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Kara McGee
· February 27, 2018
I encourage everyone to take the time to learn about the services the TLC offers. It is amazing what is accomplished and with zero government funding.
Deanna Hilby Irick
· October 19, 2017
Martha Irick loved children and feeding the hungry. In her honor, we have ask that donations be sent to your Center.
Shelina Hardin Pierce
· December 1, 2016
This ministry is absolutely amazing. I can't find enough words to express. Angie Earl Odom, her family and all her volunteers are always working year round to: provide for the community, to help yo...ung mothers in need, as well as guidance to good parenthood, to help children in which families are struggling. And they always come together in a Christian based facility, and they don't care to let everyone know how GOD has blessed them to help others. Everyone should check out her ministry and see all they do for the community. GOD has surely led her to her passion fffor caring for others. See More
Joy Abel
· July 17, 2017
Thankful for this amazing ministry and all of the great things they do for our community. Angie is an awesome servant of the Lord that God is using greatly! ��
Kenny Ray Adkins
· July 11, 2014
Its a great blessing for me to help out with those wonderful kids. I pray God keeps blessing, this wonderful center and to watch over Angie, Earl & Family & all the Volenteers to keep al...l safe and may the lord provide them with all their needs Father we ask that we be a blessing to your eyes and let us do the works you gave us to do. Thank you Jesus for paying for our sins with your blood so we can be with our Father and you in Heaven when we leave this life all these things we ask in Jesus name AMEN!!!!

Love you all!!!
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Sariah Hopkins
· January 25, 2015
Organizations that support the community should do so with compassion. This organization has shown that they are devoid of compassion. Their "donkeyball" fundraiser used rented donkeys from a North ...Carolina amusement company, set them in a gym where they were tormented by grown men for the amusement of others. Abuse of animals is neither funny, appropriate or ethical. There are so many other organizations in this world that support children that don't fund their activities through exploitation of animals. See More
Roxann Sluder Smith
· November 20, 2014
This ministry was Angie's vision for our community. God has blessed this ministry greatly because she obeyed when God showed her the need and she stepped out in faith. Thank you Angie for letting God ...use you to touch so many lives. See More
Tammy Wright Casbeer
· June 12, 2017
Such an amazing outreach for so many. Love helping and being a part of such a great place.
Kathy Lyons Wilson
· August 2, 2014
Ministering to the needs in the community and to parents to be as well as families. Great ministry. Thank you Angie and volunteers for all you do!
Jodi Chase
· June 14, 2017
Best program out there. Hands and feet of Jesus. Feeding his children. God bless all of you.
Melissa Rush Marvel
· July 8, 2014
Awesome Ministry! Such a wonderful program to the kids and families of our community:)
Jeannie Wurzelbacher Turpin
· July 8, 2014
Great things are happening there!
Cathy Davis
· November 19, 2014
Wonderful ministry
Matthew Alverson
· July 8, 2014
Couples retreat was awsome
One of our food truck kids wanted to help us. He said the sweetest prayer before we headed out on the routes.
Last prayer circle for the Summer Food Program 2015
The TLC has served children in our Summer Food Program while school is out for 15 years delivering food to their front door. Our program serves Monday -Friday and provides 425 children per day in Carter County/Elizabethton and 150 per day in Bristol. We also provide weekend food boxes on Friday...
With help scattered across Pine Ridge Circle Wednesday evening, Emma Grindstaff was having trouble fighting back tears of joy.