MHL Playoff results:
10U [Banner] SK Lehman
10U [Silver] SK Longfellow
10U [Bronze] SJ Eagles
10U [Copper] TJ...
12U [Banner] SK Wilkinson
12U [Silver] SK York
12U [Bronze] SJ Eagles
14U [Banner] SJ Eagles
14U [Silver] SK Leung
18U [Banner] KV Tornadoes

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MHL Families: clock has hit 0:00 on another MHL C Season! A big thank you to all the Coaches, Managers, Players and Parents on making this another successful season of league play. We will be sending out two surveys (1 for Coaches/Mangers and 1 for Parents/players) to all who participated this year. We want to hear from you- Tell us what we did right, what needs work and give us feedback on how to make the upcoming season the best yet!

The kids are winning today USA Hockey