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Guys! Ada berita baek ni. Saya baru je lepas tengok cerita Rampage di IMAX TGV Cinemas! Memang puas hati sebab skrin dia “ floor-to-ceiling” dan sound system gempak! Kena pergi sendiri baru tahu feel dia macam mana bila layan movie dekat IMAX TGV Cinemas! #TheRock #RampageMy

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Jason Poi
· March 7, 2018
Last night (7th March) I was served by a chinese guy at the TGV Tebrau candy bar around 7:45pm, I didn't see his name tag but he had a bandage on his right eye bag area and very poor attitude and it u...psets me. The way he asks for my order is normal but when I asked if my movieclub card is needed he just take it forcefully and swipe it so hard that I was worried if he's going to break the card, and the same way goes when I handed him the money, he takes it forcefully and his face was just so arrogant and again, it upsets me, a lot. At the time I kept watching what he was doing after he served me and I noticed that he kept writing something in a book and I saw a manager walked out and I wanted to tell him but I thought maybe he had a rough day so I let it go, but I kept thinking about it after the movie so I hope you guys take action on him because it ruined my mood for the movie and it might affect the other person as well, thank you for your time. See More
Rudy Tjandra
· April 14, 2018
May I know why are you selling the indulge gift card at rm180 for something that is valued at 140 (weekday) and 158 (weekend). Where is the other 40 or 22 going? I pay you in advance for a movie that ...I haven't redeem and you charge a premium? Sounds like you should be giving me more or at least equal to 180 value. A gift card is meant to be a gift for friends/family, but looking at your price, it is more economical to just buy their tickets directly for them, instead of giving them a gift card. Doesn't that defeats the purpose of having a gift card? Your customer service told me the extra money I'm paying is for the privilege of getting to watch the movie on any day of the recipients choice. First, the validity of the gift card is only 3 months which is quite short in my opinion; second, it is not more convenient than buying from the app since gift card needs to be purchased and redeemed at the counter; also, it subjects to the availability of the seats. There is no priority or advantage for having a gift card so why are you charging a premium for it. Your pricing doesn't make sense. Or are you doing this to take money from ignorant customers who are not aware of the regular price of the indulgence dining package? Please respond, thank you =) See More
Faiedz Amrull
· April 7, 2018
Hi, i jiz want to share my 2 cents here, while its good to have more self service computerized ticket counter, many of your customer is using Maybank. And the counter's open for Maybank prority lane... is only 1 or 2, peoples are jammed pack there. What's being called 'priority for Maybank customer', it's not prioritize them anymore. So if you could open all counter, lets say 4, and all counter support card payment. That would be efficient. You know what's more efficient, ptoviding the maybank promo through the app. Your apps is already good so why waste it there... imptove so customer can enjoy the Promo from Maybank thorugh the app rather than had to queue up in the 1 or 2 counter lane full of people. This based on TGV location where I always visited to spend my time with great movies with TGV. Its TGV Tebrau. But i'm pretty sure this happened in other TGV locatiion too. Especially on weekends. as regular customer, hope TGV can improve on this. I'm pretty sure that move will be well celebrated and make your regulars happy. See More
Toshi Yamaguchi
· March 23, 2018
What a waste concept.. I always watching movie in TGV with alot accomulative movie club point.. For the first time i try to buy combo snack online with movie ticket.. I arrive early as usual to the th...eater and want to redeem the snack early so that no need to rush last minute and have some popcorn while chat.. After queing for some time, at the counter, they said i cant redeem the snack combo early, need to redeem it once the movie start, WTF? Who create this idea? I thought if we buy snack combo online, you can redeem it early and no need to rush last minute..seriously, i dont know what is ur marketing strategy in this.. See More
Fahana Baharudin
· March 31, 2018
Hi! Just bought a ice milo from your counter (sunway pyramid). I don’t know how much it cost me but i paid RM19 for big dipper and ice air kosong+milo . The milo is bland , and as a big fan of ice mi...lo, i know the taste isn’t right. And i know that you guys mix a water in it. Its not worth the price i paid to receive a service like that. Please take note as this showed that your staff didn’t follow the correct SOP .Don’t sell it if you are out of Milo , is better like that , and is better than you serve a plain water+ milo and get and unsatisfactory customer . See More
Nina Siow
· March 22, 2018
Your chirpy opening line that you use for your customer service line should be changed. Firstly, I tried using Masterpass to complete the transaction on your app but I keep getting redirected. Secondl...y, made a mistake booking ticket using your app (wrong date- today instead of tomorrow) and called immediately after I made the mistake but your “chirpy” customer care officer decided to reiterate the whole no exchanges and no refunds.

I think you should be more flexible as I’ve had a similar experience with your friendly competitor before and was really pleasantly surprised when they were accommodating enough to help me with my predicament. I guess I know where I should be going to watch my movies regularly from now on.
See More
Kiran Raj Veerappen
· April 13, 2018
14/04/2018 (Saturday)

Hello Team. I’ve been an avid fan of TGV since I found love on movies years ago. Heck I even worked in TGV part time for two years. A month ago I was prompted to renew my membe...rship as it’s been a year and reaching expiry date. Previously renewals were much cheaper as I can remember but now it’s RM 30. Where it’s the same price as a person whom registers as a new member. Which means the RM 30 includes the cost of the card given.

Okay long story short, yesterday I went to watch a movie. Upon swiping the membership card the staff told me that it can’t be read. And a new card will cost me RM 5. The thing is, when I renewed my membership LAST MONTH. Y’all saw my card and how it was. Yet y’all let it be and now you are charging me an additional RM 5 because your machine is unable to detect the card. I mean it is fair if your were to charge me on a new card if it’s missing. But since the renewal charges also includes the pricing for the card then might itself you provide as a replacement for cards that can’t be read.

I’ve to say I’m pretty disappointed. Business is key but you don’t have to go this low to charge for a card replacement since we are paying premium price for your tickets. The best part was when the manager on duty came and told that I’ve no choice but to pay or else I wouldn’t get any points for the movie I was about to go.

I guess I should from now venture out watching at other movie theatres which provide better customer services in comparison to y’all.

See More
Richard Lim
· April 1, 2018
Proceeded to scan my ticket only to be told it's "not valid". Remarks on your system showed that someone had already checked in...with the same ticket? Was asked to wait aside like I did something while everyone moved in first. Meantime, I took a quick look again and your system showed "4 Jan 2018". Today is 1st April (01.04 2018)

Another staff also asked if I'm sure no one went in on my behalf (?).

Long story short, it kinda spoiled my mood and your staff are stupid and your system sucks, not worth the money I paid for the movie. Next time, I'll go for GSC...

See More
Jane Shim Qhui Siew
· February 19, 2018
Two things i dun like about TGV ! First, Your confusing promotion for food and beverage. Many ppl hving hard time to understand the promo. At the end, all promo not worth for money. Second, pls dun w...aste our money and time on the rubbish 20-25 mins advertising before the show begin. That is too absurd. Why cant the show start on time instead of wasting our time on long advertisement. We pay for movie, not advertising! Please improvr this two issue. Many people getting sick to go TGV because of these. (TGV Miri Sarawak !) See More
Es Mond Voon
· April 14, 2018
Wanted to enjoy Maybank promotion and as I understand is for the show before 6pm daily. The Indian lady who on duty over the setiawalk TGV counter told me is only for the show after 12pm when I want t...o purchase 1140pm. So? This is not as what you advertised!!!! You your staff just too lazy? Please well train your staff in this competitive century! See More
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