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Hayes and Amy McDonald's story and experience at TN KB
12 Week Challenge for Runners at Tennessee Kettlebell
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Posted by David Whitley
David Whitley

Amy Meyer easily hitting her 5th set of 5 clapping push-ups yesterday at Tennessee Kettlebell. These were alternated with 5x5 deadlifts at 175lbs, also easy. Be strong like Amy.

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David Whitley

UPDATE: 12 weeks into the Keto switch experiment. Strength has improved in all areas, bending bigger stock faster and with less effort. Endurance/sustained stre...ngth for swings, snatches, breaking steel, etc is at an all-time high. If you know my history on that kind of training, then you know that's significant. Last week I did 1200 24kg swings in 30 min without stopping.

Oh, and I'm 267lbs instead of 299lbs in these pics.

The experiment continues. If you'd like to be a part of the growing Keto switch community, click here:

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I have room for two more people in the July amazing 12. Are you one of them?

Amazing 12 Tennessee

Remember in January how you said you were gonna drop that unwanted bodyfat, get stronger and finally take back control of your health, body and life?

The Amazing 12 summer 2017 session is coming in July. I have room for 3 more people. Who is ready to make the change? PM me....

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May 20, 2017 - May 21, 2017Tennessee KettlebellFranklin, TN
28 people interested
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David Whitley added 2 new photos — with Damian McIlroy and 32 others.

Meet Taylor Allender. His wife Erin Lee is a photographer colleague of Mandy's and it was through that connection that Taylor and I first met.

Taylor and Erin ...were married in April of 2014. About a month later he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma at age 31. He began chemotherapy in September (about a year ago) and finished in December with a clear diagnosis, but having paid the price that chemo demands.

I talked with him in November of last year. It was clear that even though he was, in his own words "in the worst shape of his entire life" he had a burning desire to turn his life around and get fit once he was healthy enough to do so. In April of this year, I introduced him to the TheAmazing12 program.

He has done two rounds of the A12 program; the first one lasted six weeks, then after a two-week break he went into a full Amazing 12. There are two sets of photos, labeled 6 week and 12 weeks. We have seen countless examples of the A12 can do for people who are moderately healthy or in pretty good shape.......I am presenting both sets of pictures here to show what the A12 can do for someone who is starting from literally zero in terms of health and fitness. He did exactly what was asked of him in the gym. He followed the nutritional guidelines to the letter and four months later says he is "stronger than I ever thought I could be".

No matter what your starting point, you will achieve tremendous results with the A12 program.

Here is what Taylor says about his A12 experience:
“I came into A12 having never really worked out in my life. I had just been through 4 months of chemotherapy and the hardest year of my life. Going through all that I knew when I was done I was going to have to change everything about my life. Not only did David and A12 accomplish this, the most exciting part is it is only the beginning. I lost 32 lbs (9 in the first 6 weeks and 23 in the 12 week) and 4 inches off my waste. I started off bench pressing 65 lbs. I finished with my work sets at 155 lbs and a 1 rep max of 205 lbs. This program truly changed my life.”

He continues to train with me and I am excited to see where we are a year from now!

Many people have asked me when the next round begins. Due to my fall and winter travel schedule, I am planning the next Amazing 12 in Nashville for January 2016. It will sell out. The results that people get in 12 weeks are what other gyms hope to get in a year.

If you want to reserve a spot, I am now taking deposits. PM me if you are in Nashville/Cool Springs and are ready to change your life.

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Howdy folks,
Iron Tamer here, letting y'all know that I am starting up a TuThFr small group class at 8:30 AM. If this interests you, send me ( david whitley) a PM and we'll discuss the details.

Bring your goals, I will show you how to make them a reality.

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David Whitley is with Michal Radar Vrátný and 24 others.

The first-ever round of the TheAmazing12 week physique transformation at Nashville Kettlebell & Tennessee Kettlebell is complete.

I want to introduce you to McLellan, the very first person to sign up when I returned from the coaches certification in Belfast last fall. I've started calling him Brawn McSwellin.

Sean came into the A12 with concerns about a nagging knee issue. We worked around that. He was full of great questions and followed the directions explicitly. When ice storms hit and kept us from making it to the gym, he did modified versions of the workout assignments at home. In the gym, he was a methodical machine. Over the course of 12 weeks his strength levels went through the roof as his body fat dropped like stone. Congratulations Sean!

Over the next few days, I will post the pics of the rest of the group as Chris and Jen Creed complete the editing (thank you SOOO MUCH for the awesome work!).

The question has come up..."I see what Paul McIlroy has done in Belfast, but can YOU really replicate those results in TN?" I'll be completely frank....I wondered the same thing at times. I believe the photos speak for themselves. I will say it now: A new standard has just been set in this town for body transformation.

I have only 3 SPOTS REMAINING for the special 6-week sprint version kicking off on April 13 in Cool Springs. Do NOT wait to jump on this chance to change your life and achieve that new standard.

The application sheet is below:…/amazing-12-week-physique-jun…/

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It was quite successful for me both as a business and as a laboratory to experiment with all sorts of nifty things related to strength and movement. Last year, when Mandy and I moved, my commute changed from 10 minutes one-way to over 30 minutes. I’ve been doing that for almost a year and it is time…

Hey folks, Iron Tamer here, anybody interested in a midday class, starting in April?

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I am pleased to officially announce the next wave of Amazing 12 in Cool Springs.

Here is the deal though, read carefully:
Summer is coming. In fact it is less t...han 12 weeks away. We will be doing a SIX WEEK transformation beginning April 13 and ending May 24. this is Memorial Day weekend and the un-official start of summer. I will be limiting this to 12 spots. Once they are full, then it will be closed.

Here is what one of our current A12 participants has to say about it:

"I came in to this program unsure of whether I could do it based on past surgeries and current physical issues. My self confidence was at a low, I was carrying too much weight and not enjoying the gym at all. After 5 weeks not only do I look 100% better (posture, cardiac and strength fitness) but I feel 1000% better! David Whitley encourages me to be the very best I can be and I am so glad I made this life changing decision!!" Deborah Marshall

Do you want to one of the 12 people to get these kind of results, in SIX WEEKS....just in time for summer??

Click this link to apply:

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David Whitley

Nashville Folks:
How much value can you put on results like these? $60 per session? $75?

What if I told you that you can get results just like this on the 12 Week Physique for just $33 per session?

Pretty awesome value right?!

Sign up to our Amazing 12 mailing list here:

or email for more information on the next Amazing 12 in Nashville/Cool Springs.

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Saturday crew wrapping up the bonus class with some goblet squats

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Happy Friday!!

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