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TGI solutions has over 20 years of development experience - our skills are based around artwork and core business process automation. We are a FileMaker Certified Developer and have achieved major industry recognition for our skill and expertise across a host of delivery solutions.

TGI are experts in system-based scripting, FileMaker Pro, database integration, web based systems and iOS app development (both native app and FileMaker Go solutions). The compa...ny provides solutions for pre-press, retail, office-based admin and many other business critical tasks. Our dedicated team develop cross-platform applications and projects, providing platform independent solutions to a variety of industries.

We have gained a enviable reputation for consistently delivering on projects from traditional artwork, new media systems and business automation. Using our core skills we create advanced solutions to address the real issues confronting our clients.

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An interesting little project last weekend. A client had a flat file system that recorded customers, hardware and repair details. This data had to be brought across to a more advanced system, whilst removing any duplication of customers.

Quite easy really, however the system was written in Greek

All done with positive feedback…...
"He solved my problem and I believe is a proffecional programmer. He have the patient to explain my problem and change a lot of times the script that i need it for my filemaker project. He knows everything for filemaker. I suggest him and I will use him again if I will have another filemaker problem."

Thanks Thanos

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Learn to build robust, well-designed Laravel applications with TDD.

Thank you Chris at The Daily Sparkle for this testimonial.

"Gary at TGI Solutions has been an incredible support to our developing a bespoke solution for customising our products. Thinking both in and out of the box, researching, whatever it takes, Gary has consistently come up with the answers to challenges which have looked insurmountable at the outset. I can recommend Gary and his company to anyone who needs innovative thinking and design."

The Daily Sparkle is a reminiscence newspaper, published 365 days a year, which help activity coordinators plan activities and reminiscence sessions.

We are currently looking to take on more web app development work for businesses in the local area.

If you have the need for a web based system that could help streamline your day-to-day business activities or would like to talk about the possibilities, then please give get in touch.

I've been tackling an interesting project lately that invovles grabbing files from a client's Dropbox and moving them to the web server for use with the webapp I've been bulding.

If you have a similar requirement then get in touch and we will see what we can do to streamline your processes.

TGI Solutions is a Wiltshire based business that specialises in business software development and systems. We have a long history of building bespoke business solutions for a wide variety of business sectors.

If you would like to talk about a web app or website project then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat.

01249 813055...

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What is the difference between a website and a web application?

My take on this question is that it comes down to how the system is used. A website is generally a customer/general public facing web delivered site that generally acts as your electronic shopfront.

A web application is more interactive and takes, manipulates and delivers data in one form or another. It is simply an application that is delivered through a web browser.

Our first website is up and running. I've known Jon for a while and he recently went self employed, setting up Backdrop Education to offer educational consultancy and help.

We offer website build as well as web based business solutions (more on these to follow). We are also providing hosting and email services.

Interesting project for a client to merge PDFs and add some variable data. This isthe sort of thing I have been doing for the last 30 years using AppleScript, but today I will be doing it with PHP.

FileMaker releases version 16 of its popular line of database development and runtime products.

Today, FileMaker released their new version 16 product line. The new version continues to support the current v12 file format with an extension of .fmp12.

The new and enhanced features of this update include:


Platform Specific
• Enhanced mobility features for iOS devices and the web.
• Increase in User Connections in FileMaker WebDirect.
• PDF support for FileMaker Server and FileMaker WebDirect.
• New interface for Windows.

Development Features
• Data sources can now use a variable to specify a file reference.
• Improved interface in the Data Viewer.
• Value lists can now be copied and pasted.
• New built-in functions added: SortValues, UniqueValues as well as JSON, character encoding, cryptographic functions and more.
• Functionality provided by a plug-in can be access through external functions as well as new external script steps.

New Layout Design Tools
• New Layout Objects window allows you to easily select, hide, rename and rearrange objects in the stacking order.
• New Cards features allows one layout to be displayed as an overlay or sheet within a window displaying a different layout.

• OAuth support for third-party logins.
• New extended privileges for fmrest, fmurlscript and fmextscriptaccess. The fmscriptdisabled extended privilege has been removed.

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FileMaker Pro is a relational data management system published by Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc. Since its origin, the product has expanded into a full family of applications and has evolved to keep pace with powerful technological standards. The current incarnation is a powerful, feature-rich and easy-to-use integrated development tool, available in fifteen different languages. FileMaker databases can be shared across a network allowing teams using macOS, iOS, Windows or th...e web to work together.

FileMaker is popular with millions of developers and users, including independent consultants, employees of small businesses and members of teams working at medium to large businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Beginners are empowered by the ease of use and approachable interface. Professionals are won over by its rapid development capabilities for prototyping and the ability to build powerful user-friendly solutions. Business owners who don’t have time to learn to program can easily find a professional consultant to develop a system tailored to meet their individual needs.

For more information about the FileMaker Pro product line, visit Filemaker’s site at

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