May 2015 Thrift Haul... It's amazing what you can find at thrift stores. #oldworldnew #oldworldnewStyle I'm Dress Obsessed - get you some! See the full video and photos including this featured #BeBe dress here:
Grand Prairie farmers market!
Sustainable Living Tips Day 1: Think Dirty app

If you're staying inside away from the cold, #NetflixAndChill with these eco-friendly movies on Netflix right now!

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I was a little scared, and I rambled a bit, but I did it! I want the people that I love and the people in my immediate community to learn more about sustainable & natural living. It's a fact that black and lower income communities are the last to find out about things that could greatly benefit them. I was scared to talk about it on my personal page because I didnt want to feel the nagging ridicule I'd place on myself if no one cared about it. I can't let that stop me anymore.... Everyone deserves to know that they can make changes in their own lives that can benefit them, their families, and our earth. Sustainable living takes work and research, and I hope to provide the research and facts + easy tips to help you be more sustainable here at Old World New. I just want healthier people and a healthier earth. I hope you all will join me on this journey 💚

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Advertisement: "Our product has a new recipe, and it's sooooooo natural!"

Ingredients list: “Dude, stop lying. 😑"



GREENWASHING (saying that something is natural, sustainable, or "green") is LYING, y'all. Don't fall for the games. Arm yourself with knowledge:

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Are you "eco-friendly?" Can you use it in a sentence?



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Does your city host events to properly dispose of your waste? I'm so glad that mine does. Check your city's Facebook page and website to see if they do the same!

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City of Grand Prairie - Municipal Government

New Year, Greener You! Clean out your garage and bring your items to our Household Hazardous Waste event this Saturday, January 6, at 9 a.m. Register by calling (972)237-8055. More information at

What’s the difference between vegan and organic? Is there one? There definitely is. These words get clumped together and switched for one another far too often. I’m breaking down their subtle differences so that you can better understand the products that you buy and how “green” they really are.

Knowing these terms will make you a more "eco-conscious" consumer ♻️

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Did you know these things about #parabens and #sulfates? I still avoid them as much as possible, and suggest the same for you. This Style Caster article is an interesting look at it from a different point of view.

What you really need to know.

• Eco-conscious •

Find more essential "green" terms defined at Old World New -

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GreenGeeks is still my #1 recommendation for website hosting platform, and they're only getting better!

Did you know GreenGeeks has revamped its hosting platform?

Discover our new web hosting platform and why you deserve a better hosting experience.


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Earth Day Getaway

Happy New Year!

Love on the Earth a little more by protecting it and becoming one with it more in 2018 💚

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Happy New Year!!! 😆🎊🎉

Thanks for your continued support. I'm looking forward to bringing y'all so much more content to help you live your best natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly life ♻️💚🌱

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I reaaaaally want to try these! My green thumb will come in one day! Lol

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Grow A Good Life

7 Edibles to Grow Indoors:

You can grow edibles indoors if you choose plants that can grow under artificial light, mature quickly, and stay compact enough to grow in containers without outgrowing their space.

Learn more: