Only movements will speak though

Just been re-energising my love for music and expanding my ears to different sounds


I do miss the connections I've made with people over the years though, so this ain't dead

Need to revive this ting... So much on my mind at the minute with different projects that it's difficult to focus on this right now

Just loved "House & Bass August 2015" by @DJTheTornado on @mixcloud

Happened to hit 'record' on a session where I was playing 130 stuff and it turned out well. Some summer vibes. Check it! Download:

Grab your FREE download of @Wozlo - 'HBK' over @BlackButterRecs #BBRecs

HBK, a song by Woz' on Hype Machine

Love how much my dad loves the @dubpistols top man!!

“@CHIMPOMCR: @djtactician @DJBarelyLegal best DJs ever #modest #unbiased” haha keeping it real 👊

Catching up on mixes.. @DJBarelyLegal mix for toddla T was wicked, selection.. Now into @CHIMPOMCR Monkey Teef mixtape - sounding LARGE

Is there anything as awful as lad culture? Get a personality you boring fucks

Allsaints has to be the most overpriced and overrated shop

Actually emotional that we managed to get Glastonbury tickets again!!

Have a huge smile on my face today thanks to my best friend and love of my life @Hollie_Roxanna

Dancing around the kitchen locked in to @RinseFM @RoskaOfficial @JamieGeorgeUK going innn

Love football me.. LADS LADS LADS ⚽️

New cart for my 1210 and new balanced cables for my KRK's.. The music sounds so sweet

Why anyone want to work in an office is beyond me