Rebecca Brown says she tried every prescription drug she could find to control the frequent seizures her son suffered because of a severe form of epilepsy. When nothing worked consistently, and the drugs and special diet caused kidney stones and pancreas problems as side effects, the Oakland Count...
OMCA Has The Best Approach To Medical Marijuana Policy Bold and innovative. That’s what Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, said he’s looking for in proposed reform. The rest of drug policy shares this sentiment and has long been calling for something that could shape th...
Cannabis icon Richard Lee, in one of his first statements since the raid on Oaksterdam University, has endorsed the Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment. "Can you imagine seeing your life's work raided and seized?" Lee asked in a telephone interview. "Many patients like me can."
(NaturalNews) By the beginning of the 1980s, after a four decade long lockdown, a re-interest in cannabis arose in the scientific community. In 1982, the American Institute of Medicine published an...
Bipartisan Amendment Would Block Funding for Obama's Attack on Medical Marijuana Patients Protected Under State Law. Conflict Coming to a Head as More States Pass and Implement Medical Marijuana Laws While Obama Administration Escalates Assault on Patients and Providers
White House Admits Marijuana Is Not A Gateway Drug It’s been tough to keep up with the stream of misinformed statements from Obama on marijuana lately. Back in April, I reported on Obama’s 2012 Drug Control Strategy, and its implications for the marijuana movement. Later that month, Obama clarified ...
Montana parents gave cannabis oil to their toddler to treat symptoms of a tumor.

:REMINDER: Don't forget global marijuana march tomarrow @ "HIGH NOON" @ Cenntinail Park. Please join us as we March for safe access in Tennessee..

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Really hope the sports industry takes a hard look into this. Many professional athletes have openly expressed there use of pot with recent actions like the Nick Farely incident and the growing use of pot in colleges would only make sense to adjust the codes.…/doping-wada-canabis-marijuana-sports-o…/

Congrats to Dr. Grinspoon on all his accomplishments in the movement to end marijuana prohibition...…/…/lester-grinspoon

No one has meant more to the rediscovery of cannabis as a medicine than Lester Grinspoon. Since the publication in 1971 of his by now classic book 'Marihuana reconsidered' he has lobbied tirelessly for rehabilitation and against criminalisation of the plant.
The Obama Administration is cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries and growers just as harshly as the Administration of George W. Bush did

Looks like the date for Wiz's incident in Nashville is May 14th…/wiz-khalifa-cited-agai…/

After an incident in Nashville, Wiz Khalifa is again charged with possession in North Carolina.
It is very hard to imagine that Cannabis Prohibition could have ever lasted as long as it has--75 years in America--if there were: 1) The Internet...and it's

These numbers were taken in 2006.. Checkout where TN lies in total..Do the math State Lawmakers and i remind you this was taken in 2006... is the homesite for the Cannabis Rescheduling Petition