Sorry guys but the site is going to go down for about a week or two. I'm personally hoping for it to be up on Saturday.

My VPS provider is killing my box and I can't migrate except to an expensive alternative so I'm going to set up a linode or something and go from there. I've backed up everything I could think to.

I have multiple backups of the music and the SQL db which contains the forum. Worst comes to worse we'll just have to make another longest thread ever


Good luck everyone.

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Check out the official site for TimeSplitters Rewind, a fan-made game being made in CryEngine 3 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

A few minor updatesLeave a replyWe have launched our official Steam Greenlight concept page! We have noticed that there have been a few unofficial groups pop up on Steam regarding TimeSplitters Rewind. We are perfectly comfortable with fan communities, but please bare in mind that the only official…

Upgrading the forums to SMF 2.0

TSmusicbox shared a Page.

TimeSplitters 4 - Lets make it happen!

More info about TimeSplitters Rewind, the upcoming fan-made 'greatest-hits' on TimeSplitters can be found at:

The site is up and running again!