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Sip tea, turn up. No biggie 💁🏾💃🏾🎉🦄 Happy birthday, Brittany! Your party is officially legendary 😆🙌 #TeaB33 💙 #TeaPartyTurnUp #blackgirlmagic

Tryna be great so I'm taking a break! I haven't blogged consistently for a while now, and my page needs some updating. Also, I'm working on other amazing projects that I'll be sharing soon! *Disclaimer* Social media shall remain lit. Follow me er'where 💃🏾

IG + Twitter + Snapchat = @oldworldnewgirl

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I got to play dress up Vintage Tex today. I mixed some Old with New + reveled in the garments of decades past 😆 I think the best part was talking their ears off about my love for vintage (excessive talking when I get to be around other adults = stay at home mom probz lol). They love it just as much as I do!! 💚 If searching through traditional thrift stores isn't your thing, a curated candy land of vintage deliciousness + a very knowledgeable staff like Vintage Tex is exactly what you need 🦄🍭


Posted by AJ+

These Mayan weavers are tired of fashion brands exploiting their designs, so they're fighting back.

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My first Mother's Day was amazing, thanks to my wonderful husband and son and to all of the people that reached out and showed love! Power tools + Home Depot (look out thrift stores & garage sales! Mama is gonna revamp some old things!!!), Thai food + baby's first pho, and quality time. I love this family of mine 💚

Vintage prints 😍

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Slumber party in medieval architectural masterpieces? Sounds like the perfect Old World New party 🙌 I'm down! 😆

Motel < hotel < your own damn castle. Explore all these British Famous castles and be the first of your friends to live like royalty.

Do you mail yourself postcards when you travel? You should start to!

Travel Channel
April 11

Mail yourself a postcard every day of your trip.


January 23

This bin turns food waste into fertilizer in 24 hours.

This is pretty cool and innovative!

Posted by EcoWatch
April 20

Small, green, plastic coins. Amsterdam's latest weapon against waste.

Old World New with Josh Fisher and Addie Danielle at Main Street Fest.
April 22

Happy Earth Day 🌏 from us at the Grand Prairie Farmers Market this morning 🌿

Also going on was the Main Street Fest
💚 Old World New Baby 💚 Grand Prairie Parks, Arts & Recreation 💚

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Happy earth day lol

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April 21

What if Earth treated us the way we treat Earth? #EarthDay

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April 21


1 Year Ago
Old World New with Addie Danielle.

This list has only just begun! It is full of sustainable clothing brands and shops... so what's stopping you from shopping and dressing sustainably now? The power is in your hands. Happy #EarthDay!

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I got my first glass/sustainable straw during Simply Straws Free Straw (just pay shipping) Earth Day campaign last year. This year I'm paying it forward with my pledge and sending that straw to my Aunt.

Take the pledge today and get your free sustainable glass straw, too!

Earth Day is April 22, let's celebrate together. Get your FREE straw Today 😄

We all see it on our beaches, by our roads, in our landfills. PLASTIC STRAWS are everywhere! Cities, states & even counties are taking action and following the movement to eliminating plastic straws.
Old World New with Addie Danielle.
April 21

What if we could make #EarthDay as consumer-based & highly recognized as all of these other holidays? Hear me out on this one...

Instead people buying a bunch of stuff they don't need and packaging that goes to waste along with a lot of those unnecessary products... like those last minute toys you pick up on the dollar aisle (not judging, I'm so guilty of it, too 🎯🤦🏾‍♀️), buy things that matter and that make a difference... and buy them in less quantities, of course.

Example...: my aunt asked me about sustainable straws after she read my post about it. I should have purchased her some sustainable straws for Earth Day! She could stop buying plastic straws if she had sustainable one.

Another example: plant a tree in someone's honor. I could have planted a tree for Greyson (my 7 month old son) for Earth Day, and make it a tradition. This tradition would come with the powerful lesson that we should do good for our earth and for others. Those trees will live longer than us and provide the good stuff that the world needs to produce clean air for generations to come!

And another example: SUSTAINABLE CLOTHES!! Gift someone with a thrift store shopping spree if you want more bang for your buck. If you want something new, buy organic and fair trade clothes. The people who make them will earn money to support their families, and the material of the clothes will be better for your skin & your health, and it will have a less damaging impact on the earth.

Last example: introduce a friend to something they already love, but in a sustainable way. One of my besties purchased a planner for me for Christmas. It is made from recycled paper and it is full of sustainable & mindful living tips!

Now ain't that some tea for you?! We could make Earth Day the best gift giving holiday EVER! What's stopping us?

I'll be listing examples of all the gift ideas in the comments. Give someone an #EarthDayGift this year 🌿

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