Good job Kris von Mach. We're still up there.

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Congratulations to the top 10 most reliable hosting provider sites in November 2017:

2. Swishmail
3. vXtream Ltd...
4. Hyve Managed Hosting
5. pair Networks
6. Bigstep
7. Netcetera
8. CWCS Managed Hosting
9. New York Internet (

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The DDOS attacks have subsided. However, our technical staff is still investigating the matter to find out any information we can gather. Services have returned to normal. If you have my questions, please email support. Thank you for your patience.

My sincerest apologies. Our technical staff worked around the clock to isolate the issue, however, the DDOS attacks seems to be targeting us using a different DDOS method. We are continuing to work with our upstream provider for assistance. I will update our FB page as soon as I have more information. Thank you for your patience.

We have made Garibaldi server accessible by second ip, you can access it by using:

until we can figure things out with our upstream providers.


You can access webmail/imap/pop3/smtp using:

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Swishmail staff is currently researching with our connectivity providers to figure out the bandwidth situation.

We believe there is an organization targeting us with a DOS attack. We will update you shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Lochley's disk check is complete. All services are working as intended. Thank you for your patience.

All servers have completed power checks and service have returned to normal with the exception of Lochley which is being disk scanned as we speak.

Our colocation facility is still in the process of checking power lines to make sure all circuits are running smoothly. All clients may experience sporadic interruptions during this time. Please standby.

All disk checks are complete and satisfactory. All servers have been brought back online successful with no loss of data. Swishmail team thanks you for your patience.

The power redistribution maintenance has completed. Servers will be brought back online very shortly. Please standby.

Maintenace Operation: Saturday, November 12th, 2016.

Swishmail's colocation facility will be performing a critical power line distribution tie into our power feed throughout our cabinets. At this time, service will be affected during this time for these servers:

Servers Affected: Avenicus, Winters, Kinesis, Delenn, Babylon...
Start time: Anytime between 7 AM EST - 11 AM EST
Affected time period: Between 4 - 6 hours from Start Time

Please take note that NO emails will be lost during this time. Emails will be queued and delivered when the servers are brought back online. Clients affected will also receive emails notifying them their service will be affected.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

We will be updating Swishmail's Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the maintenance period. Please follow us using the links below.

Thank you.

Swishmail Team

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Swishmail's photo.

NOTE: Maintenance operation will be POSTPONED until further notice. Our apologies for the confusion.

Oct 29,2016 - planned Swishmail power maintenance operation to take place between:

Start -10/29 06:00 AM ...
End - 10/30 20:00 PM

Please note only select servers will be affected. Those affected will receive a notification from our support staff. Emails will NOT be lost during this time. They will remain in queue until service is brought back online and will be delivered shortly thereafter.

Times are tentative and will likely be reduced the day of. Please standby for further notice.

Updated progress will be posted here or on

Thank you.

Swishmail Team

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Server checks are complete and have returned to normal. Thank you.

Our Telx facility had a power maintenance and our technical staff is looking into the issue. Services are up and running. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Time Warner issue has been resolved and users can resume regular connection activity. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Swishmail clients who are currently using Road Runner service from Time Warner will experience delays in service.

Road Runner is experiencing package delivery issues to Swishmail's network. We have reported the problem to the appropriate channels.

We hope they will resolve this shortly. We advise you to use a different internet service in the meantime.


You will be able to access Swishmail services using a different internet provider. We do not have an ETA at this time as it is not within our scope to fix.

Thank you.

Swishmail Team

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