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May 2015 Thrift Haul... It's amazing what you can find at thrift stores. #oldworldnew #oldworldnewStyle I'm Dress Obsessed - get you some! See the full video and photos including this featured #BeBe dress here:
Sustainable Living Tips Day 1: Think Dirty app
"Free" Nail Polish - #SustainableLivingTips Day 2

I wanna be cute and stylish again 😩 #momlife got me on the struggle bus 😭

Cultural Appreciation + Thrifted Style:

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Fresh lemon + local honey in my loose leaf tea, bee's wrap on my lemon. Tryna be more and more eco-friendly each and every day 💛

🐝 🍋 🐝 🍋 🐝

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When thrift is life 😍❤️ #NationalThriftShopDay #OldWorldNewStyle #tbt

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I want everyone to be able to make sustainable and eco-friendly choices, no matter what. Low budget? Me, too. Limited time? Y'all I have an almost 1 year old... time for myself doesn't exist lol. Don't know the first thing about being sustainable? We all have to start somewhere. My journey started about 5 years ago, and it is now the thing I am most passionate about. My name is Addie, and my why - my reason that I do what I do - is making sustainable living easy, accessible, and attainable for EVERYONE. What's your why?

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Sustainable fashion AND melanin 😍♻️🌎 watch, listen, and learn!


Find out why you need to ditch that $10 t-shirt & get into this Sustainablefashion and style fashion show featuring Black designers and Models!

In times like these (and every other Monday that I'm whining about something that seems so minuscule compared to what is still happening in our country) I'm so grateful for love like this. I'm so grateful for the love of my husband and our family. I'm so grateful for the strong women and men in my family who taught me to LOVE above all else.

I wish that the people spreading hate in our nation, and their ancestors who spread so much violence and hate, could feel the love I've ...felt. They wouldn't be the way they are if they felt love like that. Real love does not encourage the abuse and hatred of others. Real love does not make one think they must jeopardize the lives of others in order to make themselves feel powerful, worthy, or dominant. It just doesn't.

Real love makes you feel happy to see another day & to be surrounded by the people who love you the most. It makes you greet people in the streets with a nod and a smile. It makes you genuinely wish others well, even if you're having a bad day. Instead of the hate that they base their entire existence upon, I hope these people find REAL LOVE and cling to it 💚

🎨: quietlife design studio

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Last night's dinner - PASTA is my FAVORITE... I seriously need to share more of the recipes that I dream up. This is so simple and so yummy!

What's your favorite type of food?

Fat Joe talking about learning the impact of #glabalwarming on the Breakfast Club this morning made me so proud.

PEOPLE OF COLOR!!! Sustainable living is important to you. People of lower income classes, eco-friendly solutions are important for you! When/if the ills of global warming come to pass (cities under water, not enough resources to go around), we will be the ones affected first and harshest. Thus, we need to be the ones fighting to keep it at bay.

My goal in life is... to share the easiest and most cost-effective ways for all of us to be out here living sustainably. That's what I do with this blog. From wearing second hand fashion to ending the use of plastic straws, there are so many things that we can do. I hope more people with influence share the importance of why we need to live a sustainable lifestyle. Ask me any question about how you can live more sustainably and let's discuss solutions.

Visit for #SustainableLivingTips that you can implement into your everyday life today.

#TheBreaksfastClub #BreakfastClub #FatJoe

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Y'all, I cut my hair.. and of course it made me think about how to conserve water 😂 #sustainablelivingtips

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Raise your hand if this was your Granny's version of EOs lol


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An eco-friendly laundromat with a bar & all the works? I love it!

Spin Laundry Lounge is Portland's eco-focused Laundromat, bar & cafe.

My baby 😭

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Tiny Green Earthling


My baby is almost ONE! I’m not crying, you are 😭

- Greyson’s mom

It's true. I'm not hip. Lol

But planting trees for the future is! Donate $1 to plant a tree for his bday ♻️ it's our bday wish for him, but it benefits the world 💚

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Tiny Green Earthling

issa dolla.
issa good cause.
issa new tree for the future.

issa issa issa issa #issa.


- Greyson King 👑 (mom made me write this.. she's not "hip" lol. Translated - Donate $1 to plant a tree with One Tree Planted. It's my birthday wish! 😆♻️🌱)


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Sustainable living isn't always the most expensive option. Stop telling yourself that it is and start researching budget-friendly sustainable, eco-friendly, and organic items. Sometimes sustainable choices are the cheapest option!

Tesla with the solar roofing, for the win 🙌 save on your new roof and generate renewable energy while you're at it! 💚♻️

David Wolfe
May 13

Tesla Is Now Selling These Solar Roof Tiles For Cheaper Than A Regular Roof

151 days until Christmas.

I love B&Bs (bed & breakfasts) and quaint Inns - read about the ones I've visited on the blog. I also seriously love Christmas.

This. Is. Perfection 😍🎄❤️