magazine cover, and longest feature ever ! An in-depth interview with several exclusive anecdotes... Many thanks to Guitar Quarterly Magazine / 4:52am (issue #58), and Fred Lombard & Christophe Crénel whose photographic work is largely featured here :

“4.52am Issue: 058 9th November 2017 The Sweet Gum Tree Issue @SweetGumTree @PlugginBaby @rain @ahcabbage @serenadethestars @TheLovelyEggs @thebeatles @10ccWorld @mcflymusic @SpaceBand @petitemeller”

Love, Love, Love Sweet Gum Tree - check this First Look feature from Jammerzine : (Thanks Ryan!) xx

Sweet Gum Tree’s first and heavily supported album by the likes of Mojo, Uncut and The Line Of Best Fit, came to fruition with the help of many prestigious collaborators such as Isobel Campbell-Belle...
Art rock band Sweet Gum Tree recently released their latest music video for "The Gift," taken from their newest record Sustain The Illusion.

"One of the best albums we have heard this year"... Many thanks to Guitar Quarterly Magazine for the kind words !

This week's 4.52am, with: Daughter Guitar Lessons for Clapton and Cream A New Song from Morrissey The Brilliant Lee Ranaldo The Fantast Read more about album, guitarists, ranaldo, fats, domino and morrissey.

Merci Le Chabada - Angers (club et salle de concerts) pour cette sympathique accolade. Angevins, angevines, on n'oublie pas son Equipe Désespoir 2017 ! Surtout, on soutient son disquaire local, et la petite fée du microsillon à Angers Exit Music For A Drink, qui recèle la maudite galette du beautiful loser. Allez hop, tournée générale de Cointreau !

Arno Sojo, l’angelot bouclé qui se cache derrière Sweet Gum Tree, évolue discrètement mais sûrement dans le paysage musical angevin depuis le début de la décennie. A vrai dire, sa pop folk a même souvent eu davantage d’échos dans les pays anglo-saxons que dans sa propre ville. Ne manquez donc pas l’...

Such a treat ! Many thanks to Pete Ring and Pluggin' Baby !

With the single, The Gift, still ringing entrancingly in ears we thought we should catch up with the album it comes from and lures attention to. Sustain The Illusion is the second album from Sweet …

I guess the smile on my face says it all. Thanks to Christophe Goffette, Elise Douylliez, Raymond Weatherill and all for an unforgettable evening. Music matters, music prevails !

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Christophe Goffette is with Arno Sojo.

Time to share the new colourful video, matching today's release of "The Gift" as a single. Previously unreleased footage from a Brighton gig floats along nicely to the song, defying the laws of synch, but underlining its psych qualities. Play loud and take the long trip, as Ruth O'Mahony Brady's Philicorda outro can be enjoyed here in full. You might catch glimpses of Elise Douylliez, who actually played the violin on this track, and former bandmates Alina Baba, Def Marty and Simon Bernier. Dima Tsypkin didn't make the cut for lack of cello on this tune, but he isn't far from our thoughts !

Taken from the new LP "Sustain The Illusion", available on CD/LP/DL (Plastic Head/The Orchard). Official store : Amazon UK ...

Great review of Sweet Gum Tree's new single "The Gift", courtesy of Pete Ring .

To reinforce the already successful release and temptation of latest album Sustain The Illusion, French project Sweet Gum Tree have another magnetic slice of melodic seduction poised in the shape o…

A little Paris gig update : Sweet Gum Tree now performs at 8.15 pm on 30.09.17 . Then I'll be lucky enough to back up Immaculate Fools on a couple of tunes, can't wait !

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1er w.e. Brazil/Crossroads to 1er w.e. Brazil-Crossroads

Les horaires de passage pour les concerts de notre petit w.e. ont un peu bougé (démarrage plus tôt)… Voici un planning quasi-définitif (ne manque plus que l'annonce de la rencontre ciné du vendredi après-midi)