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Just four more days to #Haphazard!!

TEDxJakarta 12th: Niyata is happening this week! To make things even more exciting, let's take a look at the facts about our venue, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta:

The Jakarta Art Building (Gedung Kesenian Jakarta), historically known as Schouwburg Weltevreden, is a concert hall in Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta, Indonesia, and it was built during the colonial period in Batavia, Dutch East Indies.

The idea for the creation of the building came from Daendels and realized by Stamford. I...t was built in 1811 (!!!) using bamboo structured by English soldiers and named "Military Theater Venue". After signs of deterioration, the building then replaced with permanent structured in 1821, designed by J. C. Schultze and was called Schouwburg Weltevreden, also popularly known as Gedung Komedi.

Did you know that the first theatrical performance in the building was Shakespeare's Othello? And this building is also the witness of first Kongres Pemuda in 1926. Talk about being classic here!

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