Come to our phone bank next Wednesday and help us mobilize riders to come out to key transit votes happening this month: Pizza, beer, and training provided!
We need fair funding for the TTC
Public transit is an essential service, not a luxury - transit must be publicly owned, operated, and maintained. Brenda Thompson from Scarborough Transit Action at today's Keep Transit Public rally! #KeepTransitPublic
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Lock Hughes
· February 2, 2018
Hehe... I LOVE "My TTC". :) (rode yesterday...) Unfortunately, local bike stores now sell the Canadian "power-assisted bicycle", where with a thing "good credit rating" can purchase one new where mont...hly loan payments are about HALF of a TTC Metropass. And these bikes feature stuff like operate 24/7... No more "last mile"... always a free seat (smile)... never having to wait at a bus stop... Much faster for shorter trips... Exercise a "built in" option... Use of these bikes has already exploded in use in places like in China and in Europe. ... which leaves North American urban transportation looking "stone age" by comparison. [sigh] See More
Yasmin Rajabi
· January 30, 2018
TTCRiders does a great job advocating for better transit across Toronto. I applaud their work in Scarborough and their extensive & effective organizing for the low income pass!

The Fair Fare Coalition celebrated winning the first phase of the low income pass this week! Come to the March 3 Transit Summit next weekend to find out next steps and get involved.

2018 Transit Summit: register now By On December 26, 2017 · Add Comment Tweet Building our transit movement in a key election year You are invited to our 2018 Transit Summit. The purpose of our Summit is to build the movement for an affordable world class public transit system. ....
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Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP)


Violence and Racism by TTC Fare Inspectors and Police Officers Condemned

Butterfly Gopaul, Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, PHONE: 416-567-2705, EMAIL:

(Toronto, ON) February 22, 2018 — Members of Jane Finch Action Against Poverty condemn the violence at the hands of TTC fare inspectors and police officers this week.

“We condemn this egregious violence and anti-Black racism by TTC fare inspectors and the assistance given by the Toronto Police officers,” said Butterfly Gopaul of Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP). “The TTC and Toronto Police must stop targeting and violating the rights of young people of colour.”

On Sunday, February 18, TTC fare inspectors assaulted a Black teenager. According to witness Bethany McBride, the incident began when the teen, who was exiting a streetcar on St. Clair Ave West and Bathurst Street, was grabbed by the back of his coat by a fare inspector. The teen, who she estimated was around 15, reacted by shoving the inspector who grabbed him, McBride said. At that point, TTC inspectors pinned the teenager onto the ground outside of streetcar; three cops later joined in, handcuffed the teen and held him down for 20 minutes. In videos, the teen can be heard crying “I didn’t do anything, though. Please, you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me.” He didn’t seem to be fighting back or trying to escape and there was blood and dirt on his face. After the brutal assault and the traumatization of the teenage boy, the Police found that he had not committed any criminal offence and eventually released him.

“This is absolutely outrageous! We all know well that this is not an isolated incident but a chronic systemic oppression and racism in this City”! added Butterfly Gopaul.

Racism is deeply entrenched in all aspects of our public systems partially within the law enforcement and TTC. There is little to no accountability when it comes to the violent behaviours of TTC officers. For instance, a report in April 2017 by the City Ombudsman found violent incidents by fare enforcement officers were not being tracked by the TTC and that de-escalation is not part of their use of force training.

JFAAP demands:

- An immediate suspension of all fare inspectors and police officers that violated the fundamental human rights of the young black boy who was a victim of their racist and cruel act.

- A public apology by the TTC, Police Services and Mayor of Toronto.

- An end to racial profiling and targeting of racialized and poor communities by police and TTC enforcement officers.

Link to video:…/…/20/ttc-fare-inspectors-force/

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John Tory, Mayor of Toronto and Josh Colle, Toronto Transit Commission Chair
Dear Mayor Tory and Councillor Colle,
A Black teenager interacted with TTC enforcement staff and was subsequently arrested by up to 5 police officers (updated). He was held down for 20 minutes with force described by a witness as excessive. This took place on February 20 on the St. Clair Streetcar at Bathurst.
We are residents in the community. We are disturbed by this incident to which one of our neighbours was a witness. We want to demonstrate our concern for the wellbeing of the boy by asking the following ques...

