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Meredith Jenkins Blackwell
· March 16, 2018
My husband and I have tried twice in the past month to eat here and both times have been told by the hostess that they aren’t seating anyone for at least 20-30 min bc the kitchen was backed up. There ...were open/empty tables/booths everywhere!!! Is there only ONE person working in the kitchen?!? Or are all the microwaves broken but one so you can only cook one thing at a time. Must be very poorly run if they can’t hire or keep enough staff to function properly. Wonder what corporate would think of how management is handling the situation? See More
Tracy Smith
· December 31, 2017
We arrived yesterday around 345 pm and was greeted by the host who was not friendly at all. Not a good first impression. Then we were seated and waited forever before seeing our server and ordering dr...inks. When we finely ordered food it took about 45 mins to get the food. We ordered the loaded chicken nachos for app and they were not what I consider loaded �. My husband's steak was so full of tendons he could not cut it. They did give him a ribeye on the house which was appreciated but it was a horrible experience. Our server said the other servers all went on break together which should never be allowed...not ALL together! I'm not saying we won't ever go back. It may have just been an off day since we are not local but the staff needs some lessons in customer service. See More
April Singletary Moody
· November 5, 2017
We were seated quickly as soon as we entered. It was about 6:30pm on a Saturday night. That probably should have our first clue. Our waitress was very nice and I believe she was trying her best. Our a...ppetizer with chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and potato skins. Our chicken wings we ordered were supposed to be boneless garlic Parmesan. We got the hot bone in chicken wings. She replaced them but of course that was another 15 min wait. No offer for a discount for their mistake. I started to ask for a manager but by that time, I was just ready to get out of there. The potato skins had sliced cheese from the wrapper on top of them (no bacon). The garlic wings she did bring were nasty. They were frozen chicken with a lot of bread, no actual meat. I don’t think we will be back to this location. See More
Jason Byrd
· January 21, 2018
Waitress seemed a little lost and took a little longer than normal to get our food considering they weren’t even busy. The ribs weren’t nowhere near as good as previous visits. They tasted drier than ...normal. And I ordered grilled chicken breast on the side and the last one I got to wasn’t fully cooked. I couldn’t even chew it. I love TGI FRIDAYS but this was probably the worst visit I have ever had at a location. See More
Sharon Cullis Roscoe
· November 25, 2017
So....approx 15 years ago, I was on a Cobb Salad binge. In New Jerssey, TGIFridays was the most awesome one ever. Had a craving for one today and headed out to NMB to get one. Soooooo disappointed.... Granted, it's been a long time but it was sooo small and sooooo different that my husband and I both thought they had given me the wrong plate....yes, plate. Not even in a bowl!!!!! I'm sad. See More
Rhonlyn Clemmons
· December 25, 2017
Took over an hour to get food. Only one thing order was correct. They put cheese on child's burger that we asked not too because he's allergic. So he had to wait even longer to eat, he's only 2. I'm 2...2 weeks pregnant, ordered medium burger they gave me rare; I can't eat that shit. They put onions on my brother in-laws burger which he asked them not too because he hates them. And they failed to mention the ribs that had jack Daniel sauce had onions in it so my husband had to scrap them all off. The wings were soggy and sauce horrible. And the ribs were overcooked. And the waitress rarely came back. I only got one refill and was there two hours. See More
Crystal Sparks
· October 21, 2017
OUR server...Matt wasn't a good server. We had to ask for refills for drinks the food wasn't that tasteful. My salad didn't have enough dressing. I wasn't offered bread or crackers with me salad. Not ...horrible but could have been better. See More
John Clemmons
· December 25, 2017
Slowest place ever messed my sons order up and then messed my brothers order up and on top of that mc donalds could of served food fast then these people spent a hour and a half waiting for food
Brenda Poole
· March 15, 2018
Bryan Joseph is a great person and works hard.....You are lucky to have him.....
Lisa Brumfield Squires
· July 1, 2017
We ate there yesterday. First, when we were seated the waitress took about 8/10 minutes to get our drinks. When she finally did, she brought back unsweetened tea, not sweet. My daughter in laws sod...a was flat to. No straws!! We had to flag another waitress down to fix our drink issues and give us straws. Next, we ordered. We know what we want cause we usually eat her often. My husband and daughter had ribs and steak with mash and broccoli. I had rib, no steak, and my daughter in law had chicken fettuccine pasta. Simple!!! Nope, they brought the steaks out burnt, like black burnt not just well done. Couldn't even eat them burnt! I sent mine back because they messed up my sides, and brought my daughter in laws in red sauce, not white. And she still is waiting on her soda(that's not flat). Finally, like 10 minutes after everyone was done, they brought our correct order. We wanted to eat together not individually. My ribs were ok but had the wrong sauce on them, the pasta had some brown gravy all over it. She didn't even eat it. When we told our waitress, she said....Iam sorry. This is my second job today and my head is busting. She could barley speak English. The manager came and apologized and told us he would handle everything for us. Well, HAAAAA when I got the check, he gave us a credit of 8.00$. ��. I was so upset. I loved eating here. Doubt if we ever go back. I could of took that 108$ that I spent and bought my own ribs and steaks and they be cooked correctly and we all could of ate together See More
Debra Burke Baptist
· February 10, 2017
Sat at the bar for 12 minutes while 2 bartenders never even acknowledged me. They had zero tables/booths around the bar & a group of 4 & 2 at the bar. One prepared cocktails for the service bar & the ...other did basically nothing. I watched her prepare 1 shot that she told the other bartender "smell this" shoving the shaker in her face! Professionalism at its finest!!! This is exactly why I stopped coming in there; service is awful. Keep in mind I'm a bartender so I am a pretty patient person. The 1 rating is way above what they deserve; it wouldn't allow lower.
