Swimming Under Clouds - October 2010 Trailer

Our friends at Wolpertinger Games just released their new title for XBLIG. Help support a local indie (who have also been lending us a hand with Swimming Under Clouds).

Go on a pooping spree as a vengeful, fat pigeon! This twin-stick poop'em up comes with a big load of famous pristine landmarks, a hot pile of squishy trophie...

A quick little sneak peak of our new enemies. Click through for the animation.


Here's Mikaël in a recent interview with RobotGeek.

Way back in October when Dan and I went to Earl’s Court for the Eurogamer Expo, one game that caught my eye amongst the spectrum of titles there was the ambient yet addictive Swimming Under Clouds, a Physics platformer from indie group “Piece of Pie Studios”, founded in 2008 by ex Sony/Havok/EA

The podcast is now online and can be downloaded here.

Emissions audio et vidéo (disponibles en podcast) consacrées aux jeux vidéo : décryptage de l'actualité, histoire, débats, critiques de jeux, ...

For our French fans, Mikaël will be participating tonight in the SynopsLive podcast and talking about the game, among other industry topics. The show also features our friends from Swing Swing Submarine. The live broadcast starts at 21:00 CEST.

Congratulations to our friends Mimimi Productions and Reality Twist for the release of the acclaimed iOS game daWindci. It features music and sounds from our own Filippo Beck Peccoz, and a small guest appearance by Swimming Under Clouds’ little hero, Bubbles! Please check it out.

In daWindci you become the captain of a hot air balloon and a weather god! By using finger gestures that are painted on the touch screen of the iPad, you’ll be creating breathtaking winds, hurricanes or produce impressive lightning and push your hot air balloon to the desired location. Many challe

OK let's try something new today, a conversation! We've internally been discussing how relevant a story is to a game and platformers in particular. In our particular case, Mikaël has crafted a nice little story to tell, which not only drives the progression of the game, but in my opinion ties the whole game together.Some artwork for the intro by Clément (More info on him coming soon!)Some artwork for the intro by Cl...ément (More info on him coming soon!)


Traditionally however, 2D platformers have very weak and secondary storylines (save for a few some notable exceptions).


We’re also very aware that not everyone cares about story in a game. We’ve been working out the best ways to weave the narrative in the game without frustrating the gamers that are only interested in gameplay (obvious things like skippable sequences). But in our view, the story is important to the game, and it is something we want to the player to experience.


We have many thoughts on the matter, but we’re interested in hearing your views. Is story important to you? Does it matter to you in a platformer? What are the implementations you find particular annoying?

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Be sure to check out the latest photos from the Swimming Under Clouds team!!

Swimming Under Clouds created a poll.

How often should Yacine wear his ninja suit?

If you own this iPad, you need to buy this game.

Within the next 24 hours everyone will finally be able to feast their eyes on Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. This game is the richest and most compelling experience I’ve had on my iPad to date. I’ll talk more about what makes this game special for me, but there’s something else I’d like to po

This is a photo of Yacine working on Swimming Under Clouds in his ninja suit!

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Good news: All the levels now load on the PS3. Bad news: some only run at 15-20fps. Time to dig out my ninja coding suit. - Yac

Filippo recording water sound effects for the game.

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Meet Filippo, our awesome music composer for Swimming Under Clouds.

Video Game Music Composer Filippo Beck Peccoz interviewed by Sarah March in EM February 2011 Issue
Swimming Under Clouds added a new photo to the album: On-site with PoP...

Yacine here. This is one of the goodie trophies I took back from the GDC. I wonder where this fits onto our fish. - Can you guess what it is?

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