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Matthew Brady
· May 8, 2018
My wife and I had a submersible sump pump put in 2 years ago. We had to completely gut the basement before the work began and now that we are rebuilding the basement with full bathroom. We found out a... check valve was added to the drain area from the bathtub to where the sump pump ties into the city sewer. The check valve does not allow the tub to drain whatsoever and now the company is telling us that not only did they not put in the check valve but they didn't add the line from the sump pump to the city sewer because "we wouldn't do that". They REFUSE to fix the issue.

Update: The company has since agreed to and has fixed the issue at hand. They have been friendly and professional the whole time while working with me in order to fix the issue. I'm going from 1 star to 4 star rating, The guy who came out to fix the issue was great and went above and beyond in order to fix things. The company has apologized for the miscommunication at the beginning. I thank Thrasher and there employees for standing behind there work.
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Ryly Jane Hambleton
· March 16, 2018
Thrasher installed steel beams and sprayed a 9-inch concrete wall on two of our foundation walls. The Thrasher crew, headed by Adell McKinney, was terrific. Polite, professional and their cleanup was ...nothing short of amazing. Great guys who went above and beyond. Even moved the washer and dryer for an old couple who couldn't do it themselves and then hooked it back up before they left. Great bunch of guys. Thanks Adell, Hector, Mike, Martinez and Tyrell. See More
Sara Rehm
· November 21, 2017
My neighbors are having foundation repairs made. These guys have been working sun up to sun down. Today the wind was blowing so bad a lot of the trash cans were blowing everywhere. I look out the wind...ow and one of their employees grabbed my trash cans and got them out of the street along with my neighbors. It speaks volumes about the type of people you hire. Immediately I went outside to thank him, but they were gone. From Beatrice area, please tell them thank you and to keep up the great work. If i need any repairs done, you guys will be my first call! See More
Casey Wadas
· September 30, 2017
My husband and I bought a house, on auction, that wasn't very well taken care of. There were plates already in place, but the previous owners let them go without tightening them for 13 years. Thrasher... came out and warrantied their work without hesitation. The crew that came out were absolutely phenomenal, not to mention they were in and out in under 1 hour. They also did a radon test for us and were very pleasant to work with there as well. Thank you so much Thrasher for going the extra mile and being so courteous to my husband and I, you lifted burdens off our shoulders when we were already stressed and overwhelmed. We would highly suggest them and will be using them again in the future, if needed. See More
Jason Querry
· December 11, 2017
Had them out to level my front porch patio which is covered. Thrasher insisted this would be an easy process. I guess easy means put a huge crack through the panel and do a piss poor job sealing the c...rack. Only response I got was that there’s nothing we can do. Um, yeah you can replace the concrete you broke but I guess they would rather lose a customer than make things right. I wouldn’t recommend thrasher to anyone. See More
Stephanie J. Prince Napp
· March 31, 2017
Thrashers was here for two projects on our house, they did an amazing job. I was really worried about having all this done on our house but besides the work they did you can't even tell they were here.... They were clean, thorough, got the job done in good time, and everyone I've talked to or met through Thrashers has been nothing but super nice to us and explained everything in detail that was going to be done. This new home-owner appreciates that. Thank you for everything, we will definitely recommend you to friends & family. See More
Samantha Young
· October 4, 2016
