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Kathy Mallory
· July 31, 2017
It's not the size of the crowd, it's not the location, it's not the decor, hell, it's not even the venue. It's the fans! And after last nights gig at Sweet Lu's I'd have to say that the Cere's fans ar...e among the best! The Albino Crowe band felt the 'love' and we'd like to think we gave some back! Well done Sweet Lu's....well done indeed! Looking forward to next Saturday's gig!:)~ Drummer Ronnie See More
Lissa Everett
· May 28, 2017
Having lived in San Francisco for the past 14 years and being in the music scene, I can honestly say Sweet Lu's is one of my favorite watering holes! I went last night and was pleasantly surprised by ...all the genuinely sweet people I encountered... especially the bartenders! I feel like such an asshat for not getting their names but the 2 Stoli and Tonics they hooked me up with was nothing short of kick @$$! And even though there was a decent country music band playing while my aunt and I shot a couple rounds of pool, we were able to actually hold a conversation without having to scream at the top of our friggin lungs! Something that is almost pretty much unheard of in The City! Lol! But ya know, all in all, at the end of the night, I had a really great time :) the owners are awesome people with a killer sense of humor, the bartenders were not only hott eye candy but knew how to make a solid drink and I was able to play 2 rounds of pool without someone acting like a douchebag! Lol! Now that I live here I have a feeling I'll be frequenting this establishment a bit more often � See More
Shelly Lopes Mota
· May 14, 2017
Sweet Lu's used to pack them in and it was a great time. Totally different experience this time. The band was amazing but only had about 20 people to play for. The drinks were overpriced and watere...d down. Watched a few people walk in, look around and leave. We would have done the same thing but were there to hear friends play so we stuck around. See More
Michael Mick Neuner
· February 27, 2017
We go to watch my buddy who plays in several bands there not because of the service. You have to pay cash no debit unless u use the machine that's there to get cash out first. Place is dirty tables un...cleared smells dirty as well way to many friends of the the help there See More
Julia Ann Marie Madden
· November 4, 2016
I literally stood at the bar alone (with no one else within 20 feet of me) for 10 minutes and was not asked once if I had been helped or asked what drink I'd like while both bartenders walked by at le...ast a dozen times a piece each seeing that I had no drink in my hand and rolling their eyes as I tried to as politely for a beer.... but as soon as a man walked up to the bar they received service right away. This place has gone down the drain with the new "management" and "bartenders" I will never go here again and I will advise everyone I know to take their business elsewhere. See More
Mark Bronson
· February 27, 2017
Always a great place to unwind and let your hair down. Great and friendly staff. Great entertainment, especially when my boy Greg scudder and the beer 30 take the stage!along with many other great ban...d's. Definitely a good place to meet new friend's or even a nice country girl or country boy if you're a woman lol... And if you enjoy dancing you'll be in heaven! There are many very talented dancers that absolutely get down on the dance floor.

So, get a baby sitter or whatever you have to do and check this place out if you've never been there. You'll love it too!
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Nick McLain
· February 20, 2017
This place is far too small for sound system they're using. My friends and I had to put our mouth near ears and yell for us to hear each other.

My whole experience was a bit pricey. To get in and get... 2 drinks, I was $50 down and it was only the first hour.

Security was also a little lax. I saw 2 guys and only one responded to people pushing and punching each other on the dance floor. Thankfully there was some major peer policing from others in the crowd, otherwise security would've gone down.

Too loud, too expensive and didn't feel safe. Not my scene.
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Jasmine Ables
· October 22, 2015
Love this place, don't get down there as often since I cut back on my drinking but still love it and get down there once in a while. Love the bartenders...Sabrina is awesome, and quick to listen as as she has the time. See More
Alejandro Sparky
· August 12, 2016
The owner Carey Martinez is the best, great customer service he knows his people. Family ran bar which creates a great environment to invite my family and friends to have a guarantee good time
Lori Farris
· February 21, 2017
I went for the Rockabilly Riot. They had friendly service. I didn't have to wait long for a drink. I hope they have more traveling bands. The Delta Bombers, The Brain's and The Legendary Shack Shavers... were great. There's a nice cool spot in the back with pool tables too. See More
Sharkyandmellas Joiner
· July 27, 2017
Always a fun time! Great atmosphere. The drinks are cold and served with a smile! Stop on by parking entrance is on 5th St During the downtown construction.
Andrea Cahoon
· October 16, 2016
Fun, good music and great people. I always see a random crowd of people. You can meet someone new every time or see the regulars.
Jacob Barnett
· February 6, 2017
I had a great time. Other than being over charged for my drinks (one of the girls seemed to pull random numbers out of her head) and not getting my change, I enjoyed the atmosphere, and music. A snack... machine would be nice. See More
Buck Steiner
· April 9, 2017
I had a great time there yesterday night. The people there were very friendly and the bar tender was excellent. Love the band. I have recommend this place to everyone I talk to.
Kamie Beavers
· January 9, 2017
I'm a fan of any place with live, local bands! I've been wanting to check this place out for a while and finally did. I was not disappointed!
Juan Nunez
· March 3, 2017
Horrible music on a Friday night and the most expensive domestic beer in town! Won't ever come back! Bartenders ignored me for almost 10 minutes. Crowd not as before, not a wonder. Going to Hot Rod's intead.
Debra Mason
· September 26, 2015
I like this place & would come more often if the music wasn't so loud. I feel alone in a crowd as I am unable to talk to my friends no matter how loud we yell! Horrible ability to interact with other humans!
Dawn Gee
· November 14, 2016
First time there, had a wonderful time. Not overcrowded, plenty of room on the dance floor, drinks were wonderful, live band was great! Will be returning again
IPlay WithSticks
· February 23, 2017
Great venue to hang-out with the locals, grab a great drink from the best bartenders in Ceres, and some great country rock bands. Mike Ely & Unwound love Ceres BEST music venue!
Becca Piceno
· October 2, 2015
I Always have fun where with is not usually my thing but they mix it up and the atmosphere is always friendly and thats comforting.