Segmenting Your Data in Google Analytics
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Key Audience Metrics on Google Analytics

Artificial intelligence is becoming a more crucial part of our marketing efforts at every turn. Check out this infographic to see how!

The world of marketing is constantly changing, and one of the most valuable changes when it comes to effective targeting is marketing with AI. Artificial intelligence can mean a lot of things. Much in the same pattern as the term ‘social media’, the term ‘artificial intelligence’ has come to...

Check out some of these useful tips to help boost your search rankings in 2018!

Use 8 Easy SEO Tips to Boost Your Rank If you are like the many people who try to rank their content on the first page of Google and the other top search engines, you could be wondering what steps will improve your odds of success. Trying to do search engine optimization without putting in …

How Sephora is leveraging AR and AI to transform retail and help customers buy cosmetics

Beauty retailer Sephora followed customer technology trends to command the cosmetic industry worldwide. Here's an inside look at its successful digital transformation.

Snapchat rolls out analytics tool to win back the influencers it has lost to Instagram

Snapchat will detail influencers’ audiences using the same categories brands use to target ads, making it easier for influencers to sell brands on sponsoring their Stories.

Micro Influencers vs Macro Influencers

In this post, we look at the difference between micro and macro influencers, and which is likely to drive the best results for your business.

55 SEO Facts All Small Business Website Owners Need to Know [Infographic]

SEO is crucial for small businesses - this infographic provides an essential overview of the process to help optimize your approach.

Considering everything we're seeing in the news, and all of the changes being announced by networks like Facebook, this is an important question worth discussing.

Facebook is a powerful company with products used by billions. With so much influence, can we argue that it has a right to censor potentially harmful content?

The power of shared beliefs: Market what you believe, not only what you do

Rather than focusing on your products or services, contributor Matt Zilli suggests you'll be most successful if you demonstrate to customers that you share their values.

Facebook Reportedly Testing a 'Downvote' Option for Comments

Facebook is reportedly testing out a new option which would enable users to 'Downvote' comments, which could have significant implications in the revised News Feed.

Amazon will reportedly launch delivery service to compete with UPS and FedEx

Demonstrating its boundless ecommerce ambition, Amazon is reportedly set to begin delivering orders from business partners directly to customers. This new third-party delivery service will be calle…

Google Sets Deadline for HTTPS and Warns Publishers to Upgrade Soon

Google set a deadline for July 2018, when Chrome will begin warning users about insecure web pages. Failure to upgrade to HTTPS may result in losses to organic traffic.|By Roger Montti

Tesla created the world's best car commercial without spending a dime on advertising

By including a Tesla Roadster in the Falcon Heavy's launch on Tuesday, Elon Musk created the world's best car commercial.

This is an interesting, if not somewhat extreme take. What do you think?

Use your marketing team's time and the dollars you're spending with your agency on promoted "thumb stopping" content, Mike Proulx argues.

Twitter Announces Winners of its First Ever #BrandBowl Awards

Twitter has announced the winners of its first ever #BrandBowl awards for tweet discussion surrounding Super Bowl ads.

8 key Google Analytics reports for SEO | Search Engine Watch

Google Analytics is a treasure trove of insightful data - and it’s free. However, with so much data available at our fingertips, it can be a bit of a minefield,