Thrasher did magic on our house. After buying our house in November and finding that the foundation was a hot mess, they were amazing. From dealing with Tony who helped us find out what needed to be and going through it step by step. Then Mike (project manager) and his team came to repair the wall in just a couple of hours! They walked me through what the process was going to be and after they were done, it was like they were never there! They were very respectful of my house and showed me how to exactly work the products they installed. I am so glad we went with Thrasher and couldn't be happier. See More
Annie Fitchett
· December 20, 2017
This company is excellent. Called the day before showed up when they said the would. They even sent pictures though out the day of there progress. Very polite and cleaned up after themselves inside a...nd outside See More
Tim Kiteley
· November 1, 2016
I am not exactly a fan of Thrasher right now. We signed a contract to get some egress windows installed in our basement and put down a 25% deposit and scheduled the work more than three months out (Ja...nuary....). We then found out that we have some asbestos tiles that need to be removed (not cheap...) and called to see if we could cancel the project for now since we had some unexpected expenses from other things. Even though the work was almost three months away, and they haven't done anything, they won't refund the deposit (they will hold it for a year though). I will have to admit that when you go back and look at the agreement is does state that deposits are non-refundable, but It is in a font that is about 1/3 the size of the rest of the document and not easy to see. As a consumer it is my responsibility to be fully informed, but it seems that the tactic of making the line about no refunds microscopic is an attempt to hid it from the consumer. We will have to do business with Thrasher since they have our money, but I would not recommend them just from an ethics and customer service perspective. See More
Chris Deruchie
· May 27, 2017
I have been holding off on writing a review until this year's rains came and went. After what would be considered a wet spring by just about anyone's standard, our basement is bone dry. The proof of t...he pudding is in the eating and I would not hesitate to use Thrasher again. A good, professional job, well done. See More
Laura Sayre Solkey
· February 15, 2018
Expensive but very good work! They follow the book and do all their work 100% with perfection.
Mark Frentress
· August 24, 2016
Very disappointed!! I spent 2 hours with the rep while he measured all of the concrete around my house after I had told your company it was just a small leveling job I was interested in. There were ...some areas of concern I was willing to fix for the price he had quoted me. Then I was told I would also have to have this extra concrete protection package added to my quote because of where I live!! This package was an additional $7500!! I told him I was not interested in that and he said that the company makes him add it to anyone who lives in my zone!! Complete waste of my time. See More
Mandi Behn
· July 20, 2016
Severely disappointed. Worst communication ever. Having a system put in our basement. Had sales guy out, draw up contract and according to contract, all we were responsible for was pulling back carpet... a couple feet and moving furniture 4 ft away from wall. Contracting team came out to do job (3 hours late by the way) and walked in door and instantly stopped and asked why stairs were not removed. Said there was no way to complete job with staircase intact. We were never told that. Was not in our contract. So they left. Called thrasher and spoke to Shane. Said he'd come out and take a look. Came out said yep, stairs need to come out and thrasher would do that as well as replace them the SAME day the job was getting done and thrasher would cover the cost. Two days later get a call from Shane saying he had talked to other contracting teams and they said they could make it work without taking stairs out. Fast forward to today and contracting team shows up, one foot in the door and says, "why aren't the stairs taken out. We can't do the job with stairs intact."
What the heck?!? This has turned into a 3 month ordeal with no one at Thrasher agreeing on a story. Super unprofessional. Would never recommend them to anyone.
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Terry Lee Randall
· May 3, 2017
Chad Briese and associate just caulk around the foundation and driveway completing our project. They did a superb job.

