Great article by Justin Bariso!

"What does emotional intelligence look like, as manifested in everyday life?"

Wonder what emotional intelligence looks like in everyday life? Here are 13 examples.

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It is the ONLY emotional intelligence workshop approved and published by Multi-Health Systems, the world-wide license holder for the EQ-i & EQ360 emotional intelligence assessments.

The Emotionally Effective Leader is a 1-Day, instructor led workshop based on the EQ-i Leadership Report. The course was developed by Drew Bird of The EQ Development Group and is now the ONLY emotional intelligence workshop approved and published by Multi-Health Systems, the world-wide license holde...

New blog post up now! Investing in Emotional Intelligence is measurable 🤗

One of the most compelling, and confounding questions about investing in developing emotional intelligence (or any leadership training) is “What’s the ROI”? While on the surface the case for developing emotional intelligence in leaders makes sense (who doesn’t want to work for someone who is...

Interesting read on how to tap into your EQ to be a better listener!

Stop trying to “manage” your feelings, and do this instead.

Interesting video showcasing Daniel Goleman talking about why EQ can be more critical than IQ at work.

Daniel Goleman talks about how in order to be in a top profession a person needs, aside from a high IQ, the ability to be self-motivated and emotionally inte...

If you are interested to learn about the writing process behind The Leader's Guide to Emotional Intelligence, check out this interview I did with BookWorthy where I talk about some of the critical success factors, like using an editor @GillianKatsoulis, and how Scrivener (which I learned of in Tim Ferriss 'Tools of Titan's) made all the difference.

Few things are as intimidating as staring at a blank page. But if you’re going to self-publish, Drew Bird says you have to learn to face it with confidence. The good news: it’s not as hard as you might think. Drew’s been there before. When he decided to self-publish his book The Leader’s Gui...

Want to operate at your peak emotional effectiveness? Check out our latest blog post to get the low down!

You have probably seen the TV commercial for Snickers Bars that has the tagline ‘You are not yourself when you are hungry’. If you have ever suffered from being ‘hangry’ (hungry that makes angry) you can likely relate. There is a well-established connection between our physiological state, a...

New blog post up today from Cathy Morris. Check it out!

Collaboration isn’t always easy. Seeing the world from different points of view and bringing our own experiences and interpretations to every endeavor creates plenty of opportunity for conflict, and requires that we are able to have control over the way we interact with others. When our own values...

The Leader's Guide to Emotional Intelligence is now available for digital download!

It has been said that great leaders have great emotional intelligence. But what is emotional intelligence, and how can you use it to develop your leadership?
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There are so many cognitive biases, but here are some of the more common ones that can affect your decision making!

Making messy decisions?See 20 Cognitive Biases that impact your decisions.#MKH#Leadership

We all make bad decisions sometimes, but have you ever wondered what mental obstacles can lead you astray? This infographic goes over 20 of the most common cognitive biases that can mess with your head when it’s decision time.