Where's a good place to walk along the waterfront? We recommend Chinese Reconciliation Park! Lots of people were enjoying this special place today! Learn more about it: #ChineseReconciliationPark #FuzhouTing #Tacoma

How are you spending the extra hour of sunlight during Daylight Saving Time? We'd suggest visiting Chinese Reconciliation Park! It's like spring today! #Tacoma #ChineseReconciliationPark #FuzhouTing Metro Parks Tacoma

Click! Cable TV PSA on Tacoma Moon Festival
Enjoy music and dance performances on the Fuzhou Ting stage on Saturday -- just two days away! Watch beautiful performances from Mak Fai Washington Kung Fu Club (lion dance), Oollemm Korean, Kabuki Academy, Cambodian Classical & Folk Dance, Storytelling & Poetry, and Hwa Sheng Chinese Opera Club! This free event takes place from 2 - 6 p.m. on Sept. 24! See you there! #Tacoma #MoonFestival #ChineseReconciliationPark
Chinese Reconciliation Park - January 2018
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Tamaya Tereshkova
· September 16, 2017
So FUN and so IMPORTANT! What's that saying about not knowing history inevitably leading to repeating it? Ya, baby, we're right there. Hard to say what we love most about this Festival... it's great f...or families, beautiful location, awesome art/ists, and so socially relevant! America encapsulated: here we are at our worst, and our best. Don't miss out on this one! See More
Karen Knapp
· September 25, 2016
My 5-year old son and I had a fantastic time at the Tacoma Moon Festival. We usually celebrate alone at home and this was such a treat. Many cool (FREE) crafts for him to do, delicious foods and low-p...riced fun ($3 light-up lanterns)! He and I loved the (also FREE) tea ceremony and all of the excellent performances. Thank you Tacoma Moon Festival for a wonderful and educational outing for us!!! ♥ See More
Penny Lingenfelter
· August 17, 2014
I am sorry I missed this event Jim. I missed a few in a row. Starting again in August I''ll be back.
Victoria Becker
September 28, 2012
This sounds like a great event! Captures the imagination and photos are quite beautiful.
Denisse Anguiano-Sayavong
September 14, 2014
Great cultural event for the entire family.