I also, do not want to leave out Mike Malotky and his crew. They did a fantastic...
job on the work around the foundation, steps and driveway. The clean up work from both crews was very clean.

Both team members were very knowledgeable about their work. They answered all our questions to our satisfaction. I would recommend Thrasher to anyone.
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Nicole Lind
· October 8, 2016
Absolutely horrible work. They were supposed to come to our property and place posts along our basement to push the walls out. The posts they cemented in the floor are loosely bolted to the ceiling ...are moveable by at least 2 inches. The beams are supposed to be up against the wall and theyre not even close. When you spend SEVERAL thousands of dollars for a company widely known like this you expect the job to be done properly. In the end they didn't even take the old drain pipe with them! My 13 year old could've done it better. See More
Amy Freitag
· April 27, 2016
We had a problem during our install which happens in any home repair project. They tore up the only finished part of our basement to install a power beam and left holes in the wall, stuff hanging off ...the ceiling and a 2X6 attached to the ceiling. There's no way to cosmetically make it flush with the rest of the ceiling. Now I've been waiting over a week to get things sorted out with their customer service and still don't have an answer if they will fix their mess or if I have to pay someone else to come fix it. I paid too much for them to leave my basement in shambles.

Update: THREE MONTHS of working with customer service and we finally got everything resolved in a satisfactory manor. I'm upping my rating from 1 star to 3 because their customer service is very good if you're dealing with a manager. We did have problems with our initial representative. I believe Thrasher as company tries to hold to their stated values (with the office staff). My advice is: really supervise the workers in your home. I feel like the crew leader for our job was manipulating us to try and finish as fast as possible so he could move onto the next job. He didn't do his best work and made a sloppy mess which we then had to work with Thrasher to get fixed properly.
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Heather Lea Babka
· May 4, 2017
This morning around 7:45 am your driver going west on I-80 by mile marker 430 was beyond rude. There was an accident with 2 semis. Traffic had been stop and go for 2 miles already. The signs said was an accident and to get over in the left 2 lanes. Then officers were walking to the vehicles informing people to get over to the far left lane only. Coming over the hill you could see the accident about a mile away. While everyone is sitting in the left lane your driver drove in the right ones to cut everyone off. No one else was this rude only your driver while we sat there for a half hour. Your need to review the ethics of your company or this driver needs to some lessons in manners. See More
Carissa Hoops
· December 19, 2016
EDIT: The customer service at Thrasher has taken the steps to remedy this problem. While unfortunate that this happened to begin with, I do appreciate the communication and fix to the problem. Due to... the prompt customer service, I will upgrade my rating from a 1 to a 3.

We hired Thrasher to put in a radon mitigation system. They put it in October 12, 2016. We were told that the levels would drop to about 2 after the system had been running for a week. We tested for radon after the week was up. The readings were a 4 (minimum allowed). We emailed our sales person who took several weeks and another email to get back to us. We scheduled a time in February to have it evaluated. This wasn't ideal, but atleast the levels were at an allowable level. Fast forward two months. We hear water whooshing sounds coming from under our living room floor. The pipe that runs out of the house has water in it after we paid to have the water guard put on the fan to prevent that from happening. We called and were scheduled to have a tech come look at it one week later. In that week, the noise got worse. It was to the point it sounded like there was a toilet flushing every 30 seconds under our living room floor. The tech (Wyatt, who did a nice job) told my husband that the system was NOT installed correctly which is why the pipe filled with water. He has never seen it do that before and feels that the people that put it in didn't install as they were supposed to as the pitch of the pipe was incorrect. He shut off the radon system and scheduled an appointment for FEBRUARY! 7 and 1/2 weeks AFTER they found the problem that THRASHER caused!! So now, I have a 4" pipe full of water that runs to the outside of my house and with as cold as it has been, I hope doesn't freeze and flood my basement. Not to mention a fully paid for radon system that is non-functional. I called and left a message for a Chris, but have not received a phone call back. I tried calling today and no one answers. Now that they have my money, they don't care about the quality of the product or the service to their customers.
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Jen Dwyer-Buresh
· March 29, 2017
Our family had thrasher come to our home because we had a leaking basement. Paid them $7000 out of our modest income. They spent 2 days, tore out our yard, and we still have a leaking basement. We wen...t back to them and they told us the fine print in our contract says they don't guarantee it will actually fix the leaking. Because of their contract there isn't anything they will do. ZERO integrity. BEWARE. See More
Jeff Godemann
· July 15, 2014
Juan Matos and his crew did an outstanding job at our home today (15 July 2014). They showed up promptly and didn't stop until the job was done, even though it took over 9 hours. I was incredibly im...pressed with the quality of their workmanship. They took the extra time and effort to cut precisely sized pieces of insulation to ensure it covered all the way to the top of the cement walls. Thank you for the excellent products and service! We'll call your company again in the future and recommend you to anybody who asks! See More
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