Drink specials gone, attentive bartenders gone = other service industry people going anywhere but here..
See More
Jazzie Moore
· April 17, 2017
I visited yesterday with an old time friend, I was very disappointed after "bragging" about the food & service. We got there and was seated.. and after that basically seen our waitress come over one t...ime w/o having to asked. She(Jeanne) walked by us several times .. noticing empty cups and plates and ignored it all. When having to practically remind her about bringing our drink or asking where was our appertizers that didn't come out until our food did..and having to ask another waitress to please take some of the empty plates and cups off the table. I was very disappointed and shocked at the poor service , I never have these kind of issues when I go there in the evenings. They were not busy at all & when letting the manager (mike) know about our issues he basically acted like he didn't care and we just wanted a discount, which really did it! I expressed to him I was not looking nor needed a discount but rather a sincere apology and addressing your server! The food was ok and that's why I gave it 2 stars but their service was horrible! See More
Courtney Fulwood
· September 16, 2017
Waitress took forever to come to the table , to bring us our drinks she didn't even bring us our food. Food was undercooked.
Marnie Bullock
· August 12, 2017
I would NOT recommend eating here due to the service given today. The amount of customers there were minimal and yet it took me flagging down our waiter to see if the appetizers were even started on......then...afterwards...could not get a refill of our drinks after I had asked for it and the waiter passed our table 9 times before we finally were approached by a manager where upon I just wanted to get my check and leave... I am NOT impressed with the way this particular TGIF is operated. The chain itself is a great place to eat...but this location and its way of operating is needing to go back to TGIF say the least. See More
Candace Sarvis Hardee
· March 21, 2017
Service was ok but food was terrible. I ordered sizzling chicken and grease was literally flying everywhere when my food came to the table. The waitress didn't tell me this would happen. Considering I... had a 1 year old sitting beside me I had to slide the plate to the other end of the table. I had red marks on my hand from the grease and I now have permanent grease marks on my clothes I wore that day and my designer pocketbook! My husbands food wasn't any better. He got a burger and couldn't finish it because it was so burnt. See More
Meg Allgood Sellers
· February 26, 2017
Really disappointed that the menu has changed yet again. Patrons are no longer allowed to deviate from the menu, ie. substitutions for an added charge or even having a salad with no tomatoes or cucumb...ers because the kitchen staff cannot get orders correct! Really??!! We have been celebrating our anniversary and birthday's at TGI Fridays for over 20 years but our experience last night ended that tradition. See More
Tammy Sayre Singletary
· March 11, 2018
I always enjoy my food when I eat here with my family!
Renee Dashner
· August 22, 2017
The food was really good , the service was good too little dirty from the Ac vents but overall liked the experience
Mimi White
· March 11, 2017
3 strikes... never again. 4 of us, 2 children, 2 adults.Seated right away. Table seated right after us. We visited the restroom in shifts. Had to walk through at least 4 servers standing in the aisle... talking amongst themselves. Didn't even try to move. In all that time... no server came our table. Table seated after us was already done ordering. When I went to host stand, I was very annoyed. Host said server was in their way... finally. She did take pretty good care of us. When our bill arrived, I added a 15% tip... would have been higher if she had been on time. I noticed that the company conveniently gives a tip chart. We got the endless apps. The computer figures that tip according to what the price would have been if we had ordered individual apps. Very misleading. Bill was $52.00. Said a 15% tip would have been $12 and change. Tisk tisk, TGI FRIDAY'S. We're locals but, never again will we give this place a thought. See More
Tina Marie Lewis
· April 24, 2017
Ive ate here before and service and food was amazing but tonight was the worst its ever been first it took our waitresses a good 10 minutes if not more to come see what we wanted to drink. We had a si...mple order 2 teas and 2 endless apps (everything) she even said that was easy so a little while passed we finally get our tea. Waited probaly 5 mins and our first app gets there we ate then another 10 15 mins our second one gets there waited another 10 mins to bring another by then i was out of tea waited another 10 15 mins for the 4th app. Once we got the 4th app my boyfriend asked for the check our waitresses finally asked if we needed more tea... Ive been sitting without tea for about 30 mins.....we were there a hour and half just to get 4 apps and no refill on drinks after you passed our table 6 werent even busy was like 4 or 5 couples there. There was a couple who had a different waitresses who sat down ordered got their food ate talked paid with card got refills and left all before i got 1 refill. Ridiculous service we will not be back See More

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