You're Wondering Now by .38 Specials Education debut, Belly Up

One hour to go.

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Stones N' Roses

RARE U.S. HAPPY HOUR APPEARANCE BY THE WORLD'S GREATEST STONE ROSES/GNR/STONES SIMULATORS. To celebrate their wildly financially unsuccessful UK tour, SnR return to the site of their very first show! DJ Dennis Borlek found it blasphemous that UK promoters didn't throw piles of pounds at the band but we were happy to pay for our own airfare, room n gear rentals, AirBnBs and tour manager to have the time of our lives this past July. We're lucky to have scheduled an amazing tour in packed clubs without having to go the Kickstarter route but Dennis wanted to give us a few quid, so we're playing a FREE SHOW with a tip jar. Like every second Saturday, DB will spin the greatest songs ever before, during and after we play two short sets. Fun starts at 5pm! RSVP at

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Guess what we're announcing tomorrow. First ever CMB shows outside of America!

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Stones N' Roses

OFFICIAL TOUR TEASE!!!! We'll announce dates and venues next week. Until then, let us know where else you'd like us to play this July. Don't be a after it's too late! Looking for any and all secret UK tour advice from airfare to clubs to which side of the road to drive on (or we'll just hire you to do that for us, with references). Cheers!

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TWO olde shows this weekend!

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GEEZER SHUFFLES TO WEST *AND* EAST COUNTY THIS WEEKEND! Two FREE shows rocking, rapping and napping all of your favorites by Weezer, Beastie Boys, Lawrence Welk... and oh so much more for our San Diego grandchildren! Friday night is our debut at the Holding Company in Ocean Beach for four endless sets from 8-12pm plus a ton of grandkid guest stars from some of San Diego's bestest bands plus DJ MANCAT spinning things to make you dance til dawn! On Saturday, we head east to the GRAND OPENING of the new Full Circle Saloon (formerly Second Wind Santee). Free Early bird special set at 7pm for all of us active seniors!

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That's what! First show in five months.

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Geezer is with Dylan Martinez and 3 others at Soda Bar.

END OF GEEZER HIBERNATION PARTY!!! Five months off!? At our age? Speaking of bears, our LA grandkids GAYC/DC are the happiest gayest AC/DC simulators we know!... Plus we convinced our favorite granddaughters to start a band called No Small Children because we thought it would look good on a poster with us. Another great granddad idear! C'mon out and drink sodee pop with us at our Soda Bar debut!!! RSVP at

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Bringing back SnR for REAL. Facebook page, .com, videos and everything! Check it out....

Spot-on Roses medley'd n mash'd with Stones n Guns n Roses. Stomp in crying "BLASPHEMY", stumble away gasping "Brilliant." Debut single n UK tour soon!


Sat 9:00 PM PDTBar Pink
47 people interested

Pink turns 20!

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Geezer is with Nas Helewa and 3 others.

The world's greatest elderly music makers Geezer are excited to announce the upcoming release of their debut 78rpm single, "Get Off Of My Lawn"/"We Ain't No Wee...zer Tribute Band", coming this fall on Get Off Of My Records! To celebrate, the grandpas are shooting their first music video and proving they're not a Weezer tribute band by playing Weezer's album Pinkerton for its 20th anniversary. This famed Pink Performance™, which combines the 1996 record with the pinkest songs ever recorded (from Pink Floyd to....Pink) hasn't been seen onstage in six years. The extremely slow tour will debut this month at the Music Box in San Diego, followed by an August set at the famed Troubadour in West Hollywood and ending at the fittingly named Bar Pink in San Diego on the actual album anniversary in September, should the band live long enough. Each show was curated personally by Geezer, including the date at the Troubadour, who normally shuns cover bands but asked the band to return after their swinging debut there in April.

Saturday July 16th 8pm
Music Box, San Diego
GEEZER performs Pinkerton
with opening sets by
Las Vegas' Smells Like Nirvana performing Nevermind for the first time for the LP's 25th anniversary
San Diego's Hey! Ho! Let's Go performing RAMONES for the first time for the LP's 40th anniversary

Friday August 19th 8pm
The Troubadour, West Hollywood
The Gabba Gabba Heys (Coachella veteran Ramones tribute)
GEEZER performs Pinkerton
Black Crystal Wolf Kids
Skapeche Mode

Saturday September 24th (actual Pinkerton 20th anniversary) 9pm
Bar Pink, San Diego
GEEZER performs Pinkerton & more

Sunday, July 10th 91X-FM Loudspeaker interview
Friday, July 15th Official Surf Rodeo music and surf festival preparty in Ventura
& more!!!

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THE Nerf Herder asked Geezer to play their album release at the world-famous Troubadour tomorrow night. We still don't believe it either.

Fri 8:00 PM PDTTroubadourWest Hollywood, CA
129 people interested

Seems fitting to forget to announce this until four hours before showtime. Earlybird FREE all-ages show in Fullerton!

FREE tonight in Temecula....

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Geezer is with Adam Gimbel and 4 others.

We stuck our toe in Temecula a few months ago….and liked it. This time we return to the largest gathering of plaid this side of the Scottish Games! Not only wil...l we be playing from 7-11pm for FREE with heavily medicated doses of Weezer, Beastie Boys, mashups & medleys but it's all-ages until 9pm and they'll let you stay if your parents stick around too! Info & RSVP at

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Guess what you're doing for 4th of July. Yep. Not fireworks.

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Geezer is with Adam Gimbel and 3 others.

Last night, the Rolling Stones were so honoured to play the same stage that we've been gracing for years. Let's face it, fireworks are boringzzzzzzz. See? I fel...l asleep even talking about them! Come celebrate your country's birthday with your favorite grandpas and the sublime sounds of the band whose San Diego Music Award we ALMOST stole. We've got north county legend Alex Kasvikis on the drums! No school tomorrow, kids. Let's party like it's 1776. RSVP at

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Returing to the LA area for the first time in a long while….

Fri 12:00 AM PDTThe Standing RoomHermosa Beach, CA
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Geezer's first ever inland empire show tonight in 5 4 3 2 1 COACHELLA! Close enough to smell….

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Geezer is with Adam Gimbel and 3 others.

Geezer invades the inland empire! Our first time in Temecula and the club painted an uncanny likeness of us in our honour. Downs & Ink opens the show. Cannot WAIT! RSVP at

Hitting the road for THREE out-of-town Geezer shows. That's practically a tour.

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Geezer is with Adam Gimbel and 3 others.

MASSIVE nationwide tour next month! New merch including blue, black, white and gold dresses.

Trend setting holiday acoustic show, El Cerrito, CA 1994. There's pictures somewhere….

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Tomorrow night, Geezer caravans to FOUR rap sets in one night!

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Geezer is with Dylan Martinez and 3 others.

With Zachary Sr back in San Diego for a night, he asked Adam to find Geezer a show, which he dutifully did. Then, he forgot and booked another…and another….and ...another. Since Geezer NEVER cancels (unless they're tired), we'll just do all four. Slamming mini-rap sets for all! No time to bake cookies but we'll have Werther's. Come try to keep up with us, if you dare!

BAR PINK 3829 30th St in North Park
Before Tiki Tuesday with the Fink Bombs

WHISTLE STOP 2236 Fern St in southNorth Park
Before Videodrome

TIN ROOF 401 G St. in downtown San Diego
Before Reggae On The Roof with Roots Covenant

MAD HOUSE COMEDY CLUB 502 Horton Plaza downtown
Closing out San Diego's Funniest Person Contest's second round


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