Here is a more complete and accurate report about what happened on St. Clair. There are inaccuracies in the Star report.…/…/20/ttc-fare-inspectors-force/

Bystanders are raising concerns about an incident involving TTC fare inspectors and a rider that triggered a large police response on Sunday afternoon.

Two officers removed the teenager from the streetcar and pinned him to the ground, putting him in handcuffs. McBride said he did not resist arrest. Three police officers joined the fare inspection officers to hold down the teenager.

Teen looked ‘terrified and humiliated,’ witness said.

The Transit Summit is coming up soon! Join us on March 3 for workshops and planning to build the transit movement in a key election year.

Sat 10:00 AM EST100 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 3G3, Canada

Meet TTCriders' new Accessibility Committee at the 2018 Transit Summit!

Join us Saturday March 3, 12:50 to 2:20 PM.
Please register in advance here:
ASL interpretation provided....
Location: 100 St George St, University of Toronto, room TBA.
Lunch provided prior to the session.

The Accessibility Committee and TTCriders are not affiliated with the TTC. The Accessibility Committee is made up by a majority of disabled people who use the TTC and/or Wheel-Trans and are volunteers.

We invite all TTC users concerned with accessibility to come meet us as we set our goals to work towards a better TTC for all.

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Sat 12:50 PM EST100 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 3G3, Canada

Want to get involved in TTCriders' campaigns for better service and lower fares?

Our Campaigns Committee meets on the first Monday of every month, from 6pm-8pm at 720 Bathurst Street (wheelchair accessible building). Snacks provided.

Will this be your first TTCriders meeting? Consider coming to an orientation training first at 5:30pm. Register here: Or contact to RSVP.


More info about our committees and how we work here:

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Mon 6:00 PM ESTTTCriders.caToronto, ON, Canada

Germany is considering free public transit in its cities in order to curb car use, as it hurries to meet the European Union's requirements for air quality.

Germany is considering free public transit in its cities in order to curb car use, as it hurries to meet the European Union's requirements for air

"Fighting air pollution without any further unnecessary delays is of the highest priority for Germany"

Plan to be tested in five cities in effort to meet EU air pollution targets and avoid big fines

This Valentine's Day, show some love to the #KingStreetPilot by pledging your support at We're almost at 2,500 signatures! #WeLoveKing

Big wins for transit riders this year! Two-hour transfers, the low income Fair Pass, and extra service were all approved tonight!! Thanks to everyone who organized with us for these victories. Some major steps forward, though more investment needed to make TTC truly affordable and for frequent, reliable, accessible transit across Toronto.

Toronto city council approved its 2018 budget on Monday night, with last-minute calls to reinstate the vehicle tax being shut down.

This morning John Tory announced an additional $2 million in service, on top of the $1 million added on Jan. 23. But the TTC needs another $9.5 million to adhere to its own crowding standards!

Mayor Tory cites "unprecedented investment" in transit, but critics say the 2018 budget won't address chronic service problems

New poll finds that 50% of subway riders feel unsafe due to overcrowding. And the City budget won't fix the overcrowding happening on 25% of buses and streetcars. Time for John Tory to start making serious investments in transit. Join us tomorrow morning at City Hall for City Budget Action!

A new survey from Forum Research shows people who ride the TTC frequently are less likely to be satisfied with the service and are concerned about overcrowding.

"A Metrolinx business case analysis found it was “not a worthwhile use of money,” and numerous other studies have shown it will not attract enough new riders to justify the investment. Nor will it serve the low-income neighbourhoods the earlier planned LRT line would have."

New figures will be available in September, before the October election. But they aren’t slated to be released until January 2019. Voters should know the costs before they go to the ballot box.