Here's the babies!!!!!! I do say dumbo, because the ears are so low set. However some look like they might just wind up with big top ears- it's odd, because I usually have no difficulty being able to tell. Give it another week and we'll see :) I know there are dumbos- but some are give and take. I'll give a final count when it becomes available- thet are so darling!!!!
The miracle litter is now 2 weeks old- and eyes are opening!!!! Teeth are in too, just received finger nibble confirmation!
Check out the cute's!!!! Enjoy the baby video :)

Everyone, DO NOT adopt or rehome your rats until this virus has passed!!!! TN is on the list of potentially infected states. If you obtain used cages, be sure to clean them with a bleach solution. And if you have new rats and begin experiencing these symptoms... Be sure to get checked out!!!! Give this a share and let all of your fellow ratty owners know!!!! Like & comment so that this post will reach more followers of our page please- it's important that those of us in TN know and take precautions before it becomes a serious outbreak here! Thank you all!!

It's the first known outbreak of Seoul virus associated with pet rats in the United States, officials report

Just in case anyone has an issue finding presents for their fellow rat lovers, there are some unique and wonderful gifts here! I grew up with several "hard to shop for" people so I feel your pain!

It's only fair to share...The 10 Most Exciting Gifts for Rat Lovers! Rat owners can be hard to shop for, especially if you don’t know where to look. I have compiled this top 10 list from our holiday store,  provided by the wonderful, secure Amazon Store. I’ve got a deep love for Amazon; I found … Co...

Your babies would LOVEEE a bite of your turkey! Mostly unseasoned breast meat, please We might love our turkey injectors, but their little mouths might not enjoy all of that extra flavor boost! Perhaps a tiny little bite of pumpkin pie too? Yum! The two most important parts of every Turkey Day!

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Is this not a captivating picture???

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Thank you everyone for your baby inquiries. We have been swamped with messages since I've been idle; however, a couple of "life changes" have changed our home. I will no longer have the extra funds (or time) to maintain a large colony of rats, or the expenses and time that comes with breeding. We may make a big come back in 3 to 5 years, but we're going to be making the first little addition to our family and we will be making that our biggest priority thank you all, and it's been amazing meeting each and every one of you. I'm still going to be around for questions, just in case!

ADOPTERS: Babies will be going home starting this weekend! IF you have submitted your waiting list info, please let me know what your availability is like. I will attempt to be in Nashville most of the day Saturday. Great temperatures for carting the babies on Saturday! Nice and cool! The wider your availability, the better!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADOPT, and did not get the mass message, Please comment below!! I am building the waiting list now. If you are interested and HAVE received/completed the mass message, please comment "Done" below! New applicants will go to the bottom of the list, getting bumped up when people back out (there is almost always adopters who decide to withdraw). This way, all interested adopters have their spot on the list. Please try to get back to us quickly, the quicker we... get all info in, the quicker I can sort out everyone's place on the list There will be approximately 25 babies going home, so we're looking at roughly 12 to 16 adopters getting a chance at babies this wave. Everything depends on who we choose to keep to continue our breeding lines. Also, do us a favor and like this post so that the post gets priority and is seen by ALL fans thank you! I just want to make sure everyone gets their proper spot in line!

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I told you guys that photos would be coming! Here's litter #1! We've got quite the show of colors, patterns, coats, and ears! Agouti, blue agouti, blue, and black! 9 dumbos and 5 tops!

I can't wait for these 23 little chubs to get their fur in! Mommas are keeping them fat and toasty! Hopefully we'll have coats in in about 6 more days!

Anddddd 8 more babies born last night to the second mother! Happy & healthy! Glad that the babies are the same age Now we just have to wait for Nimbus to conceive (if she hasn't already). We're all waiting, and hoping!

For those of you on BABY WATCH, we had 17... SEVENTEEN... Gorgeous babes fresh out of the oven this afternoon two were stillborn unfortunately. 15 mostly healthy kits alive and screaming, with 1 or 2 who are concerning. But with a litter of 17, you have to expect a few losses. ALSO AWAITING ANOTHER LITTER WITHIN 48 HOURS! This litter on the ground is a black top ear rex X blue agouti dumbo rex. The parent ratties are a very soft rex! Not the coarse rex as you frequently see in this area. All are dark eyed. Expecting blues, blacks, and patterns! This litter could go many different directions so we'll see!

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Just a quick dose of your daily cute before bedtime!!! We'll be three weeks old friday! 🐀

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Alright guys. Y'all have been screaming for babies; and we're making it happen as promised! Well, we hope so this time anyways! The father is a stunning blue agouti dumbo rex. His last pair failed (one we were counting on); so there is cause for concern if this triple pairing doesn't work out. He is living together with his first mate, a top eared black rex, and two new ladies (dumbo blue bareback rex & top eared champagne/fawn rex). If we don't see babies and bellies within 23 days, we will change the plan. So let's all cheer on Coheed! His first mate has already bred, but I've not seen much interaction with the new girls. Looks like I'm going to spend a lot of time at home in baby heaven soon 🐾🐀🎉

$! CHEERIOS! As some of you may know, I've become an obsessive couponer. Therefore, all of my rat friendly deals will be posted for you guys on the blog. I realize that many of you will really enjoy these deals, as our ratties can be quite expensive. So, here's to the first! Get this deal quickly at CVS!…/couponing-rats-1-ch…/

It's only fair to share...Couponing for Rats: $1 Cheerios at CVS! Alright guys, due to my recent obsession with couponing, I’m going to be sharing all of my rat friendly coupon deals with you. This one definitely inspired me! Instead of paying $3 for a box of Cheerios, how about paying $1? Even if y…

I failed to share a VERY exciting update with you guys yesterday- of the 4 babies born in the experimental blue banded litter, the masssive female (only girl of 4) is a DOWN UNDER. That's right!!! A down under bred RIGHT HERE in TENNESSEE. How is that for some luck? You will hardly be able to see it, but look closely in the photo. She is just furring on her belly (just over a week old) and you will see the blue marking from chest to belly.

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Let's spread some itty bitty pinky joy 🐀🐾

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