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There's an African proverb that states "If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if educate a woman you educate a nation." Tennessee Prison for Women houses more than 700 women serving time for their crimes. What if those same 700+ women took advantage of all of the classes and programs offered at TPFW? Imagine how their lives would be changed and the impact it would have on families and communities throughout Tennessee.

Now imagine if you can be part of that change. Take the first step on a career that focuses on improving communities one person at a time. Join Team TDOC and be part of the mission to enhance public safety!
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Ever wonder how an offender's sentence is calculated? Then you're going to want to watch this #TDOCTalks with Director of Sentence Management Services, as she breaks down the math and explains the process. #ICYMI, here is last week's episode:

Have you ever wondered how an offender's sentence is calculated? Candace Whisman, Director of Sentence Management Services breaks down the math on tonight's ...